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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 2 Height: 17.3 hh
Kianzo is a noble beast with a striking coat. The base is a silvered buckskin, but bright gold blankets his back and haunches. White barring runs from his spine along his withers and back, while pale bird-catcher spots adorn his his haunches and low on his shoulder. His forelimbs fade from buckskin to gold at the knee and black at the fetlock. A band of black runs along the middle of his barrel, along his stifle, and to his hock before fading to gold on his cannon bone and black and his fetlock. His tail starts in cream at the base, but quickly darkens to bony. The first part of his mane is a deep brown (nearly black), while the last third starts as cream but fades to dark brown. Light blue eyes are stark against the black markings on his cream face, and a long, loosely spiraled horn of black rimmed in gold sprouts from his forehead. His build is tall and solid, but not as heavy or drafty as his sire’s, instead being refined in his great height, rather than bulky or massive.

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Kianzo is a complex tangle of impulses. While a strong moral compass points due-north in his chest from his parent’s upbringing, he battles a strong ambitious and competitive streak that pulls him towards the darker roads in life. His father’s temper has also been passed on to him, which becomes apparent when he loses his internal battle against his compulsions. Though his friendship and loyalty is hard-won, it indefinitely remains with those he chooses— almost to a fault. At times, the man can be arrogant and cross, and he holds little patience for others, as he is continually battling himself. His mother’s sweetness did not miss this stallion; however, it only shows to those he holds close to his heart.


Sire: Tembovu the Elephant King
Dam: Rexanna

Paternal Uncle: Hasovir

Kiada :: twin, Tembovu x Rexanna
Safiri :: Tembovu x Rexanna
Hawezi :: Tembovu x Elsa
Katua :: Tembovu x Adaeze
Zubari :: Tembovu x Adaeze
Rein :: Rexanna x Ashamin
Stillborn :: Rexanna x Calstron


((ages in Birdsong))

Year 7
Year 8


Keusi, a striped hyena, embodies Kianzo’s dark and ambitious impulses. Her laugh is loud, haunting, and harsh— often coming during some twisted plans contrived by herself or her bonded. True to her species, this hyena is dominant and tricky; however, the one she does yield to his her bonded. Though their bond is contentious at times, for Keusi is forever embracing Kianzo’s dark urges while he, at times, tries to follow the morals instilled by his parents.

Found here.

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Played by

Kianzo is played by smitty

:: [ Magic: FirexTime (U) | Ability to form pyroclastic (hot ash/toxic gases) hyenas that place another in suspended animation. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Can summon 1 large or 3 small; lasts one post in battle. ]
:: [ Magic: FirexTime | Ability summon clouds of ash that reveal previous actions in area. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Few details, limited to 1 season past. ]
:: [ Magic: Fire (P) | Body dissolves into hot ash when enraged. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to have 3 active magics. ]
:: [ Item: Teeth | Horse teeth on a string. ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Small figurines of Kiada and Keusi on string. ]
:: [ Companion: Striped Hyena | Terrorize | 5 yrs 1 mo ]
:: [ Kaos Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
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OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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06-28-2016 by Alysanne

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