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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 3 (Orangemoon) Height: 14.3

Not a trace of chocolate lessens these perfect pitch features and only a splash of bleach found its way to her coat, speckling her rear. A well-formed, willowy leg wrapped in cream just below the knee gives way to the same beautifully blackened hide on her right foreleg. Delicate yet strong hooves carry the same traits, charcoal and petite. Her eyes both clear and thoughtful look on the world seeing all through shades of a cerulean haze. She looks upon the world from no great height, measuring 14.3hh and aging in Orangemoon. A string of silver chain adorns her neck ending in a gemstone in the same cerulean hue as her eyes.


Sire- Unknown
Dam- EE/aa/nLp
Vu- Ee/aa/nLp


To those who look on unknowing-

Aloof and guarded; a demeanor fit for the most imperious of souls. She gives the idea that she is above all, scarcely deeming to speak with mere mortals. Often she finds herself the recipient of harsh looks and uncensored speeches given by those who seek to lessen her thoughts of herself. Simply avoided if one takes the time to peer closer.

To those who look on knowing-

Otherworldly and serene; a demeanor fit for the most angelic of souls. She speaks softly, her words carefully formed; a breath never wasted. Idle chatter holds not a foothold in her sensible, rational mind and often leads others to believe her aloof. Holding to a standard of truth above all else, Vu is an open book if one takes the time to simply ask. It is important to note that asking does not provide sufficient reason to answer and she may choose to remark or hold her silence. Always fascinated by any winged creature, namely birds, she allows herself to work out private thoughts and feelings on the birds nearby as they chirp softly back.


Sire: Starweaver -murdered-
Dam: Noire -presumed dead-missing since Vu turned 8 months


Rift- half brother by Starweaver
Tonka- half by Starweaver
Mika- half by Starweaver
Reverie- half sister by Noire
Solstice- half sister by Noire -killed-
Tausret- half brother by Noire

Hildegunn- the language barrier means little in regards to this sweet mare
Colt- Outcast mare of few words and unspoken anger
Ciceron- Hidden Falls Champion of kindness and generosity
Sean- New arrival of a strange tongue and confusing speech


Outside Helovia

Vu knows little of family tales and musings, her father and mother found themselves entangled and shortly after she knew the world outside her mother’s womb. Starweaver, her mother whispered the name into her ear, a father’s name for the fatherless child. From the time of her birth to her first birthday, Noire remained at her child’s side, faithfully acting the part of a mother to Vu and her half-siblings on her mother’s side. All those who stayed with Noire learned three important rules:

1. Truth above all else, pleasant or not.
2. Elegance, never a word spoken above a pleasant octave.
3. Thought, always weigh all sides while considering all.

Truth, Elegance and Thought became their way of life but Vu truly embraced these principles and still clings to them. TET allowed her to dream of her father, the curious mind of a child longing to know the truth, while giving her the gift of discerning such a topic will not be accepted by her mother. Eventually it would seem Noire grew tired of caring for her ever growing brood and upon being offered an out, she altogether disappeared before the sun set on Vu’s first year.

Her half-siblings, all being older, quickly realized the situation and while she slept peacefully under her favored tree they discussed what to do about their much younger sister. Solstice longed for freedom, Reverie desired love and Tausret wanted nothing more than an unburdened life. So as the sun rose and the child shivered in the morning dew, the three approached her with faces drawn and grey. “I am leaving, Solstice will care for you” Reverie spoke softly. “I am going with our sister, Vu.” Murmured Tausret. Solstice simply stared at her, cold, distant and dissatisfied at having drawn the “short stick” of taking Vu. Tausret and Reverie nuzzled their fondest fairwell and departed quickly leaving the pair casting wary and disgusted glances back and forth.

To her credit, Solstice kept her safe despite obvious resentment; always remembering her promise to her other siblings. “Care for her until she is grown and three.” Reverie said. Vu gained little insight into the world of family from that day forward as Solstice refused to give up her aspirations and dragged her to the ends of the earth and back. Always searching for the promise of more and a chance to relieve herself of Vu. As fate would have it, Vu awoke in the middle of the night to find herself staring at the lifeless eyes of a dead sister, her throat a hollow cavern where once dwelled flesh and bone. Horror filled her as her eyes took in the gruesome sight, claw-dug canyons ripped her sister’s flesh apart. She ran, hid and stared over her shoulder for the following months.

Then one day the morning light woke her and there she saw a young pegasus staring at her. Startled, she turned to flee but he called out softly saying, “Please, wait.” It took her several silent moments to decide and through it all he remained perfectly still. Turning to fully face him, Vu spoke and the two begin a quiet conversation that morphed into companionship. Several weeks passed of Rift drawing her further out of her shell and Vu smiling at his wings. Winged creatures always did fascinate her and looking back she may say the reason she did not run that day was because of those great red wings. Eventually their conversations became less one-sided and they spoke of family. Vu’s eyes grew wide as oak leaves upon hearing the once whispered name, “Starweaver” fall from her new friend’s lips as he listed his parentage.

So it became known that Rift and Vu were siblings and their bond deepened, Vu never leaving his side and never pushing to unmask the silent sadness dwelling in his eyes. Eventually, at almost three, her idyllic life became uprooted in a hailstorm of destruction wrought by the rulers of the land they called home and they were separated. Since then, she has searched for her brother always a step or two behind him. She comes to Helovia because of this effort, her time apart from Rift a time she never speaks of.

Inside Helovia:

Frostfall of Year Seven
She entered Helovia through its Threshold immediately meeting a unique trio; Colt, Ciceron and his companion Kiara. Shortly after three turned up to greet her, Rift found her as well, much to the delight of both siblings. Vu is most eager to reestablish their bond but she has much to learn of this new land. Ciceron kindly offered up his homeland as a refuge for her to recuperate and possibly create a home there; time will tell though on the latter as she has never belonged to a herd.

Played by
Istina :: Vu & Hollow

:: [ Item: Jewelry  | A silver chain with a cerulean gemstone attached. ]
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