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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 years Height: 16 hh
A goddess and a devil fell in love, and so that is how Nikoleta was created. Angel or demon, nobody really knows for both creatures could be exceptionally beautiful. Her crystal gaze will catch your attention, every curve and bone in her body set just in the right places to form her divine bodice. Large wings spread out and carry the woman, her being floating through the clouds as if she weighs of feathers. She is gorgeous in her own unique way, voice alluring and the perfume of rose stains her skin. Every cell that stitches her together is gorgeous.

Her true breed is of Lusitano bloodlines. Her build matching that of such powerful horses, and she stands slightly taller than most horses of that line. She has the convex face, arched neck, muscular shoulders, broad chest; as well as the strong back, sloped croup, low set tail, and powerful limbs. An addition to this particular bodice is her large and feathery wings, they are powerful enough to lift her thick body into the high clouds. Her forelock is relatively short and barely grows past her eye sockets, her mane is short and cleanly roached. Her tail is not incredibly long and thick, but quite average and thin.

A majority of her bodice is a pale cremello. The pink flesh on her snout and surrounding her optics quite apparent, as well as the cafe color of her two front hooves. However, she is not as plain as you may think. At the point of her hip and curving around her flank, a jet black begins to cover her figure. The obsidian color stains her two back legs fully as well as her tail, a sharp transition from pearly cream to shadowy onyx. The same happens with her wings, a majority of the wings are cream but the tip of the feathers are the same black color. Most would think her eyes would be an icy blue, yet they are a bright highlighter cyan. She is definitely not the average looking Pegasus. No, she is an attractive woman, graceful and stunning just the way she holds herself.

ambitious | curious | intrepid | confident | silver tongue | clever | passionate | coquettish
— She has a strong desire to prove herself and do her best. It is difficult to break her and bring her down. She wants to succeed and she wants to be well known around the local region. The reason why does not really matter to her.
— She is very curious about the world. She craves to learn about anything and everything. Sometimes her curiosity can get her into some trouble, or it may benefit her. Most of the time she is smart enough to know when her curiosity can get out of hand before anything too terrible happens.
— Because she is so curious, she is also very adventurous and quite fearless. She is in love with the idea of travelling and meeting new individuals, as well as overcoming certain obstacles and enemies. Perhaps one day her bravery will hand her the spotlight that she dreams for.
— She holds a strong aura of confidence. She believes strongly in her own abilities, and sometimes this can come off as arrogant and conceited. However, she never saw self love as something negative. She also enjoys feeding confidence to individuals around her, especially the ones who have low self esteem. Whether it works or not, she is just trying to help and spread a positive message.
— The woman is passionate about many things. Whether it be her opinions or feelings, anything. She will voice herself whether it is needed or not, and she is quite the fiery woman. She does not like to bite her tongue, and she is not afraid to show her emotions. Sure, this could get her into some trouble sometimes. However, she would rather stay true to herself then shut up and stay quiet.
— Clever and intelligent, she knows how to get herself out of certain situations before they can even get worse. And if she cannot do that, she will work her way through it somehow. Like said before, it is difficult to bring the mare to her knees. She is very thoughtful about her actions and she pays attention to the little details.
— She possesses a silver tongue, which could be good and bad sometimes. Her cleverness helps with having such a mouth like hers, and a lot of the time it helps her out. It is a nifty thing for her to have, and it probably won't ever go away.
— Coquettish, like said before she is passionate. Should she ever find an individual who has captured her heart, she will waste no time to chase after said individual. Smooth and alluring, as well as confident and intelligent, her flirtatious intentions do not go unnoticed. She will go through a lot to impress somebody, but she will never ever change herself to gain a heart. She believes strongly in staying true to herself, and nobody will ever change her.

Parents: Cyr (Real Father), Lunissa (Real Mother), Achelous (Adoptive Father)
Siblings: None that she knows of.
Grandparents: All of them deceased.
Other Family Members: None that she knows of.

i. Her mother (Lunissa) has a one night stand with her father (Cyr) on a warm summer night. The morning after, Lunissa realizes that she is in her estrus and regrets her decision. She debates keeping the foal or not with herself, she then searches to find Cyr.
ii. Alone and unsuccessful with finding the father of her child, Lunissa goes looking for a herd and a possible mate. She joins a small and humble herd with no defined name whom hides out in the caves of an incredibly large mountain range. The Lead Stallion (Achelous) agrees to act as the father to the child. The other mares agree to help with the birth and to watch over the foal.
iii. Nikoleta is born in a cave on the highest mountain, the first year of her life is peaceful as she lives with Lunissa, Achelous, and the rest. Little do they know that Cyr has been stalking the band the whole time.
iv. While Nikoleta is on a solo flight Cyr meets up with her. Begins to tell her lies about Achelous and Lunissa, turns her into the ambitious and clever woman that she is now. Yet, she does not quite trust everything that he says. She asks her mother about it and she denies them, decides to stay away from Cyr.
v. After another year she grows restless and bored. She doesn't believe she is using her full potential and decides to leave the band to travel. Gives proper farewells to her family and is then off on her travels. She now finds herself in Helovia.

— Smells of roses.
— Has Hector's feather weaved into her tail.

Played by
Nikoleta is played by Electra!

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Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   3 AGL:   10 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
3.5 9.5 7.0 64.0
Notable Accomplishments

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