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Species: Hybrid Gender: Filly Age: 1 Year Height: 16.1 HH

Your love is my turning page
Where only the sweetest words remain
Every kiss is a cursive line, every touch is a redefining phrase

Pronounced | (GEH-tha)

Breed: Warmblood Cross
Species: Unicorn x Equine Hybrid
Height: 16.1 HH
Coat: Mahogany Bay
Eyes: Pale White
Markings: Birdcatcher spots and badger face
Extras: No horn, very pale dapples, and the badger marking is modified and interrupted

As a leggy filly, Gyda possesses none of the grace or power she will eventually embody in later years. However, for now, she is a pigeon-chested child with wild eyes and a keen sense for upending mischief. Like her mother, she is thickset and hardly nimble—a true heathen when it comes to romping about with others.

Instead of wearing the telltale grin of a pleased and privileged girl, Gyda is more known for the pursing of her dark lips and the narrowing of her light eyes. However, that deep-set gaze appears to be all-knowing and kind, an uncertain mixture of emotion and lack thereof.

Like her mother, Gyda was born with intricate facial markings and a colorless glare. The sloping planes of her abdomen and back are dotted with birdcatcher spots that can be seen in contrast to her mahogany-bay coat even on the darkest of nights.

One day, she will become a statuesque maiden with the appropriate swells and dips to guide the wandering eye. She will be much like the creature her mother intended to be with the confidence and certainty of her father. Beneath the child-like exterior and boyish attitude, a sultry femme fatale lies dormant, awaiting summons.


A gregarious girl by nature, Gyda is most comfortable engaging in conversation and adapting to social norms.

She is intelligent and more than willing to press boundaries should they present themselves. Of course, overlooking boundaries can often make the filly seem imprudent or uncouth. In many ways, Gyda is predisposed to a certain candidness that doesn’t always apply to good company or impress new acquaintances.

In addition, the girl is vastly aloof in such a way that she experiences trouble understanding opposing views. She believes in a direct path —whether it involves the Gods and religion or family—and her opinions are often unwavering.

However, the most defining trait that Gyda will one day possess if her charm and ability to appeal to those of either gender. Though she is disinterested in the concept of love and the resulting commitments, Gyda can easily mold herself toward the desires of another. If one desires charm and proactivity, she will procure them with smiles and soft touches. If one prefers wit and illusion, she will enchant them with her riddles and games.

In most situations the filly is also a visionary— one that attempts to see beyond the ruins and turmoil of the now. She longs to see brighter days and leave the darkness of the past in her wake. She is determined when she is set to task and nothing (and no one) can curb her from her intentions once her mind is made up.


Father: Ulrik the Engineer
Mother: Essetia
Siblings: Amalrik (♂) [twin], Rikyn (♂) [half-sibling]
Extended: Torleik [cousin to Ulrik]


Magic: [DarkxLight | Ability to enchant another into feeling comfortable or carefree around her]

-- Gyda

Played by
Linds | Atlas, Essetia, (Uriel), (Thor)

:: [ Magic: DarkxLight | Ability to make another feel comfortable/carefree. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Lasts 30 seconds, subject must be within 10m. ]
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