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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 5 Height: 15.3hh


Breed: -- Warmblood x
Gender: -- Stallion
Age: -- Five (Ages Orangemoon)
Species: -- Pegasus
Horn/Wings/etc: -- Fairy Wings
Eyes: -- Blue/green hazel
Mane: -- Teal blue
Body:-- Blue gray
Hooves: -- Cream
Markings: -- None
Tail: -- Teal blue

Quentin is of Warmblood decent, making his build rather stocky. He's quite muscular, though his appearance is still lean. His coat is gray, though a hint of blue is obvious. Being a Pegasus, the stud has wings sitting gracefully at his withers, which are a mixture of teal, green, and black. Quentin's eyes are hazel, switching often with his moods between blue and green in various shades. A single pink flower sits amongst his well groomed teal mane, which is of medium length. His tail is the same color as his mane, though it does tend to drag the ground slightly, much to the stallion's dismay.


Quentin is a bit of an oddball and has been most, if not all, of his life. The Pegasus tends to be more feminine in his mannerisms, which was not very welcomed by his parents. Despite this, Quentin tends to be happy go lucky and full of positive energy. However, there are times when he does a complete one eighty and the stallion becomes an equine almost unrecognizable. You see, Quentin had an accident as a colt and nearly drowned. Though he survived, the trauma left the stallion thinking he has been bombarded by evil fairies. He full-heartedly believes that they are sucking away his soul, making him lose himself.

Usually, though, Quentin is very childish and, ironically, fairy-like himself. He tends to babble on about nothing in particular, and, honestly, has no idea when to be quiet. The stallion does, however, tend to understand when to be serious, which is a miracle in and of itself. He loves being around others and tends to thrive on company. It is at these times that the stud can usually fight off the fairies and be his true self.


As a colt, Quentin tended to be very adventurous. He would often leave his mother's side to make friends with the doe and her fawn, or even the bear cubs, so long as their mother wasn't around. His dam, most often annoyed by her son's lack of masculinity, let him wander without a fight. Taking advantage of this, one day Quentin gleefully pranced away from his mother's side and into the forest that surrounded their meadow. The youngster, only a yearling at the time, tended to ignore the warnings the herd elders dished out. Those warnings, had he actually listened to them, might have saved his soul.

Living in blissful ignorance, Quentin found his way deep into the forest, chasing a butterfly no less. Oblivious to his surroundings, the stud failed to notice the change in the air, the small voices that whispered his name. Quentin giggled as he pranced after the flying creature and, suddenly, he was gone. The youngster had pranced his way into a pond, one belonging to active fairies no less. The colt sputtered and squealed, trying to swim his way to the bank. As soon as he was within reach, an unseen force would drag him back and under. Panic overtook the colt and he flailed, hazel eyes wide with fear.

After what seemed like hours, though it had only been minutes, Quentin began to weaken and his spotted head fell lower and lower into the water. Finally, completely submerged, the young stallion gradually lost consciousness. It was only then that the flying orbs circled around him, whispering in his ears. “We can save you.....just help us.....all you have to do is say yes.......” The youngster opened his jaws and bubbles floated rapidly from is mouth....

Moments later, he was coughing water from his lungs, struggling to his feet only to fall to the earth once more. Light giggling tickled his ears and the stallion whirled his head around, sending stars into his vision. Once they cleared, he noticed that his once heavily feathered wings were now considerably bare, though this wasn't what made a shrill scream escape his throat. It was the anchored orbs flitting in and out of his wings that made his eyes widen in fear. “What have you done!? Who are you? What are you?” The stallion scrambled to his feet, leaping for the direction of the meadow he'd just escaped from.

Making a mad dash for his herd, Quentin ignored the laughter that reached his speckled ears, hoping that maybe this was all a bad dream. However, his dripping wet coat and the fact that his lungs burned from the rapid intake of oxygen made him slowly realize the truth. He'd sold his soul to winged devils. Quentin tripped over a fallen log, not paying attention in his panic, and tumbled a few feet before landing on his back, staring into the tree tops. “Why are you running from your promise, little one?” Shaking his head, the colt laid his head on the hard earth. What had he done?

Hours later, when the tittering of little voices had finally ceased, Quentin raised himself slowly to his cream colored hooves. Dragging steps lead him to the opening in the trees where the meadow of his herd lay. A heavy sigh escaped his jaws as he slowly looked up to the outside world. However, instead of seeing horses grazing, all he saw was tall grass and heavily flowered hills. His herd was gone, moved on in the hours that had past. His mother hadn't searched for him, the disgrace that she thought he was. His sire, wanting nothing to do with him once his personality had shone through, was a lost cause as well.

He was alone. “You have us....” A soft huff of a laugh escaped the colts lips as he lowered himself to the ground. Burying his face into his legs, Quentin softly sobbed, the weight of his world crashing down on him. He was alone.

Little Known Facts

-- Identifies as gay
-- Believes in keeping up appearances (Neat freak about his appearance really)
-- "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!" - Quentin


Absolutely Adores
-- Rohan - That absolutely handsome sexpot

Orangemoon; Year Six
-- A Moth Drawn To The Flame - Quentin's arrival into Helovia. Meets the oh so sexy Rohan, the delightful Vitani, and the ever so sparkly Faeanne.
-- leave a little sparkle - Quentin's arrival into the Edge.
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Battle Statistics
STR:   5.0 SPD:   3.0 AGL:   5.0 END:   5.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.0 7.5 5.0 58
Notable Accomplishments

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