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World's Edge Captain

Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 [Tallsun] Height: 16.1h
R - U

»o BREED: anglo-arab X mustang
»o AGE: 2 ¾ [birthed in Tallsun]
»o EYES: pastel blue/green
»o MANE: stark white x creamy feathers that stack and fold back
»o BODY: buckskin – dun
»o HOOVES: black
»o MARKINGS: dark brown x black leg stripes & dorsal line
»o TAIL: feathered ends that come together at two points (EXAMPLE)
»o BATTLE SCARS: Right shoulder, down to elbow scar (Rikyn); Noticeable ‘scratch’ like scars on her left hindquarters // fang puncture marks on crest of neck – hidden underneath feathers (Toulouse)…
»o OTHER: has a charming growth of hair at her chin

Wings take on the form of a peregrine hawk. Body wise, she has a long neck, deep chest, muscled, relatively proportionate clean legs. Relatively strong hindquarters, and straight, barely concave roman nose.

Stubborn, curious, relative optimist… Ru remains in a transitory stage of her personality, exploring her independence and purpose within the ranks of the World’s Edge. (wip)

»o unknown to character

MOTHER: Her name was Ru’ia, a Pegasus with anglo-arab bloodlines. Reaching 16.0hh. A coloration of buckskin with dappling. White mane feathers, and a tail with feathers starting at the base, and coming at two points at the ends.

FATHER: His name is unknown, a Pegasus with mustang bloodlines. He stood at 15.2hh. A coloration of grulla (black + dun), having a feathered mane with a top crest at the forehead. Feathers melded into his wings, and travelled down along his elbow, partially down his two forelegs (just above the back knee). Tail feathered at the base, widening out and coming together at one point. Had stripes on legs and black shoulder bars.


Times have been mostly good for Ru. Slowly the world became a wonderful place, especially in mother’s embrace. Things could not have been any sweeter.

But seasons change in a person’s life. Ru just happened to be very young at the time when those warm days became dark and cold ones, lonely. During her family’s migration to warmer peaks, a storm caught them off guard. Ru was swept away and deposited very, very far away from her mother and family.

But of course she only viewed this as act of abandonment. The child became angry, rather than allowing despair and fear consume her heart. She searched for them, but as she struggled to find them - and with too many days gone by - she moved on.

Along the way she met other travelers, some of them were kind, others, quite mean. The world was proving to be a curious place the further she trekked on by her lonesome.

And somehow, as the fates seemed to have dictated it; she dropped into Helovia.


»›Hope as Far as One Can See -- Ru makes her first stop in Helovia in Frostfall at the age of 1. Unable to speak, and separated from her family. Greeted by December of the Hidden Falls, and Maren of the Dragon’s Throat. Despite her bubbly nature, she is received by Maren and follows her to the Dragon’s Throat.
»›A Sea Filled With Longing, To Be Returned -- Maren shows the way to the Dragon’s Throat. The two embark to the island on Maren’s boat – Megaera & Asavvi await on the shores, along with Abaddon
»›Hide N Seek -- Ru wanders into the Heart Caves, stumbling upon a glowing pool and a beautiful filly named Adria
»›Snow Globe -- Adventure calls to the child. She embarks to the Thistle Meadow and is greeted by Amaris and her dragon. She is beautifully adorned with scales and wings wraped with flexible sinew.
»› Exonerated -- Ru, lonely in the Dragon’s Throat, runs into the Oasis with great big splashes. Pleasantly disturbing Xolani.
»›Carnivore -- Ru makes her way once again to the Heart Caves. Excited by the appearance of Uriel and his feathered head – a common trait of her people. Assumes that he might be one of them.
»›PARAMOUNT - Meagaera calls a herd meeting, Gaucho is still alive as Sultan. Ru has not found a home in the Dragon’s Throat, and finds herself incredibly lonely and depressed with her grief.
»›Be Gone Dull Cage -- Ru explores the Gladiatorial Ring, in the hopes of busying her mind from her loneliness. Comes across Aelin.
»›Nomadic Penchant -- Ru’s loneliness leads to exploring. The Hidden Falls comes into view – she is given a flower by Agnodice’s dragon. (Frostfall is Extended)
»›A Voice On The Wind -- Ru explores the Riptide Isles, where she has been drawn by an unknown magic force. Happens upon Macaria. (Frostfall is Extended)

»›Extended Frostfall/Bridsong -- Left the Dragon’s Throat and Helovia to search for her family.

»›Without A Cure -- Ru returns to Helovia, and decides to live out the rest of her life as an Outcast. The loneliness spent in the Dragon’s Throat has left a poor impression on the older filly. Spends time in the Thistle Meadow, meeting Ashamin and his cerndyr.
»›An Honest Sky -- Ru practices her flying in the Endless Blue, by doing several diving exercises. Happens upon the colt Virga and Zèklè along the shores.
»›In The Belly Of The Beast -- Ru is exploring, and crash lands into the World’s Edge suffering minor scrapes. Meets Lyanna, a Moon Doctor, and helps heal her. Offers her to stay. Ru keeps this in mind, and leaves feeling hopeful.
»›Black and Blue -- Ru answers her first sparing call in the Deep Forest. She fights against the Indomintable Volterra.
»›No Pain, No Gain -- The conclusion of Ru’s first spar with Volterra.
»›On Heavy Feet -- Ru decides to make the Riptide Isles her temporary home. Comes across the suicidal Sabia.

»›Closer To The Prize At The End Of The Rope -- Ru spars with Erebos in the Blood Falls, and defaults to him (max timed out).
»›Closest To Heaven -- Ru is invited to the Aurora Basin Festival by Lena, and Rexanna. Ends up not going.

»›Shelter -- Ru makes her way to the World’s Edge borders, seeking to become a part of the herd. Initially intercepted by Erthë, suspicious of her as Ru cannot form words. Joined by Lyanna. Accepts the rank of warrior.
»›I Blinked And The World Was Gone -- Ru spars Isopia in the Riptide Isles, in the air. (Isopia defaults to Ru – max time)
»›Amarillo By Morning -- A FIRE/LIGHT DROP, three foxes require help herding wild turkeys (does not get the drop)
»›Walk Like Warriors -- Ros, another warrior, calls for the warriors to see who they are and what they’re doing. Makes plans to spar, recruit, and patrol the herd’s borders – their numbers are small and few
»›Little Girl In The Snow -- Spar made for Toulouse, does not have time to reply
»›Well She’s Awkward -- Ráeru approaches the borders. Alysanne intercepts. Ru joins them to see what they were doing.
»›We Wait Through The Hours Of Cold -- Ru chases a rabbit, and accidently ends up killing the creature. Joined by Zubari who accuses her of doing something wrong, and Kiada. Eventually joined by Tembovu. He promises to show her to the Veins of the God, for the possibility of being healed by one of the Helovian Gods.
»›Hold My Hand Against The Night -- Ru wanders to the greenhouse – incomplete, as it is missing a roof. Meets Lyanna, they talk; she promises to do what she can to help her voice impairment.
»›The Spirit of Magic Day -- Ru touches down, curious by the congregation and happiness swelling from the Tree. Offers her feather.
»›Beating of the Waves -- Ru spars with Rikyn along the Endless Blue shores. Loses, and receives a nasty shoulder scar.
»›The Giving Tree -- -- Ru meets Sunjata, receives magic that she is unaware of. Becomes slightly jealous of the others who receive ‘things’.
»›Catch An Assassin By The Toe -- Witnesses the fight between Toulouse and Raeden, for the rank of World’s Edge Spectre. Toulouse almost caused Raeden to fall of the cliff edges during the fight.
»›SWP: Impressions Etched in Glass -- Kisamoa (‘Kaos’) appears on the Endless Blue. Causes a portion of it’s sand to turn into glass, and makes a pathway into the ocean for viewing pleasure. The Moon Goddess appears, giving people magic.



»Volterra :: Csendes madár ('quiet bird')
»Lyanna :: Feather
»Tembovu :: Unyoya ('feather')

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Mar! :F First image is bymusonart

:: [ Magic: Light | Ability to create beams of laser-light that burn. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Beam diameter of 1 mm and 10m radius; can only produce one beam at a time. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   3.0 SPD:   5.0 AGL:   5.0 END:   7.0
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
7.0 9.5 4.0 60.5
BUFF: Novice VP: 0.5
Notable Accomplishments

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