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Dragon's Throat Colt

Species: Tribrid Gender: Stallion Age: 3 seasons Height: 17.2
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
- tribrid -
- Sun God -
- Dragon's Throat Colt -
- Chaotic Good -
Written by
- Odd -
Name: Mathèo (nickname Theo)
Breed: Hanoverian x [TB x Mustang]
Height: 17.2hh
Base Colouring: Pale silver grullo, darker face.
Markings: Leg barring, double banding on neck, golden flank, sunray marking on left eye.
Eyes: Green.
Horns: Large golden antelope horns
Wings: Pale gray, fading to white.
Hooves: Cloven, gold.
Tail: Leonine tail, thickly haired.

Think of Theo as a young Arthurian knight. He has very deeply held religious convictions and unwavering lotalty to the Sun God. Theo starts out life kind, articulate, and curious.

- Loyal
- Determined
- Passionate
- Devoted
- Naive
- Superstitious
- Chip on his shoulder due to his impressive lineage.
- Implicitly believes himself
  • Because Theo will practice sparring from a young age, he'll be comfortable with his own body and will regularly be in contact with the body's of those around him - who as it will turn out, will be mostly male. Because of this, he'll develop homosexual tendancies. However because his Father was so clearly heterosexual, and because Theo will be very sensitive to keeping a spotless reputation for the Throat (and because there aren't many homosexual role models in the Throat), Theo will try to repress these urges.

  • Theo will say that he keeps most of his tail thickly braided because his opponents can't bite it, but really he just likes how it looks.
Theo will only ever seek magic that is fully from the Sun, or a hybrid of it.

:: [Magic: Light | Appears to always be standing in a column of sparkly light that intensifies based on his emotions]
:: [Restrictions | Of no use in battle. Much weaker at night. ]

:: [ Magic: FirexTime | Able to create spirits composed of fire ]
:: [ Restrictions | Spirits can be 3 small (medium dog and lower) or 1 large spirit ]

:: [Magic: light | Can speak telepathically .]
:: [Restrictions | Targets must be within 10m of his body to hear him.]

Currently none!

Direct Lineage
Sire - Gaucho the Wildfire

Dam - Aithniel

Paternal Grandsire - Lir the Marked (Lir means Tattoo)
Paternal Granddam - Vorsaska the Demanding (Vorsaska means Summer)

Maternal Grandsire - God of the Sun
Maternal Granddam - Ampere the Mother of Companions ** Because neither Ampere or Aithniel know they are related, Theo is unaware that Ampere is his granddam.


> Luther m. twin


> Zenobia f. [Gaucho x Sohalia]

> Ivezo m. [Gaucho x Sohalia]

> Rhoa m. [Gaucho x Sohalia]

> Zèklè m. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Hertz m. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Hawke m. [Gaucho x Sohalia]

> Aelin f. [Gaucho x Sohalia]

> Grusha f. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Tae f. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Tyrath m. [Aithniel x Volterra]

> Vinati f. [Gaucho x Sohalia]

> Arakh m. [ Gaucho x Nyx]

> Esinakh f. [ Gaucho x Nyx]

> Tasokh f. [Gaucho x Nephele]

> Verro f. [Gaucho x Nephele]

> Iskrah m. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Zèklè m. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Hertz m. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Grusha f. [Gaucho x Ampere]

> Tae f. [Gaucho x Ampere]

** Because neither Aithniel nor Ampere know that they are related, no one knows that these four are both siblings and aunts/uncles. They are all considered siblings

Grand Aunts/Uncles
> God of the Earth m.

> God of the Spark m.

> God of the Moon f.

First cousins once removed
> Roskuld the sparklight f. [God of the Spark x Ophelia]

> Mesec the nightwind m. [God of the Moon x D'artgnan]

> Isopia the mountain that knows f. [God of the Earth x Kahlua]

:: [ Magic: Light | Can speak telepathically. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Targets must be within 10m of his body to hear him. ]
:: [ Magic: FirexTime | Able to create spirits composed of fire. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Spirits can be 3 small (medium dog and lower) or 1 large spirit. ]
:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Appears to always be standing in a column of sparkly light that intensifies based on his emotions. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. Much weaker at night. ]
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to have 3 active magics. ]
:: [ Companion: Rougarou | Mythical, common | Flame | 3 yrs 4 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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