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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: Nine years Height: 16.3
When I was young
my bones were strong

Species: Equine

Breed: Georgian Grande x Arabian x Saddlebred

Height: 16.3hh

Body: Bay, reddish-brown

Eyes: Blue

Mane & tail: Dark brown

Markings: Typical roan & sabino markings; bald face/irregular blaze

Freya is a rather petite mare, standing at 16.3 hands with a lean build. Her exact breed is unknown, but there is undoubtedly some Georgian Grande, Saddlebred and Arabian. She is lean, but her lack of muscle can be deceptive. She has a distinct feminine build, a woman of gentle curves and long legs. Her coat is a combination of bay dun, roan and sabino markings, with her belly and legs covered in the most white. Her eyes are bright blue, alert and clear, framed by long white eyelashes. She sports a bald face/irregular blaze that skews off to one side, perhaps her most noticeable feature. Her mane and tail are long and wavy, a deep brown in color that contrasts against the lighter color of her coat.

Back in my youth my iron will
weathered the breaking waves

Freyja is a gentle, peace-seeking, diplomatic type. She is not domineering, and does not often find herself in a leadership role; she prefers to approach others with a sense of diplomacy, and would rather find peace than create strife. She is calm and collected, a steady shoulder or a devoted worker. She dedicates herself completely to what she thinks is right, to a good cause that she supports, and is not one to half-ass anything. If it is something she believes in, that she believes with all her heart is the right thing, she will throw herself into her work with all her might. If there is one thing that Freyja can say with absolute certainty she hates, it is seeing others give only for the sole purpose of advancing themselves further. She has always thought of herself as selfless and generous, and believes those who are self-serving are the main cause of unnecessary conflict. She would rather give and serve because it is right, not because she is being rewarded to do so. While she was naive as a young mare, she is no longer hopelessly in love with the notion of a better world; rather, she has learned from her experiences and uses them to better herself and, she hopes, others.

When it comes to romance, Freyja is hopeless and jaded at the same time. While she believes in the power of love and its effect on others, she is hesitant to commit herself to anyone for any extended period of time. Her first and only lover abandoned her, leaving her with an adolescent and a small foal to care for. Since his departure and her subsequent failed search for him, she has come to realize that love may not be as influential as she had once thought. She tries to keep a positive outlook and convince herself that she will one day share a love as great as she once had with someone else, but she still finds herself fearful of the possibility of falling in love again, only because she does not want to deal with the chance of being left behind again. Given some time and patience, Freyja could allow herself to find love again, and when she does, she will become a generous partner, striving to make her lover happy as much as she possibly can. She is not overbearing with her love, but she will be there to support her mate whenever they need it and remind them of just how much they are cared about.

There are only a few things that Freyja desires out of life currently, and that is to find a home and to make a difference in the world. She has been a wanderer for the majority of her life, and now wishes only to settle down and make a name for herself, to help change the lives of others, even if it is only in a small way.

Now i've grown old
and i know the truth

Parents: Unknown


• Bjorn (m, x Dogun)
• Schuyler (f, x Dogun)

• None yet

• None yet

Current residence
• World's Edge

• Nurse

The slow beat of my love
has finally stopped

Before Helovia
Freyja is not entirely sure of where her life started. It was a very distant place, and the memories she possess of it are dull and hazy, hard to fully understand. Things start to become clearer around the time she left, when she first went to the Islands. She was a young mare, only about four years old, and had none of her adornments that she bears today. She was a simple-looking girl with a heart of gold who saw the world through rose-colored glasses. She was determined to find love and have a family of her own. She didn't search long before she met Dogun, who quickly captured her attention and soon had her heart. He was everything she was looking for: strong, handsome, smart, a kind heart, just like herself. She settled down quickly with him, and when he acquired his own territory, she took on the position of queen, where she stayed for several years.

Together, Dogun and Freyja had two foals: a son, Bjorn, and a daughter, Schuyler. The days of their birth were the happiest of Freyja's life, and she devoted herself entirely to her darling children. It wasn't until after Schuyler was born that Dogun began acting strangely, becoming more aggressive and irritable than usual. Although Freyja was concerned, not only for herself but for her offspring, she stayed by his side, hoping that something might change and he might return to his usual self, the stallion she had fallen in love with in the first place.

Unfortunately, nothing changed, and things came to a head when Freyja returned home one day to find Dogun gone. He had abandoned his herd, and her along with them, leaving her cold, empty, broken-hearted. She tried to tell herself that maybe it was for the best, but she was never able to fully convince herself. Eventually her children left her as well, off to start lives of their own, and there was nothing left for Freyja in the Islands.

She set off on her own adventure, thinking it would do her some good. She mostly wandered from place to place, collecting various pieces of jewelry and little trinkets along the way. She even managed to acquire some magic powers from a rather shady witch she met once, but they didn't stick. Years passed, and she continued to drift - until she found Helovia.

In Helovia
→ Frostfall - Year Seven
begin again - Freyja enters Helovia and meets Myrrine and Archibald in the Threshold, accepting Myrrine's invitation to join World's Edge.
walk my days on a wire - She makes her way to the Edge where she once again meets Myrrine, as well as the queen Elsa.
the soul you used to be - She hangs about the Edge for awhile before Tembovu and Tilney come across her.
sparrow and the wolf - Freyja meets Misael near the Heart Caves.

Now i've grown weak
breathing your smoke too long

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