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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: III Height: 16.3
Dark as her hair

She is simple.

Every bit of her is long and tapers off to a sharp point, as though her outline were inspired by some vague constellation. Her face is fine, her muzzle small and her eyes large. Her ears are skinny and quite tall, quick to pick up subtle sounds. Her neck is lean and long. So long. On one side or the other, or even sometimes both, her silky hair (straight and long because what part of her isn’t) lies, usually tangled. But that neck of hers, oh, it leads down to her high withers, which dip down to such a long, long back and following such will lead to the subtle rise of her croup, and the soft slope that ends in her tail, just as black and silken as her mane. Her legs, much like the rest of her, are lengthy (almost eerily so), but strong. She’s lean, tall, some sort of hotblooded exotic breed with an athletic form. Trapped under her flesh, muscles ripple and there is no fear that she will break.

Her moves are calculated, sometimes slow and sometimes mechanical — sometimes both. Those pale, milky eyes of hers are startlingly bright against her velvety black coat. They linger too long and tend to start past or through. They are broken, useless.

Build thin and sharp; tall and long

Coat black as midnight, black as pitch

Hair long, straight, silken

Eyes hauntingly pale silver; blind

Scent lilies and incense

Dark as her mind

Ravel is many things. She was raised to be kind and respectful, patient and determined. From the teachings of her parents she has grown into a sweet and honest creature. Never has she spoken a harsh word or thought ill of another and she cares for all beings without judging them. Despite her young age, she is overwhelmingly empathetic. She feels deeply, so very deeply.

These emotions, oh —! They reach down deep into the core of her, gripping her with slender fingers, choking her...

She is, however, withdrawn. Somewhat distant, detached. As her heart and mind lie elsewhere, she is constantly thinking, dreaming, wishing… and this leaves her quiet more often than not. Nevertheless, she enjoys being in the company of others. She thoroughly appreciates a healthy conversation, especially when musing about philosophies and religions.

Strengths decisive, determined, independent, loyal

Weaknesses overly empathetic, difficulty conveying emotions

Likes learning, the quiet

Dislikes being rushes, the inhumane

Goals to find her brother to learn about Helovia

Dark as her past

Before Ravel, there was her brother. He was two when he noticed his mother’s belly growing larger. Although his parents were excited, a small seed of jealousy was planted deep within him. He grew moody and resentful, but those feelings vanished the moment she was born. Her eyes were damaged, broken, and he blamed himself. The anger and hatred that had made him sleepless for so long quickly transformed. He had no idea that he could love someone more than he did his mother, but he did. He loved his sister, a spindly, helpless creature that he had hated without even knowing.

Soon they were inseparable. She reveled in the poetic ways he would describe things to her. He taught her so many things, entertained her with endless stories, and protected her. He adored her, and she never dreamed of a day without him by her side.

Then everything changed. It started slowly, with a story. The story of their grandfather, a great adventurer. At first, he enjoyed exploring. He would leave for days on end, getting lost in the wilderness, but he always returned home. As he unearthed more and more, it didn’t take long for him to learn of the There, the Other, and eventually, the Void. And then his healthy hobby turned into a dark obsession. His search for this other realm, the Void, drove him mad. When he finally pierced the veil and pushed into the Void, he found a daunting jungle of darkness so thick and black that he was immediately lost. Paralyzed by The Presence, the crushing sense of accomplishment, and the whispers of old, he stole away into the heart of the Void. Ravel’s grandmother, out of desperation and love, left her son under the watchful eye of a close friend and blindly followed her mate into the Void. Without a Tender, the Void eagerly swallowed her up as well.

As Ravel’s father grew up, hushed whispers of the Void made their way around their herd. He sought to learn more so that he could someday find his parents. He heard tales of how, once upon a time, a guiding light would lead those lost out from the pit of darkness, even as the Void’s tendrils curled and coiled, reluctant to let go. It was the Tender that protected the Void and saved those that found themselves lost in it, but without a Tender, there was no escape.

Ravel’s father tried as best he could to not follow in his father’s steps, but it was only a matter of time. He left his family and slipped into the Void, seeking out the guiding light. But the Void weighs on a person, twisting their mind. And like a delectable morsel in the pit of one’s stomach, he was eroded and devoured. Ravel’s mother, out of love, soon followed down the same path, and eventually met the same fate.

And then there was just Ravel and her brother. He knew he, too, was doomed. But he thought he could save Ravel. He reminded her of Helovia, of the Threshold. He pointed her west and told urged to forget about the Void. He promised her that he would find their parents and reunite them all, in Helovia, where surely the curse could not find them.

After three days of endless tears, haunting nightmares, and sore legs, she found herself in Helovia, where she would wait…

missing yesterday — Ravel was found in the Threshold by Auriel, Captain of the World’s Edge, and followed her home.

two six feet under the stars — Auriel brought Ravel to the Edge and she met The Elephant King, Tembovu.

Family Father (deceased), Mother (deceased), Brother (lost)

Acquaintances Auriel — A curious girl.

Dark as her magic

Not yet possessed...


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