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World's Edge Filly

Leg marking currently has very few leaves, and loses more with each passing day.


Species: Unicorn Gender: Filly Age: Yearling Height: 15.3
Amazing watercolor by Zink! Header image by the wonderous Neverrmind!

Full Name: Maude
Breed: Arabian x Warlander Mutt
Species: Unicorn
Coat: Chestnut Point Cremello
Mane/Tail: Cream, traditional full. Wavy, and voluminous.
Eyes: Citrine Green
Horns: Cream and Copper Deer Antlers
Hooves: Dark cream, with minimal striping. Cloven.
Markings: White, barren tree overo marking along the inside of her left hind; leads into a white sock. The tree marking changes according to the season.
Scars/Other: Small, triangular nick on the top of her left ear.
Attire: Olive green silk and pearl tail band; pearl strand antler adornment; white gold pearl embellished horn bangle. Her cloak was given to her by her father for her first birthday, along with a brown, pearl ended pull-string pouch, gifted by her mother.

Graceful, the ivory damsel is dipped in shining copper points; crowned with two cream and copper deer antlers, the doe dances through the world on darker cream cloven hooves. A voluminous amount of waved and rippling white hair trails almost to her knees, and along the ground behind her; binding the silken strands together at the base of her traditional tail, an olive green silk band wrapped with pearls accentuates her feminine perfection. The guise of dignity falls away, however, when she is spoken to: vibrant, her entire face smiles, and she seems almost effervescent. Even as a filly, without the finesse of her fine locks and womanly figure, she carries herself with the poise of a true Lady, already exuding promise of her future beauty.

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Romantic | Creative | Fearless | Hypercritical | Trusting

Being a yearling, Maude is still developing.

She admires an adventurer and fancies herself to be one, as well, but explores less often than a true adventurer should. Regardless, she has never met an obstacle that she does not strive to conquer, and she has a competitive spirit. A warm person inside and out, Maude dreams of true love, and can often be found inventing songs about it. Though she is not a good singer, she makes up for it with her effervescent personality (or so she thinks). She is quite charming and pleasant, full of smiles and easy laughter, and is difficult to offend, unless one breaks one of her few cardinal rules.

Sometimes extremely judgmental of others, especially those who choose violence over peaceful actions, Maude's inner thoughts about a person are often strikingly different than how she treats them. She tries her best to keep these negative thoughts to herself, but they are often displayed as sarcasm, eye rolls, or general aloofness towards those she dislikes (these people, however, are few and far between). Believing she was, quite simply, raised better than to act uncouth towards even ones worst enemy, it has also led her to believe in the goodness in others. This trust in others often gets her into sticky situations, or overly dangerous adventures, as she is generally of the thought that those she meets mean well for others.

Maude has spent most of her life already studying herbs and the art of healing, and is passionate about saving others through her hard work and dedication. Largely inspired by her father's career field, the child is also driven by her mother's spiritual guidance, the love of her many family members, and her desire to keep them happy, and safe. Though she is naive as to the full reality of her chosen profession as of yet, the girl is still undeniably suited to the task of caring for others.

Having pulled her core moral values from her family and teachers, Maude is a kind but unforgiving person. The cremello darling has no sympathy in her heart for murderers or rapists, and may refuse to heal those she believes to have earned their wounds in a fight that was unjust. She does not like bullies, liars, or thieves, or people who constantly complain about their situation in life, but do nothing to better it.

Tilney x Arah

Half Siblings: Asch & Arwen [D] (Crowley x Arah), Byron & Jude (Tilney x Nephele)
Siblings: --

Maternal Aunts: Arwen, Laciey
Maternal Uncles: Arden, Varian
Maternal Cousins: --
Paternal Aunts: Aelfwine & Tuppence
Paternal Uncles: Viktor
Paternal Cousins: --

Other: Rhiannon (Arah's stepdaughter)

Born the first daughter of Tilney and Arah, under the relentless Sun of Tallsun, Year Seven, within the World's Edge. Her Aunt Ultima gifts her with a strand of her wedding pearls.
Maude arrives shortly after the birth of Katua and Zubari with her father, who seeks to tend to their mother. Meeting the twins again shortly after, and participating in a mock tournament with them, Maude and Katua form a particularly close relationship.
Sneaking away from a dozing Arah, Maude makes it to the borders of the Edge, where she finds Aelfwine, who wounds herself on the broken glass wall. After getting her father to heal the mare, Maude discovers that Aelfwine is her aunt!
Arah vanishes from Helovia, without a trace.
Ultima leaves the Edge for the Hidden Falls.
Maude begins her studies of herblore under her sire and Evangeline in earnest as Orangemoon arrives.
Aelfwine and Maude do each other's hair in the morning proceeding the Aurora Basin festival. She attends, in particular, the scrying booth, curious to know if her true love will be fair, just, and pure of heart (as all good knights should be).
She meets Kiada, and shortly after meets Gawen.
Slipping from the Edge towards the end of Orangemoon, Katua and Maude encounter a demon, who curses Katua to have cow's feet, and Maude to speak like a demon herself.
In a second escapade, Maude and Katua stumble upon an enormous gathering of turkeys, but Katua vanishes when Tilney fretfully arrives in search of his daughter. When three fire foxes arrive to offer those gathered a prize if they prove adept at turkey chasing, the maiden is swift to join in on the game, and her father joins her. Though she and her dad don't win anything from the foxes, she certainly had a good time!
Maude attends a healer's meeting, held by her father and the other Moon Doctors, with Gawen. They are assigned the task of pulling weeds, which Maude doesn't really like the idea of.
Arah returns to Helovia in Frostfall, and Toulouse delivers word of her lying near death in the Heavenly Fields in the middle of the night. Immediately leaving with her father, Aunt Aelfwine, Laume, Raeden, and Tembovu, they arrive to discover an emaciated and weak Arah. Maude encounters true sickness for the first time in her life, which is especially difficult to deal with because it involves someone she loves.
Joining in on the foal games with Katua, Maude hopes to make her recovering mother proud by winning a prize or two! However, the games never arrive, as the gathered foals are attacked by a family winter-starved griffons. All the foals survive, but Maude is left with a small clip cut out of her left ear, where one of the young males bit her, though her father manages to heal the lacerations left by a large female's claws, when it tried to carry the ginger and cream filly away. Understandably, she is still wary of most griffons, except Wynter.
Shortly before Magic Day, Arah gathers the herd to tell them of the event, and the Earth Turtle. Maude is very happy to spend time with her mother!
Going to Magic Day with her family, Maude places her pearls on the tree, and receives a new antler trinket! Remaining through to the following day, the girl spends a magical evening with her family, around the beautiful Giving Tree.
When Tilney invites Maude camping in the Thistle Meadow, she is very excited, and spends the afternoon singing songs, and helping prepare the site. During the evening, however, Tilney tells her of her brothers - who are not Arah's sons. Distraught, Maude flees into the night, and her father worriedly seeks her, abandoning his lantern in the process. Though they eventually reunite, it will take years for the girl to fully forgive her father for what he has done.
Maude's first Birdsong arrives. Sneaking after her father after hearing word of a Sea God's arrival, Maude meets Byron for the first time, while hearing of Kisamoa's plans for the lost marsh. She meets Byron some weeks later, while helping her Uncle Bart gather bones for the same God. Though she was not at the massacre in the Spectral Marsh which ensued some days later, she has heard about it, and beings to avoid the southeast region of Helovia.
Arriving on an anthill being overlooked by several spiders, Maude joins several others, including her lifelong friend Zubari, in the attempts to wrangle up ants for the spiders' lunch. When plans go awry and the ants attack, however, Maude is forced to learn a lesson about the circle of life, when the Ant Queen rises from the colony, and is killed by several Helovians. Though her father consoles her, the girl is still very upset, and feels resentment against all the horses who participated in the slaughter of the Ant Queen, especially those who actually caused her death (Dragomir, Toulouse, and Volterra).
After a meeting, many smaller meetings arise, including a conversation about the old Queen of the Edge, Mirage, and a healer's meeting with Lyanna. She also attends the ceremony in which the Moon Goddess decrees the creation of a temple, which the child is admittedly very excited about.
Maude and her father travel to the Blood Falls together, where Maude learns that she can heal using leaves and wind.
Tallsun arrives, and with it, Maude's first birthday! Her entire family and some of her friends gather to present her with gifts, celebrating her life, including her cloak, pouch, and leg guards. Like all the other things given to her by her family, they are very precious to her. Bartholomeo's totem, which is supposed to bring luck, now rests snugly in a nook in Trewdwellan's trunk.
In Orangemoon, Aelfwine moves away to the Throat, and her father ventures out of Helovia soon after. Leaving Maude to her own wiles for the first time in her life, the girl quickly finds herself lonesome for her once ever present family.


Maude's general design is all CallyBear and Neverrmind's genius! Her story, however, is original to me (and circumstance, of course).

Played by
Other Actives:

:: [ Magic: EarthxWind | Ability to summon leaf-laden winds that heal wounds. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Larger wounds require more leaves/energy/focus. ]
:: [ Magic: EarthxTime (P) | The tree marking on her leg gains/loses leaf markings to mimic seasonal changes. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | String of pearls. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry  | A small length of green silk bound with a strand of pearls. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | A pearl studded horn decoration. ]
:: [ Item: Flower Pots | Small, light blue glass flower pots. (3) ]
:: [ Item: Watering Can | A light blue glass watering can. ]
:: [ Item: Custom Cloak | A green/seafoam layered chiffon cloak with large pockets of endless carrying capacity. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Items still maintain their natural weight. ]
:: [ Item: Pouch | Small brown pouch with pearl drawstrings. ]
:: [ Item: Leg Guards | Defensive. 2/4 Rose gold leg guards with nature themed engravings. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Will break down with use. ]
:: [ Moon Amulet ]  :: [ Moon Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
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