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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: Four Height: 15.3

i. Reverse magenta Tovero with minimal white: upper half of face down to mid-neckline. Right hind-leg from lower thigh to hoof. Average mane and tail, mane is white from forelock to where the white marking on his neck ends, transitioning into the same dark magenta on his chest. His whole body is a deep, velvety shade of magenta which lightens around the barrel to the underside of his stomach. Faint leopard spot dappling along the under-belly in the lighter portion, reaches back to the fleshy parts of his inner-thigh. Messy magenta outline around eye, eyes are the same color as the rest of his body.
ii. One set of wings (not on ref). Fashioned after the Golden eagle, top are the same dark magenta as the rest of him. They darken into a very, very dark shade without being all black at the tips. Joints are faintly outlined with the same leopard spot dappling as on his under-belly. Underside of the wings are white with 'highlights'/shading of magenta in the deeper spots.
iii. Tall for his kind, but not the tallest. Long legged with a sporty body; reserved, elegant design meant more for 'looking' than actually using.
- will tuck his head and wings in when someone physically touches him. A defensive maneuver. Flinches.




Slave Hutu x Slave Banyitii


He was borne to the reclusive Heppi Clan, one of the three most powerful tribes in the country he hails from: Sambor. Unknown to the other clans, they raise Pegasi amongst their ranks, a secret kept under any and all costs. They hoard these poor souls, breed them for perfection and beauty, all the while keeping them relatively uneducated and dumb. His story is no different, he was born in squalor, had his wings torn and clipped, and sent on his way to make some clans-woman happy. He was lucky, if he had been anything but a Pegasus, he would have been killed, so he had that. He clung to that, desperately, until he was almost three. His Master was killed in a skirmish and "Aurum" (he was lovingly dubbed) was one of the lucky ones sent to the market on the Western border of the country.

More specifically he was useless, no smarter than one of the Clan's youngest children, and no wiser to the cruelty and danger he was heading toward. Nobody wanted a used product, even worse he failed to fit the bill of what they bred for - waste. Naturally, as a Pegasus, the stallion was caged and hidden before being dragged off to his doom, he wasn't supposed to exist after-all. It was by unfortunate circumstance that the delegate was interrupted by a Shivarr war party, making their way across the border to claim "what was rightfully theirs!" In the uproar his cage was knocked over and over before sliding down the embankment of the nearby river (that marked the border between countries, the last river before nothing but desert). In a flurry of shock and horror his cage fell and luckily, ruptured, before the scared Pegasus was lost to the rushing waters.

Upon waking he found himself washed ashore on some beach, some place he did not know. Without realizing it, he took his very first steps into Helovia, a place where everything was upside down and just plain wrong.



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PLAYED BY kansas who also plays: Bathsheba

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