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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 16
Eahaela has three horns that gracefully curve, lifting, away from her delicate features. The horn in the middle is what is to be expected from a unicorn; it slopes gently from between her eyes. However the other pair are what has made her life what it is. The right horn grows from the bone structure above her eye. On her left side, where her eye should have been, the third horn grows from her eye socket. Due to the placement of her horns Eahaela's head carriage has an off balance and she carries her head tilted. Each horn is of ivory that she has cleaned often.

She has the eye of a doe but with the reckless glint of a far more brazen creature. Her large, expressive, eyes do not end the deer-like appearance. Eahaela also has the svelte figure of one. Her legs are long and are seemingly in constant preparation to dash in any which way. Eahaela is tall and stands at 16 hands high. The mare's large ears crown her and are almost always forward.

Eahaela is a pangare bay with an appaloosa blanket marking that runs from her withers to her hindquarters. Around her eyes is greatly freckled with some of the white spots wandering across her cheeks and down her neck.

Her tail is white and is worn wrapped up. Eahaela does not like how her forelock tangles around her trio of horns so she keeps her mane done up also. Her forelock and a part of her mane is kept in a braid.

Away from her herd she is cocky and takes holding her ears forward as a way to send the message that she is moving forward; in doing so she gives up being able to better listen to the going ons about her. Eahaela has not been able to experience life fully and because of that she is very adventurous. She acts as an uninhibited, free-spirit. Bravely she left all that she knew behind to carry the weight of the dream of another, made her own. In her satchel she carries the seeds from a tree species nearly extinct and strives to save the species.

Eahaela is a big believer in fate. Should something go wrong she is quick to shrug it off as being fate’s desire. Because of this she can seem cold but in reality she is an optimist.

If she thinks that someone is trying to sweep her out of sight or mind she will act out. After being hidden away for so long she wants to be in the spotlight.

For four days the rogue called her child.
On the fifth sun she tells; no child am I, to the likes of you.
For two days he asked after; Who, then, she be child to?
To none, says she.
So he calls her ‘Child of the Weeds’.

He did the noblest of deeds
And carefully he passed her a satchel of seeds.
Mournfully he muttered;
Child of the Weeds, my faith in you I place.
My dreams, I plead you to chase.

Due to her misplaced horns Eahaela was hidden away by her mother. She had been born with a twin but he had been even weaker than she had been and their mother had been unable to hide him in time. Eahaela’s twin was given a name by their mother just in time for the herd guard to come and inspect him. The herd was going through a rough time and nursing mares were given priority so a malformed foal was not considered to be worth nourishing. Weak foals were thrown out into the desert to be reclaimed by the earth. Eahaela’s dam was nearly broken by the loss of her son. Then the magic of Eahaela showed, the ability to manipulate sands, her mother took it as a sign from the gods that her son was at peace with what had been done.

Living her first year in isolation Eahaela had time to develop her magic past the point of what most of her herd did. Eahaela was bored with her life and wished for more but did not have it in her to leave her mother alone.

A rogue came past Eahaela’s hideaway, and he was a dying man. The filly, then a yearling, tried to use her affinity with plants to heal him but she could do no more than soften his descent into the afterlife. She was enraptured with him. He told Eahaela that he had, in his satchel, the seeds of a tree nearly extinct. He begged her to chase his dream to see the plant flourish again. With his dying breath he gave Eahaela the gift of having purpose and he gave her the shove to leave her mother.

Upon entering Helovia Eahaela will welcome the loss of her magic and will view it as a final step towards leaving her past behind her.

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'Child of the Weeds'


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