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Species: Other Gender: Stallion Age: 4 Years Height: 15 Hands

The White Stag

Species: Roosevelt Elk (Olympic Elk)
Sex: Bull
Age: Four
Pelt Color: White
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Height: 5 ft (at the shoulder) / 15 hands
Weight: 875 lbs (will increase with age)
Tines: Eight per Antler / Sixteen Total
Hooves: Cloven

The first thing that you’ll notice is his white pelt, probably. Many do. Maybe that’s why he’s wary of strangers. Apparently the white pelt means ‘luck’, or ‘granting a wish’, or some other sort of nonsense, making him the target for many unwanted, life-threatening advancements.

Secondly, probably his eyes. A swimming, earthly hue of blue-green. Or, maybe the impressive rack of tines proudly decorating his crown. They, like his pelt, are widely sought after; a collectible. A treasure. Medicinal. Sought after by greedy hands. You be the judge.

Third, perhaps his warm, gentle smile, or the sound of his laugh, like a breeze dancing through the leaves on a warm spring day. You’ll marvel at his handsome, slender head, the angle of his jaw, the nobility of his build. Leif is a large animal, tall and muscular, with a thick, robust rump and broad chest, the largest species of his elk-kin, but he has yet to stop growing. At only four years old, you’ll notice that his maturity has yet to reach its peak.


The Unlucky

Pros: Charismatic | Dependable | Open-Minded | Noble | Heartfelt

Cons: Flighty | Cautious | Nervous of Predatory Animals | Times of Despondency

If you attempt to rise his temper, you will leave disappointed. Leif is a gentle soul, a kindred spirit. Despite his nature, however, there is no dismissing the fact that he is an animal of prey, forcibly solitary when his instinct drives for the safety of a herd. ‘Fight or flight’ is a motto driven into his head since birth. Run and live or stay and fight? Rarely will he choose the latter, unless given a convincing reason.

Leif loves deeply and completely, but finding that unconditional heart may be difficult. He was the outcast, the ‘threat’, different from his herd and his peers and driven into a solitary existence due to his white pelt. Widely sought after by adversaries of all kinds, he trusts few that he encounters.


Sire: Thorvald [D]
Dam: Freydis [D]


They hated him for what he wasn’t. They wanted him for what he was… And their selfishness cost him everything.

Early Years -

He was born to a kindly duo; Thorvald, his proud father, and Freydis, his loving mother. They knew from the moment that Leif took his first breath that his life would not be of the norm. Unlike the earthly browns of their kin, the neutral tones of tans and dirt, his was vivid, bright, white. Too bright. Too dangerous.

He grew up ostracized from his herd, finding solace in only his parents. The herd was afraid of him, terrified to get close, convinced that his coming brought them nothing but bad luck and ill fortune. Fear turned to anger. Anger turned to aggression. Aggression turned to violence. Violence ended in murder.

Thorvald and Freydis died protecting their son against the members of their very own herd, driven to mutiny by the power of ignorance.

Still but a calf, Leif fled. His story, from there, is told only from his lips, for the betrayal, the hate, and the violence did not end there…

Helovia –

It is Birdsong when he enters Helovia, alone and aloof, expecting to meet none but the hatred of strangers and the malicious stares of the greedy.

Birdsong - Year Seven

-- "I met Doe Elspeth, Stag Thranduil, and Stag Banjo in the Threshold of this strange land. They call it Helovia. It's quite queer. I accepted Doe Elspeth's invitation to accompany her to the Aurora Basin, where I will meet the members of her herd and possibly settle."

Tallsun - Year Seven

-- "I followed Doe Elspeth to the Aurora Basin, where we were greeted by Doe Rexanna. She is a Thief, and allowed me to call the Basin my new home."

-- "I traveled to the most peculiar place, the 'Ancient Rotunda'. It's a queer little hamlet, but it served a welcome respite from the harsh summer sun. There, I met another Doe, Persephone."


Facts / Favorites

Color: Earth-Tones
Guilty Pleasure Food: Aspen Sprouts
Least Favorite Food: Pine Tree Bark

Facts Learned in Helovia:

- Horses brush muzzles in greeting, instead of butting antlers.
- Some citizens of the Aurora Basin live in caves.

Equines Encountered:

- Elspeth
- Thranduil and Haldir
- Banjo
- Rexanna

Played by
Romani, Apollo the Merciful, Tristan, Rhiannon, Vincent, and Luken

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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