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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 6 months Height: 15.0 (wfg)
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last updated 2/16/2017

Name: Patrick [pătʹrĭk]
Meaning: "noble, patrician" (Latin, Irish)
Nick Name(s): Pat

Gender: male
Sexual Preference: not yet known

Age: 0 years; ages in Tallsun; born Helovia year 7 [July 25, 2016]

Species: unicorn (parents: hybrid unipeg x equine)
Species Physical Traits: a single, classic unicorn horn; normal equine tail
Genetic Mutations: ability to bond with two companions (born with)
Other Physical Traits & Non-genetic Mutations: none

Physical Defects: none
Mental Illness: none

Height: 15.0 hands high (WFG)
Breed: 5/8 Arabian, 2/8 draft/warmblood mix (Andalusian x Hanoverian x Shire), 1/8 Mustang
Build: Below average in speed and agility, above average in endurance, and highest in strength. He is stocky like his father, but his mother has given him some more elegance from her Arabian heritage. Patrick will grow long, full mane and tail along with typical draft feathering at the fetlocks as an adult. At birth he is average foal size with an average new born body showing just the slightest hints of his draft influence. As an older foal he is extra stocky but very leggy and rather clumsy.

Genetic Base Color: Silver Dapple Buckskin [genes?]; color example
Body: born darker tan but will lighten to buttery yellow with age
Mane: black
Tail: black
Eyes: light blue
Hooves: grey
Horn: classic, extra long unicorn horn; black & silver spiral (short, rounded stub as a colt will lengthen by the time he is a yearling and keep growing)

Natural Markings:
body - dapples (thickest on rear end)
legs - black points on all four
mane - frosting near the withers
Unnatural Markings:
right flank - scattering of teal dapples (added via small marking pass)
spine - white dorsal stripe with white ivy markings extending from both sides (ivy markings are like sire's/grandsire's; born with)

Tattoos: none
Jewelry: none
Other items worn on person: none
Stashed items: none

Temporary Appearence Changes: none
Health Notes: none
Curses: none

To be described as he grows...
Some notes:
Speech: Having a mute mother and sister who chooses to speak rarely, Patrick is slow to start talking at all. He has plenty of opportunity to learn from listening thanks to his father but he still has trouble forming some parts of some words properly and does not use complete sentences. Even as an older child he will say only as many words as he feels necessary because he does not see a reason to use the amount of words that others seem to favor. This clipped, graceless way of talking will likely continue to be normal for him unless someone makes a very special point of teaching him not to do it.
Attachments: Patrick feels a strong attachment to family but his view is small and for him this attachment does not extend beyond father, mother and sister. He will be slow to come by friends because he tends to be a little on the anti-social side (unless he wants something). When he does make a friend he is likely to form an obsessive attachment to that individual.
Thoughts on the winged: He is jealous of their wings because he feels wings are something he should have had, looking so very much like his father otherwise. He also dislikes them though not to the point of thinking they can't be trusted or ought to be destroyed. This dislike probably has its root in that jealousy, but in his mind it is because feathers smell. "Pop" gets a pass on that of course (as well as those he chose to befriend as a younger child)...

Patrick's Children:
none yet

Patrick's Mate(s):
none yet

Ilios x Xolani

Paternal Grandparents:
Ciceron (unknown x unknown) x Parelia (Heil x Niar)

Maternal Grandparents:
Gazini "the Bloodied Spear" (unknown x Unknown) x Inyoni "the Golden Pheasant" (unknown x unknown)

Full Siblings:
Kolr (Ilios x Xolani) -twin to Patrick-

Half Siblings:
Maui (Ilios x Eden)

Aunts & Uncles:
Areli (Ciceron x Parelia)
Caine (Gull x Parelia) -twin to Violet-
Violet (Gull x Parelia) -twin to Caine-
possibly some unknowns by Gazini

possibly some unknowns in Gazini's line

Nieces & Nephews:
none yet

Other Blood Relatives:
none known at this time

Birth Stats
Birth Thread

Patrick and his twin sister Kolr were born in the Dragon's Throat during Tallsun of Helovia year seven to Xolani and Ilios.

See the whole lovely family Here

Age notes for reference:

3 months: effective September 25, 2016;
*still leggy & clumsy
*body appears disproportionately thick
*horn is a small rounded nub still

6 months: effective November 25, 2016;
*he has grown fast and appears in proper proportion for maybe a month or so
*horn is about four inches long and hints of it's silver spiraling are beginning to show

9 months: effective January 25, 2017;
*still growing quickly, too quickly for his body to keep up with and the gangly/awkwardness is more evident than ever,
*chest/shoulders/barrel are filling out but not in a uniform manner,
*legs are still too long and hooves not yet grown into
*horn has grown only a little more

1 year: effective March 25, 2017;
*his growth seems to have evened out some though his rear end is sitting a bit low
*he is quite ribby despite the large amounts of food he eats
*his hooves are still over-large but he appears to have grown into his legs for now
*he will not reach his full adult height for some time yet
*horn is about 8 inches and thesilver spiral is now fully obvious

Played by

"Quote goes here..."

Patrick was designed by Helovia staff, with small additions by LT ; characterized/originally played by LT

Played by: Lovella Torendo (LT)
LT also plays: Livingston, Perelandro & Riel

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:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to bond with 2 companions. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | Diamond orbs on a string. ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
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