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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 (Ages in Orangemoon) Height: 16.0hh
Breed: Friesian x Lustanio x Andalusian
Gender: Mare
Age: 3 Years (Orangemoon)
Species: Unicorn
Horn: Two red deer antlers
Wings: None
Eyes: Bright ice blue/sky blue
Mane: Dark brownish black, with streaks of white where her white markings are; mane is cropped, like a fjord's
Body: Smokey Grullo Tobiano
Hooves: Tan
Markings: White tobiano, two socks, a tall sock, and a cornet
Tail: Cropped, short. Brownish black with a white streak
Item(s): Small sterling silver circlet on her head, diamond encrusted; Here

Sweet | Caring | Loyal | Determined | Generous | Patient |


Emperess Gwendolen (dam)
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Breed: Lustiano x Andalusian
Height: 16.3hh
Color: Smokey Buckskin
Markings: Tobiano markings | Set of pure white red deer antlers

Emperor G’reth (sire)
Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Breed: Friesian
Height: 17hh
Color: Raven Black
Markings: None | Set of pure black red deer antlers

Daughter of royal blood, born and raised in a civilized capital city, Guinevere was known as Crown Princess Guinevere of the Moonbringer Dynasty. Her mother and father were the Emperor and Empress of their region, ruling with kindness and love for their empire.
Her mother and father had tried for a foal, and because her mother was not too fertile, they lost a couple of foals after they had been conceived. They had tried for 4 foals and lost them midway through the gestation. They tried a 5th time, and both her mother and father were getting old.
Their 5th conception the duo held their breath, and her mother was on bed rest throughout her entire pregnancy. Their luck held off. Guinevere was born on the night of the full moon, the moonbeams turning her grullo coat a gorgeous silver.
She grew up pampered, protected but not sheltered. Guinevere was the apple of her parents' eyes, adored by the entire empire for her kindness and gentle nature.
Though once she grew up, she was constantly asked for her hoof in marriage by all the princes throughout the land. She loved to wander through the empire with her ladies in waiting and her escort, meeting with the lords and leaders of all the kingdoms in the land.
It wasn't until the day of her second birthday did everything change. She was pressured by a prince from a neighboring kingdom, blackmailed into accepting his engagement. She was rushed home by her escort and her ladies, who immediately told her parents of what happened.
Her parents agreed that the best thing to do would be to secretly send her out of the city, and so she was secretly smuggled out of her home. Guinevere was left on her own, and travelled for a year before she reached a place that stripped her of her titles and such. She had found Helovia, a place to start anew, where no one knew her name, or knew who she was.
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