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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 11 Height: 15.2
your life was a shooting star
that burned out way too fast
"and now that I'm without your kisses I'll be needin' stitches"
Voiced by Demi Moore

A true-and-through, slack-sided arabian, Malmuirie stands a relaxed 15.2 and looks as delicate and slender as she possible can. Her knees are a little bit large in appearance because her legs are so trim and her ribs tend to be a bit more than the 'hint' of shadow against her sides with high-peaked withers, but otherwise she looks like a healthy, glossy mare. Her coat is a slowly fading dappled gray from a black base with rabicano dribbling along her flanks and sabino patterns coloring her undercarriage, including the undersides & cheeks of her face. The most unusual thing about her is the ice-pale blue of her eyes.

and all the memories of
the dream that's built to last
"We don't have to talk, talk, talk; We don't have to dance"
Strangely Loving, gentle and patient though capable of violent, hateful and even cruel thoughts- particularly adoring of clinging to grudges. Malmuirie understands that in order to live in peace you must make the peace thus she does not discount the need for violence and war she just wishes that it wasn't as necessary, or as integral a part of everything. It's hard to put labels on Rie because she refuses to label herself. A tad bit of a social butterfly she flits from social group to social group and can blend in by simply absorbing their personalities, or behaviors, and mimicking them in action and speech unless being herself- which is someone she is still trying to 'find' -is absolutely necessary.

She has a back-bone; it seems everyone from her family does and wont step down from doing something when she believes she's in the right in any way. She firmly grasps her beliefs and clings to them, not out of desperation but out of a desire to do something, to be something, to go somewhere in life. well known, for being a very quiet, soft-spoken ( when she speaks ) young mare. Due to a partial deafness since birth she has a hard time hearing ( well, obviously ) and a hard time speaking. Her voice is slow, soft and mildly slurred and she's been taunted before about it which only built upon her shy nature and encouraged her to keep to herself. To some this is misconstrued as a haughty personality, to others she's just seen as a perfectly easy target.

Even if her reclusive, self-aware and shy nature were not enough to make life difficult on the young fawn she has to deal with the fact that she suffers from a minor form of Epilepsy. Prone to epileptic seizures induced by flashing lights ( storms are nightmares for her as is fire ) and high levels of stress Rie doesn't like to be around anyone during any time in which a seizure may be induced. Oddly she has this strange, phobic-level fear of abandonment that keeps her from getting close to anyone. The fear of them turning on her or of losing them to a sudden disaster has proven too great for her to handle just thinking about let alone going through. She's already decided it's just easier to simply not get close to anyone but her family.
//////// Neutral
//////// Realist
//////// Emotionally Distant
//////// Patient
Quirks at a Glance
Due to her sensitivity to strong and flashing lights Rie habitually clings to dark locations and will physically flinch from anything shiny/bright.

don't wanna wait, wanna wait, wanna wait
for my next panic attack
"If you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch"
Second daughter of Nirvana, she strove to be different from Desert Harpee and the many darks of the herd around her while hiding her secret from the world she was immersed in. Trapped and struggling she eventually fled the dark desert herd for the lighter counterpart. She was there, hiding in the back shadows to witness Taints brutal murder of her young brother, Rie's cousins. It horrified her but she felt sympathy for the mare- so frustrated, so full of anger and pain. Rie didn't blame her, but she didn't fit in among the Lights who did hate and blame her for the actions. No; so Malmuirie fled that herd, too, and made her way in the world after learning everything she could from Forgotten Luver, gently easing the mare out of insanity into a passable semi-sane creature. She traveled with Wanderer and the dead, Eros for some time before finding herself at Wild Equines, isolated by Wanderers return home and Eros' journey abroad about the world. Now she strives to find a way to bring peace and unity to everything around her, to teach everyone what she learned and witness and to find a way to show everyone that just because this is the way things have been done does not mean it is the way that they must always be done forever more.


Her first meeting in WE was with Tauriel, an odd but polite stallion. There is little she can remember about this meeting, now, except for the stallions kindness and his blindness. From there she met with Arthmin, the current King of the... neutrally oriented Equines in the land. The results of that meeting was for Rie to be elevated to stand as Queen beside Arthmin. Self-conscious about this sudden elevation, and unsure of how to handle the rank or what to think of it, she sought comfort and advice in Arthmin's Beta Stallion, Echo.

She met with Echo a few times, building a slowly growing bond and friendship with the thoughtful stallion. From there she got her footing as Neutral Queen and reached out to Arthmin when Kaname arrived to request permission to claim an abandoned Neutral Land. This was the first 'serious' encounter Rie had as Queen and she walked away with mixed feelings. Wondering if she had done something wrong- Arthmin hadn't been particularly talkative with her! Then again, she had simply been another in a very long line of Queen's for him. So many had abandoned him!

After the encounter with Kaname ( where Rie's decision led to the claiming of the empty land ) Rie turned to Echo once more for advice. This time about balancing the herds better. This meeting was short lived and she found herself in an odd encounter with the strangest stallion and her first predecessor, former neutral queen Nimue. It was shortly after this encounter, and the realization that if someone as brilliant as Nimue couldn't fulfil the position as Arthmin desired how could Rie?, that Rie found her way out of WE. She had failed to locate her cousin the entire time she was there- in any event - which had originally been her goal.

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don't wanna wait, wanna wait, wanna wait
for my next crash

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