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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 11 Height: 14
Breed: Norweigan Fjord
Horn/Wings/etc: Snowy owl wings, white with black bars.
Eyes: Amber
Mane: Thick and white on the outsides, black in the center
Body: Medium gray shading to silver on the belly, throat, chin, and inner sides of the legs. Coat is perpetually a bit long and shaggy
Hooves: Black
Markings: Black points, black primitive markings (striping on the legs, dorsal strip, withers stripe)
Tail: Thick and white with a cascade of black along the top

A small mare with a sturdy build, Gry still somehow manages a certain amount of grace. Her coat is the soft grey of overcast skies, shading to moon-silver on her belly. Clearly it is a coat grown for the cold, sweltering in summer heat. Black points offer a sharp delineation of her body. Her mane and tail fall in thick, wavy cascades more white than black. The black line across her whithers flares out to extend a short length along the arms of her broad wings. White feathered and black barred, they resemble an owl's- silent in flight but not meant for sharp turns or feats of agility. They are well matched to the rest of her. The only thing that breaks the monotony of her coloring are her eyes. Piercing amber, like molten sunlight pouring through a break in the storm clouds.

If she carries the scars of her past with her, they are buried beneath the thick protection of her coat.

There is a certain quiet gentility that Gry carries with her. She is genuine. It seems to catch some people off guard. She tries very hard to be civil to everyone she meets, even if she does not like them- that's no reason to forget her courtesies. To some she might come off as a bit prudish or sheltered. Perhaps she was, at some point. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, but she usually puts a lot of thought into her words before speaking. If they leave her mouth she wants them to be relevent. If they do not help, then they should not be spoken.

Perhaps it makes sense for someone like her, who takes their greatest pride in the eloquence of their words. In the pulse of her blood and the marrow of her bones, Gry is a story teller. Words are her craft and memories are the stuff from which the best stories are made. As such, she is quite as excellent a listener as she is a speaker. She tends to have a pretty good read on body language, but she is more cautious and careful with her speech and assumptions around strangers. Among those whom she is familiar with, Gry tends to be a little less restrained and a little more impetuous though she can never be said to be impulsive.

Gry has an optimistic nature and sees good in everyone she meets. She generally assumes the best even of strangers. However, she is not so naive to believe that everyone is kind. She knows her own failings and tries hard to temper them with the wisdom bought by age. It is easier when there are others relying on her. When she's on her own, she is more inclined to trust because there is less risk. To others at least.

She has a soft spot for children, as many a mother or father should, though she is willing to be stern with them if she thinks they're getting into too much trouble. She is happy to offer support to new parents but tries very hard not to give advice if it isn't asked for. She was a new mother once too, and she remembers what it was like. She doesn't like to see people suffering, whether it be from emotional or physical wounds and she tries to help as much as she is able (sometimes to the annoyance of the individual).

Conviction, perhaps, means more to her than anything. Her stubborn streak, though well hidden, shows in her determination. She follows through on her promises. She stands up for those who can't. She defends the right for people to be heard because everyone deserves a voice.

There is a cold northern place where the herds live on the slopes of mountains and in the valleys between them when they are not too full of snow. The forests are dwarfed by strong winds but provide shelter from the worst of winter's wrath. And on clear nights the sky is alive with fire. Here, Gry was born. She was born among the ancient roots of one dwarfed pine, it's head bent near sideways by the wind. She took her first fledgling flight off the bare granite cliffs. She was given away to another herd in an exchange of good will, traded for another young mare.

Her life was good.

Her children were conceived beneath the light of the auroras or the clear, cold northern sun. She bore them and raised them among dwarfed trees little different from those she had been raised among. She taught them to fly.

One year the snows never blew in. The winter was the coldest she'd ever experienced. The frost took her youngest daughter, and one of her grandchildren too. Everything was ice until even the ice was gone. It left only cold. And it was so cold.

The father of her children, her protector and shepherd, made the choice he felt was right.

He went to war.

He went to war with her father and her mother and her brothers. She couldn't stay. It was a battle for food and more would die than would have starved. She turned her back on the herd that had been her family for so many years. Her children would not come with her.

They called her traitor.

Gry made her choice. The journey was long and hard, but eventually she came into the lands of plenty. The winter broke. Spring shoots began to put meat back on her bones.

It was too late to go back. x Birth Land | Arviksan, Nordmandsvik x Tribe | Ragnaricii x Native Tongue | Nordik x Latitude | Northern Nordmandsvik is an archipelago located in northern Loorien, long forgotten and seldom understood by the advancing civilisations throughout Loorien. It is a brutal, beautiful wilderness with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands; an environment that would at first appear quite out of reach and uninhabitable - as cruel as the violent wind blasting across it. The largest island of the chain is Arviiksan, home to the highest peaks and sheerest cliffs. it is a veritable fortress in the sea and yet in it's heart it shelters the proud Ragnaricii people. A collection of tribes connected by common lineage and form, their gift of flight means that they tend to be somewhat more educated about the world than other inhabitants of the isles. Their culture puts heavy emphasis on three dieties- the mother goddess of the sky who paints the aurora, her lover the sea who reflects her beauty, and the earth who is brother to the sea and unrequited lover of the sky.

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