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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 5 - Ages at Birdsong Height: 16.3hh


Species - Unicorn
Breed-type - Thoroughbred
Sex - Female
Age - 5 years
Horn/Wings/etc - Three horns: one in the center of her forehead, one half-size horn an inch above that, and a tiny curved horn on her muzzle. All three horns seem to be made of blue opal.
Eyes - Purple; she looks about the world with wide, curious eyes.
Mane - A rich purple hue, sort of like a reddish plum-like purple.
Body - Black; a lean, athletic build with long, clean legs; tall, thin withers and a highly-set neck.
Hooves - Made of the same opal-like material as her horns. The left hind hoof has a darker vertical stripe down the outside, a scar left from a quarter-crack.
Markings - Appaloosa-like blanket on rump, beginning behind the points of her hips. Sock on right hind. White ear tips.
Tail - The same purple as her mane, except for the tip, which is crimson red.

Fiachra is of a typical Thoroughbred build, lean and atheltic. She is mostly black in color, with a small white sock on her right hind leg, white tips of her ears, and a white blanket over her rump. Her mane and tail are rich, plum purple, with crimson at the tip of her tail. Her horns and hooves seem to be made of blue opal and sparkle in the light with an almost crystalline translucence. She has several scars, from the dark stripe on the left hind hoof to a number of large, round scars on her right hind fetlock and cannon from an infection in that leg.




Charm - She is a friendly and forward mare who takes herself right in to new relations with little hesitation or doubt. As such, she tends to make friends easily and is liked by most of those she meets. She values her friends greatly and strives to see the best in everyone.

Moderation - Because she is friends with so many often quite diverse individuals, Fiachra has developed an excellent ability to moderate between them. When there is a disagreement between two or more, she is capable of parsing out the issue and getting all parties to come to a conclusion. If that means putting a few of them in their place to accomplish that, well, so be it.

Leadership - Fiachra has many traits of a natural-born leader. Not that she endeavors for power or rule, but due to her confidence, forwardness, and ability to moderate, she tends to become an unofficial leader of whichever group she is in, particularly in dire or extreme situations.

Humor - She loves to laugh and may even do so at her own expense. The values humor in others most highly and sees laughter as the glue that holds the best of relationships together. She jokes around at the best and worst of times, but is wary of seeming insensitive as to not offend anyone.

Dependency - Fiachra's happiness is rather dependent on those she has around her. She does not cope well with loneliness and strives to always have someone nearby. Preferably, of course, she would be surrounded by loved ones and kindness, but in the past she has been known to get into trouble with the wrong sort of crowd in an attempt to at least be with somebody. Whether that is better for her mental state than being alone is a matter of debate.

Frustration - She likes to have things figured out quickly so that everything can move along. When learning something new, Fiachra is easily frustrated when she cannot get it right. When a situation is not going according to plan right off, she is prone to get upset and even give up.

Zeal - Because of her determination to do things efficiently and correctly, Fiachra does tend to become over-zealous in trying to accomplish a task. As such, she tends to miss details and plan poorly, leading to sometimes small and sometimes spectacular failures.

Likes - Laughter; new green grass; the sound of the wind in the leaves
Dislikes - Injustice; being alone; berries
Fears - Deep water: Fiachra is terrified of deep water when she must swim rather than wade; as long as she can see the bottom, she is fine. She may be able to swim, but she refuses to try either way.
Dreams - Finding love again...



Pre-Helovian -
Fiachra was born in a land called the Oaken Riy, where great forests of giant oak trees canopied the earth. Fiachra's mother Aislinna gave birth in a large clearing, with the sun glinting off of her opaline horns, as if happily greeting the newest addition. Shortly after Fiachra's birth, Aislinna perished by drowning in a tragic accident. Fiachra was barely three months old at the time.

She was then raised by the nurse-mares of the herd, being passed from brood to brood as they each had their own foals to care for. When she was weaned less than two months later, "Fia" was taken in by a kind older gelding of the herd, named Babrako or as she called him, "Baba". He became the only thing like a father she would ever know. When Fiachra was two years old, he died when the herd was raided by Outsiders.

Fiachra was taken away from her herd by the raiders and lived with them for nearly two years, until she was four. During that time, she took part in several raids. During one raid gone horribly wrong, just after coming to live with the Outsiders, Fiachra was forced to run for her life when the herd was found to have a Maynk, a gruesome species of equine native to the Riy, protecting them. The Outsiders fled, but Fiachra was lifted by the Maynk and dropped into the sea. She believed that she would have drowned if not for the bravery of one of the Outsiders, a stallion named Berner.

Fiachra and Berner quickly fell in love and she lived happily with him and the other Outsiders until her fourth year. One day, while out scouting for the Outsiders, Berner went missing and was presumed dead. Despite her pleas to try and get the Outsiders to search for him, they did not and Fiachra became disillusioned with the group and set off searching for him on her own.

After a year, Fiachra all but gave up hope of ever finding her lost lover. She passed through many troupes and herds, never staying too long as she continued her journey. Her mind has become darker and broken in her loneliness, and her body becomes more scarred as her weary hooves travel on. Now she has found herself in a new land....

Fiachra belongs to a subspecies of unicorn known as a Kwalic. More information on Kwalics and the Oaken Riy here.

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STR:   2.0 SPD:   10 AGL:   3.0 END:   5.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
7.5 10 2.5 60
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