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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: VIII Height: 16.2hh
Ryouta (良克)


Breed: Quarter Horse x Pinto
Gender: Male
Age: Eight
Species: Pegasus
Horn/Wings/etc: One white and one brown wing
Eyes: Heterochromia; dark blue and teal.
Mane: Black
Body: Buckskin sabino
Hooves: Two cream, two black
Markings: Front left leg is white, painted up to his wing. Sock on left hind leg. Right side of his face has a small white marking around his lips.
Tail: Black

Like a faded photograph, you can tell that he used to be attractive. Now, the stallion boasts an appearance which screams "unkempt". Dirt covers the majority of his frame, even the white splashed leg, shoulder, and wing. The rough fringe of a bear lines the bottom of his jaw, allowing his face to look far more aged than it should. The mismatched eyes of blue and teal gaze out with a cool emptiness.

His body reaches rather tall for his breed, and the build of his body is sturdy. Thick muscles line his limbs, making the stallion look larger than reality. His posture is often one of indifference, holding his large figure with little care. Scars riddle and mar the once flawless skin, ranging in size and shape.


She turned her gaze toward me, and before I knew it, my heart was lost.

But that was long ago.
Gentle thoughts once reigned within his mind. Now, the stallion is hardly recognizable from his former self. The gruff expression worn about his face seems permanent. Around his eyes, the light of youth has long since slipped away. Instead, staring out at the world is a stare of cold indifference. Little emotion escapes the fortress of his eyes, perhaps leaving observers pondering about the intent of the man.
Heart buried deep beneath a sea of regret and self-loathing, he cannot be reached. No man is an island, but this one will sure as hell try to be. Crass, abrupt, rude - they have all been used to describe his interactions. Then, there would be those who spoke of horror under his gaze. For everyone has a checkered past, and he is no exception. The reasons for him leaving his Eikkahn are many. Still, the desire to live as a stranger to the eyes of the world was, by far, the strongest.
The monster terrifies his company, and the very nature of the beast leaves him alone.

New developments to go here~


Sire: Kazuo (和夫) -- Chestnut Sabino
Dam: Tomoko (智子) -- Buckskin Quarter Horse


The year was 1027 in the realm of Eikkahn. I was no more than a year old. I lived my life as any that age would, carefree and hopeful. That is when I met her. You know the one of which I speak.
The one whose figure you follow with your eyes unknowingly. The feeling starts small, a fickle thing really. You notice some quirk about them that tugs on your heartstrings. The lilt of their laugh, the way they say your name. Little things. Tiny glimmers of beauty. One star in a pitch black sky slowly being accompanied by others. Then one day, you look up at the sky and realize: the only thing you can see is light.
That is what she was. Blindingly beautiful, but soft - so soft you could stare into the sun for days without feeling pain.

But that was just the beginning.
Fate twisted its cruel knife upon him, and life as he knew it shifted.

The year was 1031 in the realm of Eikkahn. I was five years old. I became painfully aware that I was different from the rest around me. The ice that filled my chest ever waxing, like a moon trying its hardest to engulf the Earth. Colder and colder I felt. The world around me began to slip away. Even touches upon my very skin a distant feeling, a dull ache. I wanted to become numb.
Instead, I just felt her absence more and more. With every touch, she disappeared from the memory of my flesh. With every word, her voice growing quieter. With every new face, the light of the sun darkened.
I wanted silence. I wished to be alone.
Turns out, being alone is the easiest thing in the world when you embrace violence.

Ah, here it is. The long awaited question - what happened to you?
The answer is long.

The year was 1033 in the realm of Eikkahn. I was now seven years old. She had been gone for many seasons. In those years, so much had happened, but I did not find the solace of recovery. My grief ran deep, led me astray. I would not find closure.
Instead, I met the beast named Daa'hn. His words were dark. Crafted of malice and ambition, Daa'hn sought to break the status quo of Eikkahn. Of those in his path to victory, the ones who took her. Offering me a position amid his ranks, my opportunity for revenge was close at hand. The moment of weakness defined my actions for years, and I cannot apologize enough. If she could see me, what would she think?
"Murderer" comes to mind quickly. I suppose that's what I am.
"Monster" seems to fit more closely. I had become something she never dreamed I could be.
After the slaughter of the ilk who stole her life, I moved on... yet not in a pleasant way. I became wholeheartedly obsessed with death. Unnatural as it may seem, watching the life fade from the eyes of my victims filled me with a sensation of peace. Killing was cathartic for a time. For death washes away all burdens - good and bad.

All things come to an end.

The year is 1034 in the realm formerly known as Eikkahn. Daa'hn has secured the seat of the King. He keeps myself and others around for his protection, fearing the rebellion more than I have feared anything.
With all my experiences, I have only truly feared one thing. After that had come to pass, what else do I have to fear?
Instead, I am restless now. The parade of killing coming to an abrupt end with the successful coup, with the majority of the population too afraid of Daa'hn and his thugs to protest. Daa'hn cannot see how secure he is in the seat of power.
With little to keep my mind occupied, I begin to reflect upon myself. The waxing of ice around my heart has ceased. Now, I feel that the waxing had turned to waning sometime in these years. If spring shall come to me, I do not know, but for the first time in years, I am afraid.
If I look upon myself with honest eyes, what would I see?
If I look upon myself with her eyes, would I be able to live with myself?
No, I suppose not.



Lights Out. -- Arrives in Helovia near death. Encounters Caneo, Lyanna, and Ashamin. Gruffly accepts Ashamin's offer for aid.


Heal Ye, Heal Ye! -- Travels to the Blood Falls. Seanan treats his wound.
All the footprints you've ever left. -- Travels to the Green Labyrinth.
into the sea, you & me -- Crash lands in the ocean off the coast of the Heart.


Light and Solitude. -- Set in the Thistle Meadow.
A far off reason. -- Meets Aelfwine in the Halcyon Flats.
Left Unspoken -- Travels through the Deep Forest.

Played by
Tai the Chai
I also play Zyanya.

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Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   5 AGL:   7 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 9 6 62
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