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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 9 Height: 17.3hh
I am the storm you never see coming
Blue-grey roan | dark grey & silver markings | Aqua blue eyes | Draft build | Long-legged | Beaded head piece w/ raven skull
Narcissa could easily be mistaken for a stallion when one considers her build; standing at a large 17.3 hands her draft blood is far more evident than the old Baroque blood that lays hidden in her veins. Her pillars are long and powerful contributing to most of her height whilst her body is long and muscular yet strangely slender and proportionate. With daggers dressed in reasonably thick feathering it is not hard to figure out her Clydesdale heritage but the Baroque is possible visible in the powerful hind quarters and muscular, arched neck.

Wreathed in a satin of grey-blue her coat is bathed in a roan patterm; darkening at her legs and face. Dark grey coats her nose and stripes up to her face where it meets a pale grey star; a similarly grey snip can be found on her nose. A black mask like marking fades across her forehead and eyes. Stripes criss-cross her body in these colours, found mainly on her neck, legs and hind quarters. Pale, almost invisibly dapples cover her stomach, shoulder and flanks but these can only be seen very faintly. Scars, prizes from her many fights, litter Narcissa’s coat; on her left side they can be found on her eye, neck and rear leg; on her right side they can be found on her nose, ear, front leg, stomach and tip of her rear.

Narcissa’s mane is short and slightly curly yet thick and silky. Fading from a pale silver to a dark grey it gives her a dramatic look along with her facial markings. Twisted horns rise from behind her ears, dark grey in colour and curving just slightly inward at the tips. The beaded necklace hanging from her face is the only dainty thing about this mare; it is formed of a golden brown rubber wrapped in beads of various colours and at the ends hangs a raven’s skull.

I am the storm you never see coming
Strong | Outspoken | Good leader | Loyal | Intelligent | Sassy | Feisty/fiery

Narcissa is certainly a strong character; unyielding in her views and opinions she is strongly guided by her own morals that are often in tune with the general norms and values of society. She doesn’t hesitate to protect her own, even if that means fighting or killing other horses, and her loyalty knowns no bounds. Never unsure or slow to speak up, Narcissa will offer her opinions and thoughts without being asked, when she believes it is required. Perhaps prone to being sarcastic, sassy and rude; she will not hesitate to tell you if she things you are doing something wrong or you are being an idiot and many often wonder if there is a filter between her brain and her mouth. Sometimes this can lead to her being disrespectful and she often she wont really care if she steps on other’s hooves or in fact what people think of her. However, don’t mistake this for idiocy; Narcissa is in fact quite intelligent and an expert tactician when it comes to fighting and protecting a herd. A great leader; her unyielding stance and personality inspire many to follow and her confidence and skill allows her to give out commands with ease.

When not out on the battle field, whether that be to train or fight, or in at the helm of command, Narcissa tends to be very closed; never revealing much of her emotions or seeking advice she feels that any emotions such as sadness and fear portray weakness and thus masks them with a tough exterior. On the other hand she often lets her anger rule her, being quite quick-tempered and impatient. This is when her ‘potty-mouth’ becomes most apparent.

Opinionated | Impatient | Quick-tempered | Closed | Smart-ass | Stubborn

Line of RaGhul

Paternal Grandfather: Alive, Herd elder.

Paternal Grandmother: Dead, former herd elder.

Maternal Grandfather: Dead, former herd council

Maternal Grandmother: Dead, former herd guard.

Father: Lucian, dead, former herd leader

Mother: Irina, alive, herd leader.

I am the storm you never see coming
History prior to Helovia:

-Born into a rather primal, war-faring herd, to the lead mare.

-Constantly competing with the stallions to be considered the strongest and most powerful.

-Overshadowed by her strong mother, trying really hard to live up to and surpass the infamous mare.

-From day one was brought up as a warrior and fought her first battle at age 4. From then on she was considered one of the strongest and best fighters.

-Constantly butted heads with her mother since they were both so alike particularly with regards to their stubborn, outgoing and opinionated nature.

-She was respected by many of the younger horses or horses her age however often got on the nerves of the older, more experienced members of the herd.

-Ended up leaving the herd after a particularly heated argument with her mother that had been going on for months.

-Wandered about a bit, capable of defending herself. Then found herself in Helovia.

History in Helovia:

this will be built upon as she meets and interacts with other characters.

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Played by Darkrise

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