the Rift



Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 15.3hh

doomed from the start
we met with a goodbye kiss

||. gypsian (gypsy vanner x friesian)
||. buckskin paint with black chimerism on face and rump
||. luxurious mane and tail, ombre
||. twin black horns
||. honey eyes


this is what makes us girls
we look for heaven and we put love first

||. secretive
||. malleable
||. subtle
||. quiet
||. selfish
||. thoughtful
||. devout
||. loyal
||. determined
||. kind


every time I close my eyes
it's like a dark paradise

||. The scene opens on a girl, fleeing through the forest, her hide streaked red with drying blood.

||. This is the story of the Rain Girl.

||. She grows up common, the daughter of weavers, a favorite of the village elders and foals. She learns to sing: she has a beautiful voice, and a talent for writing songs which both delight and entrance. Her voice is the sound of falling rain, be it the first spring downpour or a summer storm, winter hail or the autumn mist. Her songs tell stories. Her songs bring hope. And the girl loves to sing. The elders name her Voice of the Gods, and she is taken to be a priestess, a herald of the rain.

||. Inevitably she catches the attention of suitors, and though she laughs them off, two persist. One, a local village boy, is a shadow in her footsteps, the audience of her life. They grow up side by side, and she is kind to him when others are not. She tells him stories, sings him songs, and over time his heart and loins bloom with love- but it is a love she cannot return.

||.The other, a stallion of noble caste, is striking and stalwart, but dull as a post. The Rain Girl does not love him, either, but her parents do. He will bring honor to the village, and wealth. He is strong, and rumored to be a favorite of the Gods. He is a cousin of the King, and he is taken with her. She has no choice, in the end: her family, her village, and her Gods must be served. She bids her friend adieu, and leaves.

||.The boy watches, envy darkening his eyes.

||.It is her wedding night, and the Rain Girl is dressed in ceremonial robes. It is a lovely autumn night - perfect, in fact. Everything is perfect, and she is content. Her husband is dull, but he is kind, and she knows she could do far worse. She is ready to begin her new life. She is grateful to her gods. When the boy arrives she smiles, surprised, but her smile quickly shifts into despair as her friend's form shifts into something beastly, ghastly, dark. She can do nothing but watch as he rampages through the guests, slaying her loved ones, piercing her mate with a horn of ice. He turns on her, and the girl runs.

||.She does not dare look back.


she lost her voice down by the river ||. enters Helovia, scared and alone. Tilney and Erthë find her, and bring her to the Edge.

Tree, Rain & Ice ||. reaches the World's Edge with Tilney and Erthë.

SWP :: A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER :: ||. SWP and water magic drop! Encounters Kisamoa for the first time, and wrestles with her fear of the ocean.


this is the last time
cause you and I, we were born to die

.|| Information
||. Pronounced "No-EH", meaning "mist"

||. Most active in the evening, dusk and dawn.

||. Does not speak much; as a priestess, she was trained that her voice is for the Gods.

||. Frequently singing and humming to herself.

||. Fears: the ocean, ghosts, death, her gods

||. Loves: rain, music, stars, stories, pretty things, her gods

||. Favorite season: spring

||. Favorite smell: rain

||. Favorite taste: sweet

.|| Items & Magic
Item ||. a strand of pearls on silver silk, wrapped around the dock of her tail

Magic ||. light x water :: able to summon rain, ranging from light mist to a full storm, by singing

Magic ||. time x water :: can summon creatures made of liquid starlight, that freeze on contact

Magic ||. light x water (p) :: any water she comes into contact with sparkles like starlight

Companion ||. Hokulea :: barn owl griffin

:: [ Magic: LightxWater | Ability to summon rain by singing. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Extends 10 radius from body. ]
:: [ Item: Jewelry | A strand of pearls on silver silk. ]
Battle Statistics
STR:    SPD:    AGL:    END:   
OI:    DI:    MG:    CP:   
Notable Accomplishments

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