the Rift




Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 8 years Height: 14.1 hh
you don't see what you possess, a beauty calm and clear.

A masterpiece consisting of fragile glass shards, all pieced together to make a rugged yet ethereal creature named Giselle.

Conformation-wise, she is the horseman’s dream equine. The problem herein lies in the fact that she is no larger than a common pony, standing at merely 14.1 hands high. Her legs are not built like those of a white-tail, instead strongly taking after her stock horse heritage. They are short, toned, and above all, strong. While not particularly lithe with her cumbersome build, she is able to pivot on a dime and move as quickly as necessary. Her shoulders are wide and heavy-set, a little chipped around the edges but able to carry the weight of the world. Though her curves are not supple, they still draw the eyes of many, her proportions uncanny despite her body type being an acquired taste. She is not man’s perfect woman. She is not the epitome of grace, nor the poster child for doe-like beauty. She is not dainty – she is made up of rounded curves and harsh angles, as all Quarter Horses are.

Her eyes, oh her eyes never gained clarity from the time she was born onwards. They resemble a clouded summer sky, shining brighter than the darkness they will forever see. Unkempt ivory tresses often hang low over her eyes, framing her delicate face and dangling past her teacup muzzle, tangling within her set of elk-like antlers – a sign of either insecurity or haphazardness. Her tail drags the ground, often gathering Earth’s natural debris within its clutches at the ends. Her peltage shines a brighter white than the Sirius star in the blackest of nights, seemingly unmarred for all eternity. The deep sorrel that masks her façade breaks the spell of those who get lost in the vast sea of pearl, the only splash of paint on an otherwise blank canvas. Within this mask is a light line the same color as the rest of her body, running across her forehead and connecting her brow bones together. Her hooves are of a light cream, strong and rounded, yet small.

She carries herself with false confidence, which she so dearly lacks but does not want others to see. She is not broken, merely fraying at the seams.

it floods the sky and blurs the darkness like a chandelier.

all the light that you possess is skewed by lakes and seas;

Capricorn -- ENFP -- Lawful Good

There is light in everyone, regardless of how dark their soul has become.

That is Giselle’s belief. If given the opportunity, she would even sympathize with the Devil. Her childlike innocence, her selfless demeanor – to put it simply, she is a redeemer that places others’ needs before her, regardless of whether or not they are deserving of it. This is not to say she does not find those she dislikes on occasion, but she will always believe they have good in them, no matter how wicked they are. She can be naïve, and she can act young, but she is far from idiotic. She is quite wise for her age, often speaking words of inspiration to those who need it, neglecting her own soul that has long since begun to shrivel from ache. Helping others is her happiness.

She is humble, but not so humble as to let others walk over her. Though her qualities are admirable and she tries to remain positive for the sake of those who see her, her self-esteem dangles by a thread. Even this mare has her demons, and she is actually quite sensitive to what they (as well as those around her) have to say. Though she will never admit it, she feels like a defect despite her highly independent personality. The crevices of her soul, however, will never be bared to anyone for a long time, no matter how much she cares for them.

She is heedless, throwing caution to the wind despite her shortcomings. She still believes in fairy tales and soul mates and raw, unadulterated love, despite everything that has happened to prove her otherwise. She is an optimist, always looking for silver linings in the darkest of clouds. She is gentle, nurturing, able-bodied, kind.

She is a supernova, radiant and all-consuming.

the shattered surface, so imperfect, is all that you believe.

i will bring a mirror, so silver, so exact -

Sire: Deceased
Dam: Deceased

Siblings: 2 little brothers - ??


so precise and so pristine, a perfect pane of glass.

i will set the mirror up to face the blackened sky,

Growing up in a close-knit family as the eldest sister, Giselle barely had time to think of herself - all she knew is she was different. Her family was very supportive, careful not to hover too much and let her develop on her own. Her life was relatively uneventful, except for her growing agitation with her disability. She failed to see her self-worth, struggling with depression and anger, often taking it out on her family before hastily apologizing.

It was when she was four years old that she regretted every bitter word that she had said, that she had wished she had taken everything back. When an unbidden natural disaster proceeded to wipe out the majority of her homeland, she lost her family, literally and figuratively. A little worse for wear, she began to relentlessly search for them, only to find the bodies of her parents 3 days later. She mourned their loss, staying beside their corpses for several days before she concluded her little brothers were still alive and it was urgent she find them.

you will see your beauty every moment that you rise.

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