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Dragon's Throat Colt

Species: Tribrid Gender: Colt Age: 3 seasons [Orangemoon] Height: 16.2 adult
Long and gangly limbs become me, sticks and a featherweight delicacy. My youth is wrapped in thin sheets of untested sinew, muscles that ebb between the knobby surfaces of my limbs, and hold my head high along the parted skies. My skin is ash, and my hair burns, subdued in hues of rust and chestnut maroon.

From beyond the softness of my virgin skin, my soul inhabits the eyes of my parentage. Conflicted by emotions, and held by the tender foliage of an open sea. My wings are sharp in nature, dotted by red falcon markings. While the undersides remain relatively free.

The lion’s tail follows me, and two white pale horns, twisting out from above my brow. Somehow many parts become one, that is me; and while the winds and the heavens – I have not made them my berth – the world remains a curious adventure. For which my soul seeks to devour, and grow in its rich and mighty earth.

Name Pronunciation: “SEER-sha”
Name Meaning: Liberty
Sex: Male
Breed: TB/TWH/Mustang cross
Height: 16.2hh
Eye Color: Bright Green
Base Color: Light gray with red/chestnut colored hair (forelock currently kept long, with the rest of the mane cropped short).
Markings: None
Horns: Two, white spiraled horns
Wings: White on underside and patched chestnut/falcon pattern on the topside
Tail: Lion tail with red hair
Foal Stats Thread: HERE

Age: 3 full seasons (9 months), ages in Orangemoon
NOTE: Saoirse is in the process of attaining the above wear on his profile image. He only has the following that he can wear:
☻Medium Item :: leather bag with magnetic clasps

Sabia (DT Healer) x Albrecht (Aurora Basin Sleuth)

Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Breed: Nokota
Height: 15hh
Color: Rose Grey
Markings: Two white socks, white dots on cheeks
Eye Color: Seafoam Green
Health: Healthy
Magic: None
Other: None

Gender: Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Breed: Thoroughbred/Tennessee Walking Horse
Height: 17.1hh
Color: Black
Markings: None
Eye Color: Green
Health: Normal (Elderly)
Magic: [ Active: LightxSpark | Ability to stimulate pleasure centers of brain inducing attraction/affection. ]
Other: Twin Black Spiral Horns - Backward Curved - Sprout from Forehead, Copper Sealing, No Normal Mane, Copper Hair that Grows along his Undersides from Chin to Back of Thighs, Lion-Like Tail with Copper Hair at the Tip

Second image - veerdesigns Avatar image - Image Credits

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:: [ Item: Leather Bag | A medium leather bag with magnetic clasps. ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
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i am a lost boy, Dragon's Throat
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01-04-2017 by Albrecht
Child of Regret [BIRTH] Dragon's Throat
Sabia, Saoirse, Albrecht
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