the Rift



Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: seven Height: 15.3
The twilight grasps and stains his smoky black coat with a great prowess and hunger. His figure sweeps across the pale earth with tender kisses and a silky blanket lays fittingly across a slender frame of lean muscle. His night sky filled to the brim with his sins and with no room for tainting. A pair of deep soulless eyes framed elegantly with pale lashes, sitting on a paltry frame of scanty precision. The tapered and silhouetted needle that sits adorned atop his skull shines with only the most devious intent. A lissome neck curls into two hearty shoulders with not a single swath of hair from the crease of his nape.

Two doubly strong shoulders begin a sweep over a small barrel and end with a bony rear. His thin frame sits directly on four long attenuated limbs that finish with a quad set of ebony marbles. One set of milky arrow like markings lay the entirety of his front limbs, stopping at the base of his scrag. A mop of long, coal colored, wispy tendrils flow from a gaunt rear end which no doubtedly becomes tangled from the simplest activities.
akhal-teke x arabian
seven years young
15.3 hh
smoky black coat
sable eyes
ragged thin black horn
extremely long, thick tail
two milky arrows slither up his front legs

Bhūta interrupts with a boastful, aggressive demeanor and an undeniable moodiness. His ebony coat no doubt reflects the truest of his intentions and sable personality. Bhūta is often very stubborn if he latches onto an idea or mindset which can frequently get him into trouble. Though his persona seems like a fiery inferno of emotions he has the potential to be fiercely loyal. If something does not go the way he expects he transforms into a whiny, petulant mess similar to a child without his toy.

Setting aside his short comings, the man really does have a spicy type of charm and outgoing nature. On good days he can become a playful and joking compeer if his toes do not get stepped on. His explosive enthusiasm can be confused for a devilish pride, which is not always the case, though he probably would not deny it if challenged. Underneath the thick layer of egotism and self admiration lies the feeble and misguided remains of his soul. No doubt coated generously with inner conflict and uncertainty.
short tempered

The direct descendant of a ghastly tyrant, his family lineage tarnished with death and suffering. His homeland, now peaceful however, could not begin to understand the isolation and confusion brought with being born into a family that once swept the land with destruction. A childhood coated with hate turned into a maddening and loveless adulthood with a boiling insanity. Learning to ignore was a challenge proven to be too much and the thought of a new life felt like a sweet ecstasy he had yearned for but could never have.

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