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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 6 Height: 16.2
Breed: Marwari - Cheetah
Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Species: Unicorn
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: Buckskin w/ black cheetah spots
Eyes: Gold
Body: Lithe and muscular, long legs, chiseled features

Suspicious, Observant, Intelligent, Outspoken, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Temperamental, Flirty, Crude, Crass

Mother: Mlezi - Nurse (deceased) *african civet
Father: Fethee - Judgement (deceased) *leopard

Siblings: None

Offspring: None

I suppose we should begin at the very beginning. I was born in a rural tribe called Mburugo. We were in chage of raising and training soldiers for the council, at least my dad was. He was our herd's representative when meetings were called. He would do whatever he could to make sure our voices were heard when they needed to be, but even when he spoke for us they saw us as nothing more than a soldier factory. As long as we could keep pumping out soldiers for them to use in their wars we would pretty much be left to our devices.

I didn't exactly have what most would consider a normal childhood. I was an only child, complications during labor assured that my mother would be unable to give me any siblings. Because of this my father had no son to teach what it was to be a representative and to oversee the soldier's training in our herd. As soon as I was weaned from my mother I was put to work running messages from one group of soldiers to another mainly because my father discovered that I had a gift. He said I could 'run faster than the wind sweeping across the plains' and because of this it was my responsibility to make sure our soldiers were well informed. It wasn't a duty that I took lightly, and there wasn't day that I wasn't run ragged delivering messages. Most of the time when I finally came home I was bone tired and ready to find somewhere soft to pass out and sleep until it was time to get back to work the next day.

I remember one night I was roused from sleep by hushed whispers from my mother and father. My brain was pretty foggy with sleep at first, but I forced myself to stay awake and I listened because I was a curious child, a trait I inherited from my father. My mother, bless her heart, was content to be oblivious to all the evils of the world. As long as she could do some good to help others she was happy. It was my father whispering about a villiage left undefended that caught my attention and chased away the exhaustion that fogged my brain. I could hear the whispered words of 'raid' and 'abandoned' and 'undefended' and 'killed' and I felt my stomach twist into a knot. I began to wonder if I had delivered a message incorrectly and was the reason that one of our villages had been raided. I creeped closer to where my parents stood whispering and I could hear my father tell my mother 'The council did it.' which confused me. Wasn't the council supposed to be protecting us. 'They sent them away, I know it, but I can't prove it.'

'You can't be serious.' My mother said. 'The council protects us all. They want whats best for us.'

My father snorted and I could feel how upset he was in the air. 'Then why does this keep happening?' He asked. 'Why?' My mother didn't have an answer and that was the end of their conversation.

There were several more times that I heard my mother and father whispering during the night; my father blaming the council for something else that had gone awry and my mother not wanting to believe that they might be bad. My father told her he was going to bring it up to them because he couldn't let it keep happening. He couldn't keep letting Dorobo's citizens keep suffering. My mother encouraged this decision and I think it was because she wanted my father's suspicions to be put to rest. She was still foolishly convinced that the council had nothing to do with our soldiers being moved away from the camps and villages they were supposed to be protecting.

It was two weeks to the day that my father brought his findings before the council that he went missing. It was another week before we finally found his scavenged body. Do you know what it does to a child to find her parent's mutillated corpse? I may have been two years old when he was killed, but I still viewed my father through the eyes of a child. He had been my everything and he was gone.

I had to take up the role my father had filled for our herd as Representative. I had to stand before the council and announce that my father was dead, like they didn't already know. Like they hadn't ordered it to be done. My mother still refused to believe that the council had anything to do with it. She wanted to believe that it was the Debwani that caught him off guard and murdered him.

The raid happened while I was at the council meeting and I had no idea until I got back home. There were more dead than I could count, the only ones still alive being the ones that hadn't been there when the attack had taken place. Most of the wounded were too bad to speak when I asked what happened, but there was one who kept saying '' until he took his last breath. I wasn't stupid. I knew that he was trying to say 'council'. My mother was among the casualties, effectively leaving me alone in a land that I knew was corrupt. A few of the survivors and myself burned the bodies of our dead, gave them all a true warrior's burial, and we began to rebuild what had been destroyed.

I went to the council and I demanded to know what had happened to my herd. Where were the soldiers that defended my herd? Where were they for all the other villages and camps that had been raided? The ones my father questioned them about? Why were we giving them soldiers if they were not utilizing them in a manner that defended us. They, of course, passed the buck off on me and my father saying that if they had been trained properly they would have been at their post when the Debwani attacked us.

I began to snoop around more and more after that and I found the villages and camps that had been destroyed, but one in particular drew my attention. A camp that had been designated for our generals had been attacked, all of the inhabitants had been massacred, and my soldiers were nowhere to be found. I made my way there and I found one of the generals burying his child.

A child.

The council murdered a child. It was that moment that I promised myself and whatever cubs I would have in the future that I wouldn't bring them into a land like Dorobo. I wouldn't let them live in a place where they were expendable.

Through it all I kept training the soldiers like our herd was supposed to, but I was trying (and failing) to get them to listen to only me and not the council that I didn't trust. It seemed like I was alone in being suspicious. I pressed the council more, asked more questions, demanded to know where they were sending my soldiers (yes I blamed them in front of everyone. There was one council member in particular that seemed to have it out for me because I didn't just obediently accept what they told me as truth. He told me that if I weren't a failure like my father that my soldiers would do what they were supposed to do. That it was my fault and my father's fault that our people were dying. He made me so angry that I shouted 'Fuck you and whatever ugly ass goat fucked your mother' before leaving the council chambers.

I don't know if it was my disrespectful outburst or the fact that I kept questioning them that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I saw them coming, a small party of fighters led by the general that I'd seen burying his child. I knew in the back of my mind that the smartest thing for me to do was run because I wasn't in my herd where it was safe but I stood my ground for a bit as they approached, a charging mass of hooves and horns and muscle. I foolishly gave them the benefit of a doubt, but when they didn't slow their charge I took off. What I wasn't expecting was a carefully laid out trap orchestrated by that general and his men.

'That's her!' I heard a high pitched weasly voice. 'PUKO!' I roared. 'You fucking rat what have you done?!' If the massive wall of general wouldn't have been standing in front of me, boxing me in I would have beaten the little rat to death. 'She's the one undermining the council! Its her!' All it took was a flick of the ear and a tilt of his head and his fighters were disappearing and dragging Puko along with them.

'Whatever it is they said I've done its not true.' I said, but I could tell from the look in his eyes that he wasn't going to believe me. He wasn't going to listen. He was too angry.

'Then why did you run?' He demanded hotly. 'Why, if you're not guilty of murder?'

'Because they want you to kill me!' I snapped. 'They want you to kill me and they have you so mindfucked that you don't know your own ass from a hole in the ground!'

He hit me then and it sent me reeling. For a second I didn't know what had happened, only that I hurt. I tried to slip past him because if I could just get past him I could run. There was no way a lumbering oaf like him could keep up with me. There was no way he was smart enough to have set up a second trap for me.

'You killed them.' He hissed at me. 'You're the reason they're dead!' and I knew exactly what he was talking about.

'No!' I shouted and I tried to move away from his horn, but there was no place for me to go and it sliced across my shoulder. 'Stop! I screamed. 'Why would I? Why? Do you know how many villages have been left undefended? How many camps? Its not just your family that's dead! Why would I older my soldiers away from my own herd!? Why would I let my own family be massacred!?'

It was kinda like a camp fire suddenly lit up in his brain and he understood what I was implying, but he was still angry and I understood that. Hell, I was angry too, but I hadn't buried my cub. Just my parents. 'What proof do you have?'

'You mean besides the bodies that keep stacking up one on top of the other?' I hissed. 'Or abandoned villages? Or maybe the soldiers that don't know what orders to follow? Haven't you seen for yourself what the council can do?' Because I watched you bury your cub. I know the pain of burying the ones you love.

'Go.' He said a little bit later and he stepped back to give me enough room to slip past him.

'You know I'm right.' I murmured. 'You know somthing is wrong.'

'Go before I change my mind.'

I didn't look back, I just ran and didn't look back. There were a few more times that he came after me. Each time he beat me up because 'we had to make it look like he was at least trying'. On those encounters I would tell him whatever new findings I had and then he'd be on his way. The last time, though, before everything really went to hell they sent someone else. I let myself get caught, stupidly thinking that it was Tembovu and his crew. I almost didn't escape from my life that time. It was then that I should have ran from Dorobo and said 'fuck it all' and went somewhere else where it was safe.

But I didn't.

Instead, my stupid ass went to the council. I stood there battered, bruised, and beaten and I glared at them and they had the gall to look shocked. They had the nerve to ask me what happened?

'What happened?' I hissed. 'What happened?! You send your generals to kill me and you have the nerve to fucking ask me WHAT HAPPENED?' I couldn't control myself. I couldn't make myself stop screaming and shouting. 'What kind of sick fucking game are you playing?!' Everything seemed to happen so suddenly. There was a fire, everyone was shouting, there was smoke, Tembovu was rushing at me, trying to drive me back even though I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stand and fight the council one on one to see who was stronger. I already knew who was braver, because only cowards hid behind a military and tried to kill the ones that questioned them.

In the end Tembovu got me out of there, honestly that alone was a miracle. He left me in the very capable hooves of his friend Kiuaji with the main goal of getting out. The only problem was that I didn't want to leave. I wanted to see the council fall and I wanted to watch them burn. Maybe one day I'll go back and if do I hope I find their bodies charred and mutilated like the bodies of everyone they had murdered.

-Enter Helovia



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