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Species: Equine Gender: Mare Age: 5 Height: 15.5 hands
Akirita is light flaxen with a slightly darken front face, being that she is a very large breed her hair has grown quite long and thick and taking a dark chocolate color. Due to long hours of sun the tips have become bleached into a soft cream color in rough patches. Her face sports a proud set of dark brown eyes covered in thick lashes while her forehead and the tip of her muzzle allow for white spots to sit fittingly. She has a dark strip of chocolate color that starts at the base of her mane and proceeds till it hits the end/start of her tail. Akirita is an overall good looking mare in her opinion but she is very muscly seeing as she was born in a very rocky mountain range where growing muscle was accentual to living there giving her a thickness that covers her body and does ripple when she canters but their is a very large scar that runs from the right front leg and under her belly.

Being a larger breed of equine had only gotten her in trouble when she was just a filly due to a lot of teasing from the other filly's and colts but now she has grown and so has her sourness leaving her nasty and very sassy, staying out of others way was a goal of hers if she could try but now and then she would bump into another horse only to glare at them and proceed on the path in which she was taking but on the good occasion she would been quite nice and pleasant if she felt that to whom she was talking to was too themselves quite pleasant. Being larger also made Akirita very protective of close herd members and young foals.

Sire: Decease. Dam: Decease. No apparent siblings.

Akiritas herd was a normal herd until she was born and a war started in the mountains for food and water, growing fast was key to survival and that she did well at seeing as the shire that ran through her veins made her pack on muscle and strength. Time was tough until she hit the age of 1, the day she turned 1 was the day she was kicked out of the her for their was not enough food in the territory for all so only a small amount got to stay but the rest where forced to leave, seeing as the lead stallion thought Akirita was an ugly and bulky mare he chased her away first leaving her to fend for herself for many year alone on the mountain striving to some day leave the mountains and travel to a new land but that turned sour when she came across a cougar at the age of 3 it had giving her a nasty run in but that was the first day she had killed something and the first she was given the scare that was married to her body. When she turned 5 she had finally struck-en up the nerve to leave the home of the mountains and travel across plains and deserts until she reach Helovia a new home for her to settle into.

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