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Species: Hybrid Gender: Colt Age: 6 Months Height: 16.3hh

Gawen is a bay paint with thin black lines that traverse across his body. He is an Andalusian and Arabian mix, filling out the fine boned Arab body with height and weight but still retaining a more delicate appearance. Gawen has four white socks and an off-center, swirled white marking on each side of his face and on his cheeks. His ears are tipped in black, and a simple black horn emerges in a traditional spiral from his forehead. He has bright blue eyes and an odd, brand-like marking on his neck that he does not know the nature of. Gawen's mane and tail both have a cocoa base with white streaks. His wings are reminiscent of a barn owl's without the spots, and resemble his father's with brown marginal and primary coverts and alula feathers. The rest of his feathers are a bright white.


Gawen's personality will develop as he grows older, but he does have a few basic foundational characteristics.

- Awkward -
Unfortunately Gawen is probably the most awkward creature on the planet. Even into adulthood, he has little to no control over his legs and runs into nearly everything in sight. He stutters and is terribly nervous around those his age, and is equally intimidated by both sexes. He hopes to grow out of it, but will always retain a very stiff, awkward demeanor that some will find endearing and others plain annoying.

- Inquisitive -
Gawen is curious about nearly everything. A lot of it nonsensical or pointless, as a child. It will lead to a voracious appetite for knowledge as an adult.

- Healer -
Gawen only ever wants people to feel good. After Lyanna healing him as a colt with a badly skinned knee, Gawen is enchanted with the prospect, and it is his strongest calling as he grows older.

- Polite -
Not one to be rude, Gawen is very polite and if he were not so terribly awkward would be quite the charmer with his shy smile and desire to call everyone by Miss and Mister.

- Quick-tempered -
The boy received this from both sides of his family, and while Gawen has not discovered it yet, when someone strikes one of the boy's sore spots he is very quick to jump into a tizzy of rage.


☼ Raeden & Lotherarius ☼
Dam & Sire

☼ Raphanarius & Daea ☼
Paternal Grandparents

☼ Tolio & Phaedra the Opulent
Maternal Grandparents

☼ Hotaru the Valkyrie
Maternal Aunt

☼ Arya (Hotaru x Déodat) ☼
☼ Ru'in (Hotaru x Ashamin) ☼
☼ Romina (Hotaru x Ashamin) ☼
Maternal Cousins


Born Tallsun Year 7 to Raeden and Lotherarius.

No other history as of now.


Gawen is a Unicorn x Pegasus hybrid.

:: Item: Light of the Turtle | Small glowing green orb charm; from the Giving Tree 2015. Worn on a leather string necklace.

:: Item: Band of the Tree | Bracelet of gold leaf and green stones (from the Giving Tree 2015). Worn on left upper leg.

Played by
Played By

Brit :: All characters can be found on the bottom right hand side of this profile, under Attached Accounts!

:: [ Magic: LightxWater | Able to heal wounds by breathing frost on injuries; after thawing the wound is healed underneath. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Larger injuries require more focus and time. ]
:: [ Item: Light of the Turtle | Small glowing green orb charm; from the Giving Tree 2015. ]
:: [ Item: Bands of the Tree | Matching set of bracelets with gold leaf and green stones (from the Giving Tree 2015 and Earth Turtle 2016). ]
:: [ Item: Cloak | Defensive. A blue hooded cloak with drawstrings and two pockets ]
:: [ Restrictions | Offers limited protection ]
:: [ Companion: Nine-tailed Kitsune | Mythical, royal | None | 1 yr 10 mos ]
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