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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 15.0
Sakdi is clothed in whites with dappled grulla patches that form large shapes along her body. Her hair is thick, wavy and off white--perhaps even a creme in color. Over all, she has a very natural but feral look to her; as if she'd come down from the mountains for the first time. While her hair is a decent length, Skadi prefers to wear it in tightly woven braids more often than not. The same can be said for her tail. Her body boasts a rather stocky build, with out lacking in subtle femininity. It clear there is pony in her blood, but not enough to render her one. Her head is an angled shape, not iconic like a roman or arabian one but angled enough to be slightly defined. Her muzzle is patched with a dark spot, underlying a layer of fleshy pink upon her lips. Her eyes are the palest blue of ice upon the ocean. At times, she will wear armor created for her out of hardened-treated leather. It was commissioned for her by her Father after successfully completing the trials as a yearling. The design on the armor is woven tree branches encircling the moon with the ocean at it's roots and a kraken in the tree--the universal symbol of her people. (lost this upon coming to Helovia and no longer wears it)

Daring && Unafraid && Adventurous && Brazen

Skadi was born in a tough world, and so tough she is. Very little can really worry her, and what little that does is hidden behind a mask. She enjoys exploring and learning new things, seeking out the far corners of the earth just to see what it holds. Curious, would be another good way to describe her. Though that's not to say she's kind. Skadi is a very abrasive woman, so much so that more often than not people tend to keep their distance. She is unafraid to tell you what is on her mind, what she thinks of a situation and how she perceives you. She is a risk taker, someone who lives by the philosophy of 'leap before you look'.

A warrior at heart, Skadi enjoys the nitty-gritty side of battle. She could care less for strategy, for such things are not her forte. An adrenaline junkie, sword snob, battle-hungry dog--Skadi was raised to be a cog in a well oiled machine. She knows how to work in a unit, and how to work alone; she sees the benefits of united militia.

Perhaps ambitious in her own right, but not for power and power alone. Glory plays a big factor in her life; Glory, Blood, Fury, Fire, Water. She lives by the code of her ancestors and worships many a god. She believes in the unseen worlds of so many stories, and enjoys repeating these long winded tales to the curious passerby.

Skadi could also be considered a drunk. She likes her ale, and enjoys hanging around the tavern with the boys. By no means a slut, she likes to prove she's just as dangerous as any stallion with teeth and hooves. Skadi tends to get into a lot of bar brawls.

Father: Soren Falkor
Mother: Siri the landwalker
Brothers: Asmund, Eerik, Geir, Gunnar

Skadi Falkor comes from a land isolated by the sea.

Far off the frozen coasts of Alournda, there are a several rigid rocks that rise out of the ocean. Upon further examination, one would soon come to see that these rocks are islands, connected by crude bridges with caverns along their bases where the ships and docks reside. Fire dots them, and the land is dark as if composed of solely iron. This is the place that Skadi was born--to a father who was infamous to the mainland and famous among his own people. Her mother had been nothing but a "sea-wife"--a poor soul capture by her father in his coming of age trial, forever bound to be his till she split apart with the last of their children. Skadi was the youngest of five and the only daughter Siri ever bore. Her father, Soren, was hardly in the picture in those early days of the young mare's life. He would come home and go back out to sea, just like the ocean's waves.

Skadi was raised by her brothers--and from an early age she learned that you had to be as tough as iron to survive in their lands. They taught her to respect their gods--the ocean in particular, and the moon her lover--but also the gods of lightning and thunder, of sun and cloud. They put her through rigorous training; beating her to near death until she got something right. Upon her first birthday, Skadi was to be put to the test; the young filly would have to go through the trials all of her kind did at that age. She would have to successfully navigate The Teeth--a section not far from their island home covered in ice and rock, filled to the top with the ships of countless fools who dared come through the pass.

At sunrise she was given a small ship, manned only with herself. She set sail to the pass, and her trial began. With much sweat and stress, Skadi made it through the pass with only scratches and close-calls. The second part of her inevitable trial was the hardest; Skadi would have to conduct a successful raid upon any land she so wished, bringing back spoils of the people and slaves to fuel the island's work force. Skadi was to take her ship, pick a handful of those who could function as her party, and leave before the day's end. And so she did, the young woman headed to the mainland and conducted not one, but three raids upon the fishing villages of Alournda--but her eyes were set upon an even greater goal.

Wanting to make an impression upon her father and her people, and more so rub it in her siblings' noses, Skadi turned her attention to their neighboring islands. These had been their enemy for generations, not only were Skadi's people at war with these other raiders, but the mainland as well. And through all this bloodshed, her people remained strong. With out telling her crew, Skadi turned the ship to their enemy's islands and stormed one of the black beaches with a fiery desire to see things burn. In the process, she managed to grab some of their lower class--binding them and having them brought back to the ship that waited in the night's mist. They were like vengeful spririts, coming out of the thick fog as if ethereal in nature. It was during all of this, that Skadi knew what her destiny was. She was to take and take, and give nothing back; just like her father, and her father's father. And she'd do it in the name of herself, the ocean and her lover the moon.

Arriving back to her home, she was welcomed with surprised gasps and silence. Shock had radiated through the crowds that had gathered--none had expected her to return with so much, and none had even thought she'd go for their neighboring island raiders. The silence fell to cheering when they saw the spoils she brought back; gold and precious rock, and people. Her father brought her to the shore, and put his tattered cloak around her shoulders in a sign of affection. Little did Skadi know, her brother's had been staring at the back of her head with hateful fire.

After two years of successful raids upon the mainland, and battles with their enemy raiders, Skadi set out on a unique mission. She'd grown tired of taking from the same places--they were bleeding them dry and she needed fresh prey. As she began to select a crew worthy of her voyage, her brothers begged to be let on as her rand hand men. Thinking little of it, Skadi agreed and she and her brothers left the islands to set sail into uncharted territories. When they were well enough away from the islands they called home, her brothers began to concoct a plan to leave Skadi to the sea. When she ate her food that night, her siblings had slipped her nightshade; Skadi fell into a deep sleep, allowing her brothers to drag her body to the edge of the ship and give her soul to the ocean as jealousy burned in their hearts.

Skadi hit the water but did not wake. Her body was adrift in the deep black depths, and she was weightless for what felt like eternity. Internally she knew something was wrong, that she should wake but the young woman could not. Through means she is quite unsure of--by some magic of the ocean and moon--Skadi survived, but just barely.

Her last name 'Falkor' means "Guardian of the people".

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