the Rift


World's Edge Nurse

Species: Unicorn Gender: Filly Age: 2 years - Birdsong Height: 16.3 hh
the shell —

» Standardbred x Draft
» Unicorn
» 16.3 hh
» Build is angular with an even mix between gaited horse and draft - strong with low agility.
» Light blue eyes
» Buckskin appaloosa with a dark face and dark points, the white appaloosa blanket is shiny.
» White face markings, similar to her brother Kianzo. Pink face freckles.
» White forelock, black mane and tail.
» Curved spiral horn
» Passive magic.

» :: [Magic: Fire (P) | Fire plumes run along her topline and take the shapes of animals depending on her mood]
» :: [Restrictions | Fire is harmless]

:: [ Magic: FirexWind | Ability to summon tornadoes of fire. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can summon 3 small or 1 large tornado. ]
emotions — animals key

» FEAR - mice
» ANGER - snakes/wolves
» SADNESS - elephants
» JOY - otters
» DISGUST - spiders/centipedes
» TRUST - bears
» ANTICIPATION - rabbits
» SURPRISE - flock of birds taking off
» SHAME - turtles
» PITY - oxen
» LOVE - butterflies
» ENVY - dragons
» LUST - foxes
» COURAGE - lions
» CONFUSION - sheep
» CURIOUS - deer
» ANXIETY - zebras
» CONFIDENCE - griffons


art gallery

the disposition —

Kiada carries the gentleness of her mother, but the swift demons of her father. While she plays at being collected, beautiful, graceful, and innocent; she carries the tendencies of brutality. With her brother at her side, the two are unstoppable and inseparable. She often becomes the siren, beckoning their prey into their traps before Kianzo takes the stage. She is an untamed soul. A wildfire as well, beautiful to look upon but dangerous when you get too close. She has thick walls, preventing many from getting within them. There isn't exactly a reason that she's like this, but it's what she's learned from her mother as survival. The demonic nature she carries beneath her mask, learned from her father. Temper is rather volatile for Kiada, but she's proud of her nature nonetheless.

the ancestry —

» Rexanna x Tembovu the Elephant King

» Hasovir

» Kianzo, m, twin (Rexanna x Tembovu)
» Rein, m, half brother (Rexanna x Ashamin)
» Hawezi, m, half brother (Tembovu x Elsa)
» Katua, f, half sister (Tembovu x Adaeze)
» Zubari, m, half brother (Tembovu x Adaeze)

the diary —


» you underestimate me - Born to Rexanna and Tembovu with Kianzo. Meets Alysanne as she heals Rexanna.
» i will take your side - Explores the Heavenly Fields with Kianzo, comes across Ru'in and Ashamin.


» double the trouble - Kianzo and Kiada find their companions.
» the lie between the lines - Meets Thranduil, learns a little about magic.
» twisted sisters - Spends time with Romina.
» how he died is still a mystery - Tries to recruit Paradox with Romina.
» [Hatching] Not the angel or the devil on your shoulder - Meets Albrecht during his companion hatching - Kianzo follows her.
» mad as wolves - Gets a little crush on Ru'in.
» at the divide - Meets Virga.
» future tense - Kiada and Kianzo get their fortunes told.
» deep breath - Kianzo and Kiada mess with Vastra.
» take what is ours - Meets Erebos and learns of his magic and lineage.
» violet hill [herb gathering] - Kiada learns herbs from Tiamat and Lena.
» we'll stay here forever - Kiada tries to recruit Skeyti.
» it wasn't hard to fall for you - Meets Tembovu and he names her and her brothers companions, teaches them a little Dorobian.
» summer's winter - Meets Elsa and Malmurie and tries to recruit her.


» smoke on the water - Meets a Serval and tries to answer his question. Kianzo follows her.
» Refuge - Officially meets Tilney, tries to recruit Cassius.
» blue moon girls - Meets up with Frost Fyre, asks her about the Gods.
» see how they glisten - Meets Verro.
» Big Ideas - Starts up the foal games portion of the Basin Festival.
» A kaleidoscope - Realizes that Kianzo is missing. Tells her parents before they leave the Basin for the World's Edge.
» always gold [joining] - Rexanna and Kiada both leave the Basin to join the Edge. There they find out about Tembovu's other children.
» Missing in Action - Herd meeting where they talk of their missing herd members.
» status: creature with which one does not fuck - Attempts to recruit Mavuto to the Edge. Meets Rikyn for the first time, and Albrecht again.
» low lays the devil. - brings Mavuto to the World's Edge.
» tress of green, red roses too - meets Maude, Gawen, Tilney, and Raeden for the first time.
» SWP :: A change in the weather - refuses to follow Kisamoa into the water to help him. Stays on the sidelines with Ru'in instead.
» get up to get down [herd quest turn in] - stands beside her father while he calls the Moon Goddess to turn in the herd quest.
» [MINI SWP] Trick R Treat - Receives a trick from the goat.


» in a blackout - Talks to Alysanne and gains information about the attack on Kiada's mother that caused her birth.
» damned if we do - Tries to find Kianzo.
» take me away and make it ok - meets Iskra for the first time and catches up with Tiamat.
» endings and beginnings - Attempts to recruit Scheherazade. Meets Syrena as well.
» the grass is usually greener - tours the Hidden Falls accompanied by Scheherazade and Syrena.
» we wait through the hours of cold - Meets Ru and talks with Zubari and Tembovu.
» careful what you ask for - Finds Thranduil with Kianzo at the gates in the Edge.
» Winter Games - gets attacked by griffins while attending the foal games put up by Tembovu and Mesec.
» it's starting to look a lot like grinchmas - Attends a story telling with Kianzo, hosted by Arah.
» the spirit of magic day - Attends the Giving Tree area to decorate the tree before receiving gifts.
» :: The Giving Tree :: - Receives a charm of Khairi and Kianzo she wears around her neck.
» too much of heaven can hurt like hell - Meets up with Arakh and flirts with him in the Frostbreathe Steppe.


» Turns one!
» courage to change the things i can - Meets the Earth God while her father begins a quest.
» none of us were angels - Attends a herd meeting with her family.
» SWP :: And so it begins - Learns of the task from Kisamoa of cleaning up the area from bones and debris.
» Everybody's watching [Clearing] - Sneaks away to clear with Ru'in. Begins feeling a lot of things for him. Gets interrupted by Romina and Kianzo before an argument ensues and she runs away.
» i have done a few things I regret - Tells Kianzo of her craving for power. Tells him she'll use anything and anyone to get what she wants.
» SWP :: The beginning of something new entirely - Confesses her worship to Kaos.
» no rush when there's nowhere to go - Gives Syrena a tour of the Edge. They both talk about Kaos and it shows Kiada that at least one person doesn't think she's crazy for supporting him. Become good friends in Kiada's eyes.
» the fear of falling apart - Tries to go to the Basin to apologize to Ru'in. Finds him in the Frostbreathe Steppe.
» are you a toad? - Attends Syrena's companion's hatching on her way back to the Edge.


» threadname - Description

the bonded —

» White bearded vulture
» Arrogant
» Conniving
» Impulsive
» Watcher

the awards —

are you my mother? » March 2017


Played by

All my other charries are linked below!

:: [ Magic: FirexWind | Ability to summon tornadoes of fire. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can summon 3 small or 1 large tornado. ]
:: [ Magic: Fire (P) | Fire plumes run along her topline and take the shapes of animals depending on her mood. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Fire is harmless; of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Figurines of Kianzo and Khairi on strings. ]
:: [ Item: Kaos Necklace | An onyx necklace with a glowing teal eye in the center ]
:: [ Item: Headdress | Defensive. Rose gold headdress, feathers are made of blades. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Armor | Defensive. Rose gold armor that covers top half of body, collapses into a shoulder guard. ]
:: [ Item: Enchanted Bladed Wings | Offensive. Rose gold wings made of blades, folds into spine. ]
:: [ Companion: Leucistic Lammergeier | Paralyze | 4 yrs 8 mos ]
:: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Kaos Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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Careful What You Ask For World's Edge
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12-24-2016 by Kianzo
Winter Games World's Edge
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The grass is usually greener Hidden Falls
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12-19-2016 by Syrena
We wait through the hours of cold World's Edge
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Endings and Beginnings Helovia's Threshold
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Take me away and make it OK Halcyon Flats
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11-27-2016 by Kiada
damned if we do Riptide Isles
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in a blackout World's Edge
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12-04-2016 by Kiada
[MINI SWP] Trick R Treat || round 1 Blood Falls
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11-10-2016 by Albrecht
low lays the devil World's Edge
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11-10-2016 by Kiada
Get Up to Get Down [Herd Quest Turn-in] World's Edge
Tembovu, Erthë, Alune, Mesec, Alysanne, Vesper, Maude, Kiada, Lyanna, Roskuld, God of the Moon, Elsa, Zubari
01-16-2017 by Tembovu
Random Event, Lena, Ampere, Kaj, Raeden, Tiamat, Sacre, Nyx, Aithniel, Erebos, Rikyn, Syrena, Shida, Zèklè, Volterra, Macaria, Tilney, Isopia, Bellisma, Erthë, Rexanna, Tembovu, Glasgow, Tae, Mortuus Nox, Ultima, Aquila, Eleanor, Alune, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aelfwine, Graasvoel, Oizys, Amalrik, Tyrath, Larue, Ru'in, Airlia, Kiada, Kianzo, Verro, Arakh, Esinakh, Zubari, Kolr, Mathèo, Luther, Iskra, Sunjata, Noe, Ausar, Alysanne, Vastra, Aisling, Nephele
10-30-2016 by Random Event
Trees of Green, Red Roses Too World's Edge
Maude, Kiada, Raeden, Gawen, Tilney
11-23-2016 by Gawen
Missing In Action World's Edge
Alysanne, Tembovu, Roskuld, Kiada, Maude, Mesec, Erthë, Vesper, Iona, Sansa, Virga, Tilney, Lyanna, Rexanna
10-22-2016 by Kiada
always gold [joining] World's Edge
Rexanna, Tembovu, Kiada, Zubari, Katua, Adaeze, Maude
10-22-2016 by Tembovu
status: creature with which one does not fuck Helovia's Threshold
Mavuto, Rikyn, Albrecht, Kiada
10-30-2016 by Kiada
SWP :: Once upon a wave :: (Intro) Riptide Isles
Random Event, Alysanne, Zèklè, Anzanie, Volterra, Orithia, Erebos, Airlia, Bathsheba, Astolat, Kiada, Hearth, Lyanna, Syrena, Oizys, Roskuld, Erthë, Rikyn, Vastra, Albrecht, Kvasir, Aquila, Virga, Esinakh, Zyanya, Areli, Enna, Sunjata, Isopia, Ru'in, Kolr, Mathèo, Tae, Graasvoel, Iskra, Ampere, Xolani, Vinati, Verro, Thranduil, Larue, Tyrath, Rexanna, Aelfwine, Arakh, Sacre, Tembovu, Katua, Zubari, Vesper, Raeden, Iona, Ultima, Castor, Nyx, Cathun, Tangere, Megaera, Chernobyl, Sohalia, Macaria, Persephone, Aisling, Själ, Aleta, Tiamat, Rohan, Sabre, Mesec, Ranjiri, Grusha, Maren, Saartjie, Raistlyn, Naerys, Tilney, Alune, Vitani, Romina, Ilios, Aithniel, Luther, Shida, Lena
10-22-2016 by Lena
a kaleidoscope Aurora Basin
Rexanna, Tembovu, Kiada
10-10-2016 by Tembovu
big ideas [Festival Foal Games!] Aurora Basin
Kiada, Larue
10-08-2016 by Larue
you're a firework [Festival Aurora Watching/Fireworks] Aurora Basin
Rexanna, Lyanna, Thranduil, Tembovu, Deimos, Kiada
10-11-2016 by Lyanna
see how they glisten Green Labyrinth
09-17-2016 by Kiada
blue moon girls Halcyon Flats
Frost Fyre, Kiada
09-12-2016 by Kiada
Refuge - [open] Helovia's Threshold
Cassius, Tilney, Kiada, Merlin, Tiamat
11-21-2016 by Tiamat
smoke on the water Ancient Rotunda
Random Event, Kiada, Tilney, Raeden, Rikyn, Albrecht, Volterra, Macaria, Zyanya, Eldala, Laume, Hector, Erthë, Nikoleta, Kianzo
10-09-2016 by Kianzo
Summer's Winter || Open Helovia's Threshold
Malmuirie, Elsa, Kiada
08-29-2016 by Elsa
it wasn't hard to fall for you Aurora Basin
Rexanna, Tembovu, Kiada, Kianzo
09-05-2016 by Tembovu
we'll stay here forever Helovia's Threshold
Skeyti, Kiada, Sabia
08-09-2016 by Sabia
violet hill [herb gathering] Thistle Meadow
Lena, Kiada, Zyanya, Tiamat, Mortuus Nox
09-11-2016 by Lena
take what is ours Aurora Basin
Erebos, Kiada
10-16-2016 by Kiada
Deep Breath Endless Blue
Vastra, Kiada, Kianzo
09-21-2016 by Vastra
future tense Aurora Basin
Frost Fyre, Kianzo, Kiada
09-15-2016 by Kiada
at the divide Aurora Basin
Kiada, Virga
08-07-2016 by Virga
mad as wolves Aurora Basin
Kiada, Ru'in
07-25-2016 by Kiada
[Hatching] Not the Angel or the Devil on Your Shoulder Heart Caves
Albrecht, Kiada, Kianzo
10-24-2016 by Albrecht
how he died is still a mystery.. Helovia's Threshold
Smack, Romina, Kiada, Paradox, Seanan, Graasvoel
07-20-2016 by Paradox
Twisted Sisters Aurora Basin
Romina, Kiada
07-09-2016 by Romina
the lie between the lines Thistle Meadow
Kiada, Kianzo, Thranduil
08-25-2016 by Kianzo
Double the Trouble Green Labyrinth
Kianzo, Kiada
06-30-2016 by Kianzo
i will take your side Heavenly Fields
Kiada, Ru'in, Kianzo, Ashamin
07-26-2016 by Ashamin
you underestimate me [birthing] Blood Falls
Rexanna, Kianzo, Kiada, Alysanne, Orithia
06-28-2016 by Alysanne

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