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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 5 Height: 16
Pegasus [Irish Draught]

A tall and stately knight dressed in solid scarlet unblemished. His eyes are the heart of flame, the palest blue edged in gold. His mane stands in short, stiff red bristles threaded through with feathers like tongues of flame. Despite his size there is a surprising litheness to his build, a warrior who relies on his dexterity and skill as much as raw strength. He bears no sword, but instead a cloak of feathers in burnished gold and scarlet and hints of pale white-blue, fiery plumage etched into the sharp, angular shape of falcon wings. Despite first appearances, his wings are built for [i]speed[/i] and [i]sharp turns[/i]. as though his agility in the air might even far exceed that which he has on the ground. His tail is a long, slim spill of blood that stops shy of the ground, threaded through with long, softly curling feathers in color akin to the ones in his mane. His body moves with a dancer's grace, each step courtly and well choreographed.

There is something queer and fae about the brightness in his eyes and the cleverness of his tongue. His temper is hot but cools off swiftly. Highly emotional and passionate, there is little hidden on the face of this fallen knight. Though he may deflect and attempt to hide behind clever quips and a quick smile, he is not naturally deceptive. He does not hold grudges and seems to meet each day as though it is new, washed clean by the night. Ever he is dogged by a subtle wistfulness, a longing for the realm beneath the hills that was his home. He flirts freely with any he comes across and seems to find beauty in all things. Despite his sweet words he shies away from actual physical intimacy, though he does not shy away from such emotional bonds. He does not seem to know how to do things halfway. He throws himself into his commitments, his emotions, his deeds. His morality is strange and foreign, so occasionally he might be seen as cruel or uncaring. His priorities simply seem... strange.

Once upon a time there was a golden lady who sat upon a throne of bones.
One night there came a dark suitor and the lady invited him into her home.
With dawn he departed and left behind him his seeds well sown.

In a year and a day the golden lady gave birth to a son as bright as fire.
He was flame and he was ember and few dared draw his ire.
He was heat and he was passion and in that lay his pyre.

The knight of fire fell in love with summer's lady fair.
He laid siege to her heart and her walls became air.
But summer did not take lightly to the breach of his lair.

With rain and storm and wind the lord of summer raged.
But death was not the price the summer lord demanded.
He took instead three things that yet more deeply wounded.

Armor of smoke.

Magic of flame.

Legacy of flesh.

And so fire dies.
A lady cries.
The cinder-knight rides.

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