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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 7 Height: 16.3 hh
A towering beast of 16.3 hands is this creature. Yet, Epiphany is best described as a gentle giant. Her frame may be large and her girth is heavy, as such the breed of a Gypsy Vanner makes her, but so is her heart. Her head is held high in a distinguished fashion, a large white marking, much like a shield or a mask gracing her features. It does not cover her eyes, as they stay shrouded in the inky darkness of her coat,while underneath sooty lashes rest the pair of crystalline blue orbs. They shift in the lighting, becoming a pale sky colour, or deep like the oceans, constantly changing and shifting with her emotions. They seem like pools into another world, one where everything is simply calm. One could get lost in them, she supposes, though she's yet to encounter another being that has been sucked in by them. Her forelock is a dark black, as are her ears. Her mane is predominantly the same inky hue, save for two sections, the first larger than the other, that is a wave of white and pale grey. Her bodice is covered in black, yet at the sides stops and turns white, as if she was wearing some sort of dark apron on her front, as under her head there is a loop of whiteness between her jowls and the rest of her neck. Her pillars are strong, covered in the finest ivory, her heavy feathering floating back over light daggers. She seems to simply float over the surface of the earth with them. Most of her girth is a heavy black, the right side seeming to be a sea of horses pounding toward her front, as if galloping with her. She doesn't seem to see it, however. Her back pillars are also a soft ivory, as well as her banner, which curls and waves in the breeze as if nothing more than a thick fluff of cloud that has attached itself to her rear. Perhaps her most distinguishing feature, however, is her antlers. She's not entirely sure how she got them, seeing as how both her parents were perfectly normal, but lo and behold, a pair of ivory twigs spiral forth, much like an elk's antlers would. It gives her a sense of wisdom and majesty. At least, that is how some now perceive her. They branch off and up, curling as if they perhaps aim to hold the air in a column above her head. She doesn't seem to mind the extra weight, though, as she carries her head high, almost as if she's completely unaware that they are there. Overall, she is a remarkable sight, moving swiftly and lightly despite her large frame, a look of innocence and youth, and yet the strength of the old and wise.

Epiphany is a calm creature. She is hardly ever known to lose her temper, so when it does happen, it is a very big deal. She comes off as the strong and silent type, which, in most cases, is true. She doesn't speak much, unless there is something important to say. She is a wonderful listener, and often enjoys listening to the chatter of others rather than participating in any of it herself. But don't let her sweetness and soft-spoken charm fool you. There is a bright fire in there. She's fiercely loyal to those she calls friends, and since she tends to make these easily, there are many that should would fight tooth and nail to protect. She's non-violent most of the time, a pacifist, if you will. However, if you can rile her up the right way, she has few qualms about using those antlers of hers. However, while she holds this temper deep inside, Epiphany would rather enjoy the simple pleasure. She enjoys being outside, listening to the wind and the birds, to roam free in the forests and ponder the meanings of life, and all sorts of other fantastic things. She holds these qualities in friends very dear, but as she gets on well will almost every type, someone bubbly and bouncy will bring out those traits in her as well. Very level-headed is a great way to put her, and she loves being this way, and doesn't mind that she is often come to for advice, despite having had issues in her past with others not being the most charming of creatures because of her strange appearance.

I had always been a strange creature, that I can tell you straight forward. My parents were full blooded. Normal, one could say. I, however, was far from normal. In all aspects, as a child, I suppose I was just like the others. It was odd enough seeing a Gypsy Vanner around in our herd, and when I started to show signs of having antlers, things only became even more bizarre. I was rather avoided, and while as a child that hurt, I suppose in the end I didn't mind. It began to float around my herd that my mother had fraternized with a Unicorn of some sort, or that perhaps my father was not as full blooded as he seemed. I ignored most of these whispers, as I knew that my parents' love was as true as any could be. Though, as the rumors flew, the less the other foals wanted to be around me, and in that I found myself left to my own devices more than I could ever really measure. In being alone, I cultivated my love for the earth, for plants and wildlife and all the creatures that gave this world something to live for. I noticed that my antlers grew quicker the more time I spent among the woods and the less time I spent with the other younglings. I was fine with this. Especially after my first beating. I wont go terribly into it, as there aren't even really any scars to show what happened, but I shall say that a young colt got it into his head that it would be rather funny for him and his friends to go against me, even when my antlers were still rather sharp, yet small. Of course I hadn't done anything back to them. There was no point, but I made sure to keep my distance after that. It is a part of my past that I do not like to conjure up; nothing has ever been won from dwelling on things that can not be changed.Though my past experiences with others has been rough, this has never hindered me in making friends, no, don't think that. I suppose it just places me in a position where I can create friends who are more likely to share my same interests. Though you do get the few who are more boisterous, and I love them all dearly. There always needs to be some sort of balance to these things. Someone bright and bubbly to lift my more somber and shy tone. Once my antlers grew to a full size, and I reached my full height, I wandered off on my own one day, and simply never returned. I was ready to leave, and I knew it. No one would miss me. My parents hardly had when I had been with them before, anyways. I had seen them growing distant from me the more they wondered exactly where my antlers had come from, so it was of no loss to either party. As far as this war business goes, and choosing sides, I have none. I have no desire to become involved. I firmly believe in everyone simply getting along. After all, we all came from the same place, from the same blood. Can we not accept that while our earthly bodies are different, our spirits are all one and the same?

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