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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: 6 Height: 17hh
Ashes to Ashes
With the physique typial of his Friesian lineage, Ausar is well-muscled without being overburdened. One might consider him handsome if they could see the planes of his figure, though the fathomless black of his coat deprives the sense of sight. Only in the brightest sunlight is it possible to see the sinew that lies beneath, and even then the views are fleeting. All four hooves are equally dark, and they, too, do not reflect light the way one would expect. Instead they are given a fine matte finish, lending to the impression of being covered in soot.

The most impressive part of this beast, however, lies at a slightly higher altitude. Spanning the length of his crest, in sharp contrast to the bleakness of his body, are spires of bone, curving slightly backward. Extensions of the spinous processes of his cervical vertebrae, these tines are extremely durable and are used by the stallion primarily as a defensive weapon, rising just shy of eight inches from the skin. In areas these spines are not erupting, jet black mane cascades, the strands falling just beyond the bottom of his neck.

Higher, and arguably more impressive still, are eyes of solid yellow. Lacking both sclera and a pupil, these are perhaps the most alarming of his features, causing the most unease in those he newly encounters. A traditional unicorn's horn erupts from his forehead, also composed of bone and with a similar curvature to the tines at his neck. Over his face, the only place that is not entirely bathed in midnight, is a faint splash of red.

At his rump sprouts a lion's tail, sporting the same midnight threads as the rest of him. His caudal vertebrae mimic the cervical, though the protrusions from his tail are far less daunting - a mere two inches at their highest. These also curve slightly backward, appearing similar to a shark's fin, and are used as blades when the need arises.

we all fall down
The midnight stallion revels in the plight of others, especially if such a situation was brought on by his own hand. Considering him the offspring of demons would reveal the clearest picture: he is dark, cruel, and malicious down to his very core. He prefers blood to water, screams of agony to moans of ecstasy, and delights in even his own pain. In a word, he is bottomless, boundless, evil.

But the best psychopaths know how to play both sides. Ausar, despite his proclivity, is capable of putting on a damn convincing mask. In order to follow the path he wishes to follow, he must befriend others. The dark beast, though his appearance may be alarming, can talk sweetness with the best of them, weaving a charming web around his prey. Most of his acquaintances will at some point become a pawn in his game, but for now they rest in the false illusion of the man's friendship. It is a tenuous place - tread carefully.

Incurring Ausar's wrath is both ill-advised and long-lived. To inflict the most pain on the offending party, he will begin at the outermost circle of emotion and work his way inward, attacking extended family, cousins, siblings, and companions before finally setting his sights on the transgressor. He will annihilate all you are from the inside out.

hush, hush
The man's past is his and his alone to tell... And tell he will not. Where's the fun in letting his prey know what's to come?

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Battle Statistics
STR:   9 SPD:   4 AGL:   4 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.0 7.0 7.0 62
Notable Accomplishments

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