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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 13.3

Smol. As in, like, - - reallyreally r e a l l y smol - - 13.3 hands, specifically.
Some come in tiny brown paper packages, others bow-tied in ribbon and in string, and as may she for the look of her: tiny -tinytinytiny- (cannot emphasize this enough) with narrow shoulders and cloven teacup feet, hers is a fawn-like composition with slender legs and slender ankles, and an equally tiny but symmetrical face, angular and soft-lined, soft-edged. Almond-shaped, yellow-eyed. Her color is rich mahogany with charcoal points and faint dappling abundantly found along the flanks, shoulders, and neckline, and her head is solid white, framed in thin sharp-toothed bands of pale ornate gold.
Possesses more hair than she cares to admit that she can handle, for it is quite thick and jungle-like with all of its tangles and burrs. It is colored white and fades to black three-quarters of the way down her neck. Gulastra-plume tail: with some frequency she has been seen wearing it plaited in braids or bunned albeit messily.
Horned. They're the whitest ivory, ribbed in matching pale ornate gold striping like that on her jawline and cheekbones, and quite lengthy -- her span reaches almost four and a half feet across, which is excessive for her petite frame. Her horns are a size or two too big for her, so she frequently has balance problems, and is often seen teetering one way or the other, as the wind should blow.

Though she is not necessarily afraid of otherthingslikethedarkbugsboysgirls l i f e her self-confidence is a measure just shy of allowing her to exist comfortably in her own skin. She loathes humiliation, but often has found a self-deprecating sense of humor to be an easy form of communication. At least, it's easier.
She likes laughter. It's a reassuring sound. She can feel her shoulders relax, settle into the curve of her spine with a woosh~ if you know what I mean. She laughs at silly things, stupid things. Laughing does not always mean that she is happy, though. It can be her response to an awkward situation, or pain. (Sometimes it's not a reassuring sound.)
Usually she's too mellow to rage. She may have gotten mad once -- something to do with a toad that hopped on her breakfast of clovers and honeysuckle maybe? -- but that's really it. She's too busy trying to not trip over her front feet to be mad at anyone.
While this does not qualify as a personality trait, Joschi excels at mimicry: ever since she was wee as a newborn blade of grass, she has studied birds, and her studies have been fruitful, so to speak. She can sing along to any song a bird would sing, in any key, and you wouldn't know which voice belonged to which.

She was born; she was lost.
While stumbling through the woods some odd moon later, she found Helovia.

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