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Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 19 Height: 5'4
- smol (5'4ft)
- short blonde hair
- blue eyes
- naturally pretty damn tan
- will only ever wear black eyeliner
- septum piercing because #edgelifestyle

real name is kaitlyn but almost everyone with the exclusion of like 3-5 people call me katie so just call me that

idk man but have been told i'm great at puns both on accident and purposeful, are weird in the way that it'd be boring if i did it intentionally, have a lot anxiety and is great at sarcasm and bad jokes
pretty much the human version of a chihuahua's personality

really good at crashing nice occasions without even meaning to, sleeping way too much, laughing so hard that i fall down and lie on the floor at things that aren't even that funny, terrorizing my partner with bad pick up lines, i want to say more but what else is there to say
borderline sex-repulsed grey-aromantic, grey-asexual with a preference towards females
likes rob zombie, smelling very nice, cheese sticks, texas toothpicks, dark chocolate but not regular chocolate, sweet tea, all the naps in the world and then some, european history specifically before WWI, 80s and 90s music, PUNS, the cure, skyrim, bioshock, don't starve and cats
will say bro, dude, man, like and various cuss words constantly as like they're valued parts of the common american vernacular

please, i beg of you, don't talk or send sudden pictures of these things: jump scares and underwater photos that are noticeably underwater ex. underwater but the photo shows sunlight at the top of the water if that makes sense

honestly i'm addicted to neko atsume and there's no chance of being saved

born to a dude named Richard and a pretty cool mom named Michelle on December 24th, 1997.

born in 1997 in western Arkansas to two parents, was mainly raised by my grandmother on my father's side and my grandpa on my mother's side after my mom's death in 2004, having been living with my aunt and uncle on my dad's side for four to five years now while visiting my dad at random times
graduates out of the hell hole of high school on May 21st LIKE WOO MAN FREEDOM

Zodiac stuff: Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, Sagittarius Rising

has a dark grey tabby with green eyes named Leo who hogs the bed all the time, a Miniature Doberman named Elizabeth(mostly called Lizzie) who looks more like a tiny, runted deer/bat/doberman hybrid, and two jerkwads of dapple grey Arabian mares named Angel and Annabelle(half Percheron)

Played by
hey i'm zuno and i'm currently just playing sikeax but will soon (hopefully) be introducing a cool kid named eri into the mix!
feel free to hit me up at skype at neroandkatie and my deviantart is the same thing

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