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Horus Tarkus


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Height: 16 hh
Standing at 16 hands, the visage of Horus Tarkus is a striking one. His blood bay coat ripples with ample muscle, defined by his Andalusian and Quarter Horse lineage. His dark points stretch up his limbs like shadows, curling around his form and holding him in a tight grip. His mane and tail flow like a sheet of rain water at the new moon, caressing his shoulders and tickling fore. Along his face marches a stunning white blaze, equally matched with clear blue eyes. Save for these two features, he appears simple, carrying himself with a noble manner and striding with purpose.

Horus Tarkus is a gentleman in nearly every regard. He was clearly raised right, as he shows nothing but respect to those around him, and usually keeps a very level head. The Stallion is not one for most conflict, but will always choose the side that he can logically conclude as the most just, even if that side does not necessarily always benefit him. He is a creature of the people, and attempts to be selfless, as he was taught that selfishness can lead to ruin. He has a passionate and charitable heart, and one should not be surprised to see him tending to those that most would have forgotten. He shows incredible leadership qualities, though the stallion is adamant that he has no interest in such things. He is a gentle and loving heart, with a compassionate and good-natured soul. He is fairly balanced in his need for companionship and his need for space, making him an excellent polyvert, not favoring one personality style over the other. He is well spoken, and charming, and while he might not make friends with everyone he meets, he certainly shows them their due respect and always makes his full effort to put forth his best hoof in civility. He can be very diplomatic if he wishes to, and in the same tone of conversation turn towards cracking jokes. He has a tendency to try too hard and wear himself thin, as he has a sense of pride that can bring out a pig-headedness to him that puts his health behind all others. He is generally not quick to anger, but he has a few hot buttons that he can't resist snapping back to. He certainly shows his young age in all that he must learn, but he does not make the mistake of carrying a holier than thou attitude, instead trying his best to stay humble. Most will find him to be a well rounded creature.

Sister - Myria - 4 Summers

Horus was raised outside the lands of Helovia, hearing rumors of these strange lands, of equines who bore strange markings, or of young children disappearing off to the wilderness in search of this supposedly holy place. He had never really taken an interest in the bedtime stories that the Shaman of his herd spoke of. After all, they only seemed to be bedtime stories. Something to fascinate the children and to allow their parents a short reprieve from their antics. His father was a man of good character, and did his due diligence on raising his son to be a personality of class. His mother was gentle and kind and imbued him with a soft nature and compassion. He often found himself interested in political debates between the older members of the herd, and sought comfort in the logic of history. Most of his childhood consisted of listening to the stories of the herd's history, all the bits and pieces of the puzzle that most of the other colts and fillies thought were too boring. This cultivated a love for his elders and for history in general. It is because of this love of history that when he turned 6, and he had learned the ins and outs of every story and every history of every living member of his herd, Horus made his trek towards The Divide; the mysterious bridge between his home and the fabled land of Helovia. He wasn't entirely sure what he would find there, as his belief in this magical land was still shaky at best. But there was something out there, and the stories and the histories that lay with it were much too tempting for him to ignore.

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