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Species: Hybrid Gender: Stallion Age: 2 years Height: 16.3

Kvasir: KEH-VAHS-EER; Norse God who was really really wise
The boy is of many breeds, but all very noble breeds. He has the height and refinement of his warmblood ancestry, yet holds the regal headset, neck, and shoulders of the Andalusian and Friesian in his bloodline. His body holds the markings of a distant appaloosa bloodline, as speckles of white dot his body. In the middle of his neck there is white, an on his hind legs in the middle of the cannon bone there is more. The white dun stripes on his forelegs come from his father, as do the turquoise eyes, and the impressive wings that adorn his back. From his mother he is graced with his spots, his horn, his ebony coat, and a deceptive grace of movement.
Coat: Black with a dusting of white along his body and in his hair, white dun stripes on his forelegs, and patches of white on his neck and hind legs.
Eyes: Turquoise like the water of the riptide isles.
Wings: Large, dipped in black and white, a white streak along the top, creating a line.
Horn: Traditional single spiral horn. Is turquoise, like his eyes.
Mane and Tail: Long dark thick waves, dusted with white.
Body Type: Regal, Refined, Strong


patient - social - manipulative - thoughtful - intelligent - gentleman - ladies man - empty

The name means nothing
Kvasir, who's name is that of a really really wise Norse god, who was a pretty cool dude, isn't really that cool of a dude. He's patient, and not overly vocal (thanks dad!). He's social, but isn't really friends with anyone. He's a thinker, and always thinks things through. He's manipulative, and is always finding ways to screw with you without you knowing it. He's a player, and has no loss of sleep over it either. He's a gentleman, meaning he waits for consent of any kind. He's in a constant state of feeling like there is a part of him missing.


Sire: Rhoa (Gaucho x Sohalia)
Dam: Glacia (Mauja x Sialia)
Siblings: Vidar (Twin), Letha (Rhoa x Ranjiri)
Paternal Family
Grandsire: Gaucho the Wildfire (Lir x Vorsaska)
Granddam: Sohalia the Transcended (Ronak x Lavani)
Aunts: Zenobia (Gaucho x Sohalia), Skysong (Note x Sohalia, Twin to Diniel) Deceased, Diniel (Note x Sohalia, Twin to Skysong) Deceased, Ailin (Gaucho x Sohalia, Twin to Hawke), Tae (Gaucho x Ampere, Twin to Grusha), Grusha (Gaucho x Ampere, Twin to Tae), Aleta (Kaj x Sohalia), Vinati ( Gaucho x Sohalia ), Eskinakh (Gaucho x Nyx, Twin to Arakh), Tasokh (Gaucho x Nephele, Twin to Verro), Verro (Gaucho x Nephele, Twin to Tasokh)
Uncles: Ivezho (Gaucho x Sohalia, Twin to Rhoa), Zèklè (Gaucho x Ampere, Twin to Hertz), Hertz (Gaucho x Ampere, Twin to Zèklè), Hawke (Gaucho x Sohalia, Twin to Ailin), Arakh (Gaucho x Nyx, Twin to Eskinakh), Iskrah (Gaucho x Ampere), Mathéo (Gaucho x Aithniel, Twin to Luther), Luther (Gaucho x Aithniel, Twin to Mathéo)
Cousins: None Currently
Maternal Family
Grandsire: Mauja the Frozen Light (Iluq x Frost)
Grandmother: Sialia (Yura x Tonota)
Aunts: Snö (Mauja x Psyche), Seilu (Mauja x Faelene) MIA, Bathsheba (Sialia x Reginald)
Uncles: Tamlin (Mauja x Lotus) MIA
Cousins: None Currently


- Born to Glacia of the WE and Rhoa of the DT. He is born perfectly healthy, while his brother Vidar was still born.

Played by

Played By: Nessie
Other Characters: Sialia, Ira, Glacia, Rune, Ash, Soren, Kvasir

:: [ Magic: Light | Able to move matter with his mind. Larger matter requires immense amount of energy and leaves him drained. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts 20 seconds. ]
:: [ Magic: FirexWater (P) | Spots spout intense steam in moments of strong emotion, especially anger. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Bronze Branch Charm | A small bronze branch that grows a flower every morning (given by Rhoa). ]
:: [ Item: Rotten Egg | Whole, rotten egg. Careful not to break it... ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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