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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 5 Years Old Height: 15 hh
Shakarah is a bay roan and blue roan chimera.

A large scar tears across her left side. It begins at Sakarah's withers and stretches to her rear leg. The scar's shape is similar to that of an 'X'.

Gruff | Arrogant | Fierce | Boyish | Witty | Extrovert | Emotionally Unpredictable | Assertive |

Sakarah was raised by her father and his gruff nature was imprinted on the girl.

An only child is cherished and doted upon. In the eyes of the king Sakarah was almost incapable of doing any wrong.

Sakarah was not coddled because she was treasured; she was made to be strong because she was treasured. The king saw to it that his daughter, the princess, was taught to be fierce. Many of the kingdom's most revered fighters were brought to teach Sakarah. She was a princess schooled not in etiquette; she was not taught the proper way to set a table-- instead Sakarah was taught how to properly notch an arrow into a bow. She was tutored in how to wield a knife. Whenever she graduated from sparring with dummies she learned how to use her hooves in battle by practicing on bruised criminals. Sakarah is confident in her abilities to wield a weapon and often lusts for a spar, whether it be friendly or not.

Though her father did not get the son that he desired Sakarah is all that he could have wanted in her nature. Her mother's blood runs through her veins and Sakarah is of a more delicate frame in comparison to her father and their people-- but she is not the prim and proper lady that her mother was. She grew up playing at the feet of her father's counsel. She rough housed with the general's sons. Other girls her age would be writing in their diaries about the boys that they had crushes on and Sakarah brainstormed how to 'crush' the guys that she new. Competitive as could be she always wanted to be the best fighter and the bravest whenever they explored the wood behind the castle.

Storms |

Her mother was a woman married into the rough ways of the people that she was to become queen to; being of delicate nature and mannerisms she never adjusted well. The king, Sakarah's father, promised his wife that she could leave his lands and return to those that she came from once she bore him a son.

Several foals were birthed.
Several foals never took their first breath.

Each stillborn foal weighed heavily upon the shoulders of the king and queen. They were too different to ever feel love between themselves but they did build a friendship. The king was haunted by disappointment and began to doubt that he would ever be with an heir, he started to consider who he would give the title to should a foal of his never live; and he felt guilty for keeping his wife where she did not wish to be. The queen felt heavy for being seemingly incapable of bearing child and though her husband offered to let her leave she stayed. She was determined to hold up her side of the deal.

Years passed. Tiny tombstones marking the resting place of even smaller bodies were lined up next to each other in the royal cemetery. The king sat with those he lost whenever each new birth began. During one of these times he heard the wailing of a newborn and could hardly believe it. He knocked over the maid that came to tell him that a child was born in his hurry to meet his child.

So happy the king was to have a living child that he paid no mind to it not being a boy. He would raise his daughter to be just as good as any son-- no better than what any son would have been. The queen stayed long enough to nurse Sakarah and then she returned to her homeland.

The king raised his daughter.

Sakarah was raised how a son would have been. From a young age the princess was taught how to defend herself and how to fight an enemy. Their kingdom was one where the royal family believed in gaining respect by inspiring fear in their people through their might. The king wanted his daughter to be prepared for ruling. Sakarah was made to lack the softness of femininity. She practiced fighting techniques on prisoners, sparred with soldiers, and went on hunts with her father.

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