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Species: Tribrid Gender: Stallion Age: 2 [birdsong] Height: 17.2

Breed Blessed with the graceful, athletic hardiness of his mother, (TB x Mustang) his fathers draft bulk has given Tyr ample amount of muscle, powerful hind quarters and a thick neck (Draft Mix). He is a regal specimen of divinity and ruin, his mixed breeds swirl in perfect unison to fill him out and refine him where needs be.

Gender Male.

Species Tribrid, the blood of all three species are present within him.

Horns Tyr's first set of horns sweeps back from his skull and lightly curve upwards, while a second pair sprout from behind his ears, they curl in on themselves in a graceful arch before they correct themselves and reach like deadly spires for the skies.

Wings Muscular and powerful, the appendages are long and well defined. Dusty black freckles the topside of his wings while the rest of his feathers match the dun colouration found upon his magnificent hide. The underside also supports dusted black primaries while the secondaries once again follow the same colour. He also has white banding reminiscent of his mother, and they're eagle-like in shape.

Eyes Ever churning pools of ruby and blood, devoid of a pupil and flawless like a forbidden jewel.

Mane Long and falls freely, some strands wrap around his horns carelessly.

Body Smokey Grullo dun.

Hooves Hooves are cloven, and dark beige in colouration.

Markings Upon the boys face sits a marking the shape of a dragon skull, while the dragons mandible sits upon his lower jaw and creeps down to his throat latch. Teeth markings also mark along his face. White barring is also find upon his neck and back legs. Hidden beneath the long strands of his tail is a tribal marking, an ode to his dam.

Tail Leonine and covered in varying lengths of hair that ranges from diluted black to stark white, the end plumes brilliantly into long tangled strands.


In his youth

In his maturity


Sire Volterra (Tyradon x Confutatis)
Dam Aithniel (Ampere x God of the Sun)
Adoptive Dam Sikeax (Roy x Adrixaura)

Kid (Volterra x Colt)
Sabre (Volterra x Colt)
Zhu (Volterra x Sikeax)
Astarot (Volterra x Tiva)
Valdis (Volterra x Amara)
Isorath (Vadim x Aithniel)

Maternal Grandparents
Ampere The Mother of Companions
God of the Sun
God of the Earth
God of Time
Goddess of the Moon

Maternal Aunts & Uncles
Mesec The Nightwind (Goddess of the Moon x D'artagnan)
Isopia (God of the Earth x Kahlua)
Roskuld The Sparklight (God of Time x Ophelia)
Hototo (God of the Earth x Ktulu) — Deceased
Israfel (God of the Sun x Smoke) — Deceased
Zèklè (Ampere x Gaucho)
Hertz (Ampere x Gaucho)
Grusha (Ampere x Gaucho)
Tae (Ampere x Gaucho)

Paternal Grandparents
Confutatis the World Eater

Paternal Aunts & Uncles
Nymeria (Tyradon x Confutatis)
Cowboy (Tyradon x Simone)
Veil (Confutatis x Draqaris)
Merida (Tyradon x Sakura)
Lyanna (Tyradon x Simone)

Paternal Great Aunts & Uncles
Ophelia the Amaranthine (Paladin x Soleil)
Ktulu the Constrictor (Paladin x Soleil)
Varath (Paladin x Soleil)
Soren (Paladin x Soleil)
Cael (Terrador x Soleil)

Paternal Cousins
Hototo (God of the Earth x Ktulu) — Deceased
Ranjiri (Midas — Deceased x Ktulu)
Murtagh (Lakota x Ktulu)
Roskuld (God of Time x Ophelia)
Argen (Lyanna x Jackal)
Erthe (Vadim x Shadow)

Extended Family
Snö (Mauja x Psyche — Deceased) — Deceased
Själ (? x Psyche — Deceased)
Hellä (Crane x Valhalla)
Argen (Jackal x Lyanna)

Common Red Dragon / Flame Breath

Cunning / Intelligent / Possessive /

Harcos is an impressive specimen of a Red male, he promises to reach the 30lbs of muscle and power his fellow brethren dream of reaching. Muscular but sleek, his scales shine in vibrant ruby which is iridescent in the sunlight. His wings are capable of supporting his weight, coming with three dexterous fingers on each wing joint, preferring to walk or perch with them rather than the use of his front paws. He tapers into an elongated and elegant tail ends in a lithe spear, often possessively wrapped around Tyrath's horns in which he perches. The peppering of horns and spines which litter his jaw, sides of his face and the crown upon his head tint an onyx hue, sweep backwards with the predominant set of four are curved. His spinal crests are the same colour as his scales, the spines bleeding to onyx at the tips. The onyx persists to his underbelly scales and his talons, contrasting the vibrant crimson of his overall body. Finally, his eyes are an icy white in colour, crisp and sharp.


Character by Nova

Mast image by Anonymous 2016; pixel by BronzeHalo; Content background image by LittleWillow Art

Profile customization by Eshye

:: [ Magic: DarkxEarth | Can transform into a golden dragon. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Transformation is painful. ]
:: [ Magic: Fire (P) | Skin glows with internal flames that leave via spine and nostrils. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle; flames are harmless. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Able to bond with 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Horn Cuffs | Golden horn cuffs connected by chains. ]
:: [ Item: Small Mutation | Genetic Mutation. Dragon incisors/fangs. ]
:: [ Item: Leg Brace | Defensive. Single dragon-scale leg brace. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Armor | Defensive. Carved Dragon Bone armor with tattered cloth, collapses into a dragon jaw. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Heavy ]
:: [ Companion: Red Dragon | Mythical, common | Fire Breath | 2 yrs 3 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   0.5 CP:   0
5 8.5 6 64.5
Notable Accomplishments

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An egg... Dragon's Throat
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