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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Years Height: 17.3 hh

Age: 7 Years Old
Race: Unicorn
Horns: A pair of large, curved, antelope horns and a pair of smaller horns beneath.
Eyes: One is a dark blue color and the other is light blue. His pupils are not black and are just a shade slightly darker than the blue of each eye.
Mane: Dark brown. Medium length.
Body: Oultik is a seal bay roan appaloosa.
Hooves: Oultik has cloven hooves. One is cream colored hoof with dark brown and white stripes and three that are dark brown with black stripes.
Markings: Appaloosa markings are on his hindquarters and they run down the base of his tail and along his sides. Going down part of his legs and along his chest and neck the appaloosa spots fade into large dapple like markings.
Tail: Lions tail with two spots with hair. One is just a little tuft of dark brown hair halfway down his tail and at the end of his tail he has black and white hair where the white partially stripes into the black.


Oultik will appear to be reserved at a first meeting but once someone comes to know him he is found to be very likeable. His sense of humor deviates from what would likely be expected from him. His sense of humor tends to include corny jokes and puns. Once Oultik opens up more to someone they are usually drawn in by his open and honest nature. He tries to always be straight-forward and rarely sugar-coats anything. Oultik values security and stability and expects others to follow through on their given responsibilities. He holds both himself and others to high moral standards.

Oultik is strategic and a great problem-solver. He is resourceful and adapts to change easily whenever it is necessary. Emotions rarely are allowed to cloud his judgement. Therefore he places a great deal of trust in his own judgement since it is based off of unbiased logic and reasoning. Oultik has little tolerance for intuitive judgements. He prefers to evaluate the facts and make a quick decision.

He feels a strong sense of duty. Oultik loves to find ways to give back to a community and to help those in need. He has initiative and is the type that likes to make a plan and then to go out and get it done. He is a “doer”. When working, he is patient and careful. If he is in charge he can be trusted to give quick, clear decisions and in return he expects the same of others. Oultik is competitive in nature and always pushes himself to be the best.

Oultik almost never waivers from his beliefs and values. He trusts his own judgement above all others even if his is a judgement thought to be wrong. Oultik is inflexible and stubborn. Sometimes others have thought him to be too forceful in his decisions. He is so idealistic with his values that he can be unaccepting or judgemental to others who do not share the same values. Oultik will either seek out friends like himself or will throw his all to attempt to change others.

Oultik is so focused on logic and reason that it is sometimes challenging for him to deal with emotions. He often has trouble with expressing his own emotions and with feeling empathy for others. Oultik thrives on structure and routine, as adaptive as he allows his plans to be Oultik himself will often face difficulty in a new or unusual situation. He places such great value on tradition that change can make him feel very uncomfortable. Oultik would rather stick to a tried-and-true method rather than a new idea that may not work.

Naetric x Traitak

Paternal Uncle

Ulrik (Ottmar x Helag)
Rikyn (Ulrik x Illynx)

Paternal Grandparents
Sire x Dam
Maternal Grandparents
Sire x Dam

Oultik was four years old whenever his home was burned to the ground by a band of pegasi. He was finally of age to begin proper training for the life of a warrior and after his coming of age ceremony Oultik would begin his formal training. The day of the ceremony for Oultik and those he had grown up with was the same day that the pegasi attacked. Dashing about Oultik managed to reach where the daggers that were to be given during the ceremony were held unscathed. In part it was thanks to his magic that made it possible for him to teleport through his rifts.

The elderly one running the ceremony wished to continue as the belief was that one who had gone through their ceremony and that had been given their dagger would ascend to the heavens as a warrior and would have an honored place among the dead. The elder did not expect for the attack to end well. He had continued the ceremony whilst Oultik ran for the daggers. Upon his return with the items the ceremony was wrapped up by each young stallion using his given dagger to cut a piece of his mane to throw into the same basket that all before them had.

Oultik started to flee the land to wander to wherever his cloven hooves carried him but as he had began to leave but a voice had called him back. It was Rykerus, the elder who had performed the ceremony. Rykerus had been wounded but not fatally. He called Oultik over with the no nonsense manner of one used to being in charge and had forbidden the young stallion to leave. At least not until the souls of those who had perished were laid to rest.

There was a small group of unicorns that came a few moons after the pegasi attacked and they searched about in the rubble. This upset Rykerus so Oultik ran out to stop them. Strong emotions led to a spar between Oultik and the band’s most quick tempered member. The spar was deemed to be a tie and a sense of camaraderie was felt between the pair. The group calmed down and everyone went to Oultik and Rykerus’ clearing. There they spoke of what was happening.

The group was made up of those who had also lost their homes to the band of Pegasi and their fire. They trailed after the pegasus group and their path of destruction gathering weapons and survivors. It was their goal to one day fight the pegasi and end their path of destruction.

For a year Oultik stayed in the ruins of his former home honoring those who had died whenever the pegasi attacked. He and Rykerus dropped the snippets of hair from the coming of age ceremonies to the sea one by one and performed the last rites that each deserved.

Whenever Oultik turned four Rykerus passed on. Oultik remained in the area for a brief time but he ended up leaving to meet up with the band that he had met previously. The group organized themselves and began to call themselves the Crimson Jade.

-Is always searching for new, quicker, ways to get to places.

-Cannot stand for his beard to grow out past a certain length.

-Whenever he wakes up each morning he makes a plan for the day before fully getting up. Oultik will not take the 'first step' of the day without his plan made. Grows to be grouchy if someone interrupts him in the morning before he is finished planning the day.

Reference done by Tamme
Some of his Men

Can see all 360 degrees around himself.

Hates shiny things because they are 'unproven'. "If a weapon gleams like that it has never proven itself! Take a look at mine. He has proven his character.” Collects gossip. Has a thick beard. He is a man's man and is never quite sure what to say around women.

She can craft items out of jade. Made Oultik’s dragon. Oultik calls her one of his men because of how she is more comfortable among him and the rest of the Crimson Jade than what he has observed her being among other women.

:: [ Magic: DarkxTime | Can create time rifts allowing him to teleport. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Is painful, must have left piece of himself where he is teleporting; may be used to evade an attack or travel quickly across the battlefield. ]
:: [ Companion: Lion | None | 3 yrs 0 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7.0 SPD:   4.0 AGL:   6.0 END:   4.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   1
4.0 8.0 6.5 63.5
Notable Accomplishments

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