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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 6 Height: 17.0hh

Gaal is heavy and big; He looks even larger because of his hairy coat. His wings are also large, and the black feathers are abnormally long, and somewhat ruffled-looking. His flight feathers are black, but are interspersed with browns and creams. His wings fade to a dark brown, before meeting his body which has varying saturations of a tawny orange. His throat and neck are a deep tawny, almost red chestnut, which fades as it approaches his head. His face is white with stark black markings. These markings start by ringing his muzzle, then stretch along his nasal bone up to cover each eye. His irises are ringed in vivid red and are bright yellow on the inner part. He has a tuft of black beard beneath his chin. Both his mane and tail are thick, long, and somewhat unkempt. They are akin to the color of his wings: predominately black but with brown and cream strands added to the mix. The tawny is dark on his belly, lightens on his legs, before darkening once again at the feathers around his hooves. Gaal almost always looks ruffled, tousled, and gigantic.

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Gaal is cunning, but not ruthless. This does not make him warm and fuzzy by any stretch of the imagination. He’s crass, and at times outright rude. He has a crude sense of humor, but a bawdy laugh that’s rather contagious. Despite this, he has a knack for rubbing others the wrong way- purposefully or not. He can be disarmingly charming, but that generally only occurs when he’s trying to charm a lady- and he does not discriminate when it comes to mares. He loves any and all of you fine females. Despite his uncouth manners, Gaal has a demanding air in his conduct, though he usually attempts to downplay this. Despite his efforts, hints of good breeding occasionally shine through his gruffness, betraying his upbringing.

Dorobo (Korofi)

Sire: Ontrou ("unfaithful")
Adoptive-Dam: Edelmooi ("nobly pretty")
Dam: Seldsame ("beautifully rare")
Brother: Arende Trefe ("spared eagle-son")
Graasvoel x Najya :: Clementine

Family Tree

Dorobo (Korofi)
Born in Bahari, the only civilized city Korofi (the wild plateaus of Dorobo), he was a bastard son of a prostitute (Seldsame) and a Lord (Ontrou) of the Kahare Family (the House of Arms). Gaal had a unique upbringing, since his father’s mate, Edelmooi, was unable to bear foals, Gaal was taken as his father’s true son and thus grew up apart from his Seldsame and half brother, Arende Trefe. There was an obvious discord in his early life between his adoptive mother and father. It was not a comfortable nor nurturing foal-hood, with his father being stern with high expectations and his mother being distant and somewhat spiteful. While he wanted for nothing materialistic, the coldness of Edelmooi and harshness from Ontrou shaped him for the rest of his life.

In his early life, he attempted to reach out to Arende, but Arende did not know the entirety of their family dynamic. Arende was ignorant of his mother being a whore, and Gaal’s father forbid him to explain any of this to his lowly stepbrother. It was through this that Gaal started to resent his half-brother, because of the kindness (and pity) Ontrou showed Arende.

As he grew older, the Kahare Family and Senzaok Family sought to combine lines to strengthen their houses. And thus Gaal's father, in a callous attempt to curb the one thing his son truly enjoyed (women), entered Gaal into an arranged mating with Saartjie, the gem of the Senzaok Family. Though this promised union was not entirely unpleasant, fro the woman was beautiful, her heart already belonged to another. And thus a strange relationship grew between the two.

When he was coming of age, Seldsame began realizing that Gaal was becoming a hardened stallion with cruel tendencies (courtesy of his father's heavy handed upbringing). As a sensitive and affectionate mare, this greatly distressed her, and she attempted to foster a secret relationship with Gaal. Edelmooi had prohibited this relationship the moment Gaal had been weaned from the teat, in order to avoid embarrassment. Thus, when she learned of his Seldsame fostering this relationship, consequences quickly followed.

Edelmooi first went to warn Seldsame to leave Gaal alone, but this warning turned to an argument, which escalated to a physical altercation resulting in a grave injury to Seldsame. Edelmooi kept this injury from Ontrou, thus impeding her from getting proper care, leading to Seldsame's death. Arende (Gaal's half brother) was out procuring rare amulets during this time, and thus came home to a dead mother, causing a great rift between the two already estranged brothers. Gaal, in a rage, attacked his stepmother, leaving her disfigured, and fled for fear of his father’s revenge.

He spent a long time in the desert oasis Uumalah, before eventually fleeing to Helovia there, for his father searched for him.

((ages in Tallsun))
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8


What's in a name? His name means 'large vulture,' a kind gift from Edelmooi. He was a huge foal and large for his age in his adolescent years, so his nickname amongst friends and servants became "Goliath." This, in turn, was combined with his given name and shortened into "Gaal," (pronounced 'Ga-ahl') which is what he prefers today.

Played by

Graasvoel is played by smitty

:: [ Magic: Earth | Ability to craft metal weapons. ]
:: [ Restrictions | 3 small, 2 medium, or 1 large per season. ]
:: [ Item: Ram Horns | Embedded under the skin of the forehead. (stolen from Tingal, given by Iona) ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | Vulture talons on cord in tail. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | A trinket of bird skulls and feathers. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   10 SPD:   4.0 AGL:   5.0 END:   3.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
3.5 7.0 8.0 64
Notable Accomplishments

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