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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: VI Height: 14.1 hh


Breed: Thoroughbred-esque Mutt
Gender: Female
Age: Six
Species: Unicorn
Horn/Wings/etc: Single blue, white tipped horn
Eyes: Lavender
Mane: Cream tipped with blue
Body: Pale cream fades toward ice blue legs
Hooves: Cerulean
Markings: None
Tail: Cream tipped with blue

Despite the rather small stature of the mare, Zyanya remains a beauty of slender limbs and sleek proportions. From the understated hues of her coat to the long silken tendrils of her mane and tail, the whole picture of the mare reads as delicate. Like a gentle blossom upon a tree, the girl appears rightfully fragile, for she has no hard earned musculature nor scars to mention.
A dainty, slim face holds bright eyes of lavender under long pale lashes. The soft cream of her features dipping into a softer pink at her muzzle, with a full length of forelock reached down and obscuring the dark cerulean base of her horn. Much like her body, the ridges of her face are soft and delicate. Nothing remarkable stands out from her face aside from the bright, youthful eyes that speak of naivety.
Waves and waves of mane fall down past her small shoulder, a waterfall of cream that slowly gives way to a darker cerulean toward the ends. The blue tips dance upon the lightly colored limbs which appear much like a winter sky, nearly grey in their pale tones. The icy sky of her legs blends seamlessly into a warmer cream color matching the dulcet hue of her face. At the end of her slender legs - the same ocean blue from her horn painted on her small hooves.


Despite the ice toned body she carries, Zyanya remains a very pleasant girl.  A laugh meek and modest reveals the lamb hiding within and adult frame.  Raised under high expectations, the quiet mare finds her tongue clamped in most situations to avoid upsetting her company.  Anxiety ridden and nervous around unfamiliar faces, the lady is more like a snowflake threatening to melt under the warm breath of conversation.  Perhaps born of this shy disposition, Zyanya carries a heart golden with hope and naivety that has yet to be stained by the cruel heart of another.  Easy to extend trust, willing to overlook the glaring warnings given by others - Zya truly is a lamb.


Sire: Cozaana (Champagne silver dun)
Dam: Nayelea (Silver with blue points)

Indajani (sister, deceased)
Iktan (brother)
Surem (sister)


Raised in a realm outside of Helovia, Zyanya began her life as one of countless flowers in the high houses.  Blissfully ignorant of the reality of her home's state of unrest, Zya learned of manners and flowery speech, as expected of any young lady in her position.  A jewel in her family's crown, the pallid girl lived in a world of nobility and quiet serenity.  Spending much of her life being watched over, waited on, and wooed, one can safely assume that Zyanya never once considered the possibility that she would one day be fending for herself.
The revolution of the lower class appeared into her life like a flash flood.  The loud sounds of protest turned to violence in a matter of days, and suddenly, her world shifted.  Instead of social niceties and political rallying, the conversation around the high houses began to turn to war.  The picture perfect life on Zyanya soon became stained with blood.  The murder of her younger sister became the first in a series of seemingly endless deaths, as the revolution became an attempt to dissolve the entire noble faction one head at a time.
Fearing for the rest of their lives, Zya's family attempted an escape under the shadows of night.  After an ambush just outside the borders of her realm, the lamb became separated from the rest of her family with no option but to keep running from the wolves fast on her hooves.

Helovian History

Birdsong --- Year Seven
you can't get out of this skin. -- enters the Helovian Threshold. Meets Frost Fyre and her companion Altair. Is invited to return to the Aurora Basin.
And our hearts did beat. -- Arrives at the Aurora Basin. Meets Rexanna and her children and is accepted into the Aurora Basin.
in silence we yearn -- Discovers the Heavenly Fields. Meets Seanan.
I've crept into this corner of grief -- Back in the Aurora Basin. Meets Lena and helps Sielu enter the Basin.
We Were Young and Carefree Once -- Travels to the Endless Blue. Meets Thranduil and Haldir, while receiving unexpected advice.
Reflections, -- Arrives at the Halcyon Flats.
The Sun that Embraces the Moon. -- Enters the Heart Caves. Meets Sacre and a little of Helovia's history.
hold tight to the edge of the night -- Attends a herd meeting at the Basin. Learns of the Aurora Basin and puts names to faces of her leaders.
Beat a Dead Horse -- Discovers "Al" beaten in a copse of trees and attempts to help him. Lena arrives to save the day, praising the efforts of Johnny and her.
Like stars burning holes right through the dark. -- Spends some time in the hot springs. She meets Tiamat.

Tallsun --- Year Seven
Aftergold -- Encounters Skyfall in the Threshold and invites him to the Aurora Basin. Meets Rikyn.
Kissing the Lipless -- Brings Skyfall to the Aurora Basin. Formally meets Hotaru.
I told you to be patient. -- Spends some time in the Thistle Meadow. Encounters Essetia, who appears to have a problem with the Basin.
Low Roar. -- Discovers the Blood Falls during a rainstorm.
Turn On Your Heartlight. -- Thinks about the universe and stuff in the Basin. Rexanna finds her, and they learn a bit more about each other.
A World Without -- Wanders the Frostbreath Steppe. Encounters Kianzo.
violet hill -- Accompanies the healers to the Thistle Meadow to gather herbs. Discovers aloe vera and learns about healing herbs.
with black banners raised -- Stumbles upon Deimos in the Heavenly Fields. Discusses the possibility of her contributions to the herd.
counting your blessings, -- Travels to the Ancient Rotunda, where she chances upon Kaj and his newly hatched Wakiya.

Orangemoon --- Year Seven
smoke on the water -- Encounters a strange entity near the Ancient Rotunda.

Played by
Tai the Chai Tea

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