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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6 (Orangemoon) Height: 15hh

Sabia's Nokota breed is built for strength, which Sabia is but her strength is compacted into a 15 hands high body. The little mare's right ear is torn to ribbons, due to the tragic events she can no longer hear out of her right ear. Besides her ear Sabia is a perfect example of a healthy Nokota Pegasus.

Sabia's coat is a duller shade of rose grey, staying that color and only lightening from birth. From her neck tumbles thick honey brown waves, her tail is identical in color and reaches the ground before stopping. On the mare's front left leg and back right leg are two identical white stockings and across her cheeks are dozens of small white dots just below a pair of dull seafoam green eyes. Sabia is a Pegasus and in order to be one you must have wings, Sabia's wings are feathered and rather soft looking they are cream in color with brown tips.


NOW: Realizing how cruel the world can be Sabia is now GUARDED around everyone and refuses to let anyone in, often being RUDE and SNAPPY to others. The mare also has LOW TOLERENCE for any and every one, she snaps at even her child. DEPRESSION is another thing that has forced her deeper into herself, she will never be the same Sabia constantly LOOKS TIRED as if she's GIVEN UP. KEEPS TO HERSELF most of the time afraid to trust anyone anymore. JOB DRIVEN there is nothing Sabia loves more than to do her job, it’s the only safe thing she can do anymore.

ENTERING HELOVIA: Easily Embarrassed- It is what it sounds like, for some odd reason Sabia can get Clumsy- Sabia is not the most graceful thing in the sky or on the ground, it’s gotten a lot better though now that she is older. It is something that Sabia really despises about herself so she constantly tries to correct it. Quiet -Since Sabia has spent so much time alone she is very quiet. Only imputing when it is really needed, however if Sabia really trusts you she can really open up and be enjoyable. Stubborn - Believe it or not but Sabia can be stubborn. If her mind is really set on something it will take a lot to change it. Depressed- Sabia always feels alone even if she is in a group of horses that care about her. There is a heaviness in her chest and sometimes it gets so heavy she feels like giving up, and you can see it all through her eyes. Untrusting- It takes a little longer for Sabia to trust stallions than mares for obvious reasons, even if they show nothing but kindness.

Sabia x Albrecht (played by Townsen) = Saoirse (played by Mar)



When Sabia arrived she was greeted and shown that the world could be a kind place, she joined the Dragon Throat and became a healer. Life was going well until she ventured into the forest one dark night and was taken advantage of while under the spell of magic, soon she became pregnant and spiraled deeper into depression. Sabia is now stuck with a child she doesn’t want and is fighting to love him…


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Art By Mar: here

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" Stolen friends and disease, Operator please.
Patch me back to my mind.
But everybody knows.
That a broken heart is blind."

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