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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 4 || Tallsun Height: 15.0hh
The Knight Errant
- 15.0hh high
- faded Dapple Bay coat with dark mane and tail. His dapples are reversed, and cover most of his body as if he was in the middle of greying out.
- mane and tail are both braided, mane braid drapes over shoulder
- lean Thoroughbred build with falcon-esque wings
- surprisingly deep voice

Bran is seemingly the pinnacle of knighthood; he is courteous and polite, always chivalrous to male or female, and selfless. Yet he is also a ferocious advocate for justice, and will interfere if he believes what one is doing is not honorable or of pure intent. Immensely loyal to those who show themselves righteous and noble, he is one who longs to serve and never to lead, and is content simply guarding and serving others as their shield and their sword. Yet the young stallion does know when it's time to loosen his stiff spine and play, and his mischievous moods are as bright and innocent as a child's, and he is filled with the same serene wonder whenever he pauses to view the world in it's entirety. He is somehow both young and old, a boy forced to age far too quickly yet who still clings to scraps of childhood in his prime age.

However, this child-like mentality he sometimes shows often leads him to be rather... oblivious to more subtle and sly meanings. Flirtations and manipulations are all but lost on the poor man, as he doesn't truly understand that others are capable of swaying minds without them noticing, nor does he believe himself of any true worth to a mare for a mate... at least, not yet. Bran can almost easily be manipulated, and is gullible enough to be fooled by anyone clever enough to not set off his mental alarms. He can come off as a bit awkward to some, especially when a jest is made and he doesn't laugh, as he either doesn't get it or finds the humor odd. As well, he is rather blunt and honest, and while stating one's mind and thoughts can be considered a good thing, the youth is not known for his tact. He can be foolish as well, and is for sure naive, often believing the world rotates around the ideals of Knighthood and Chivalry impounded in his brain from birth, and can't seem to grasp the idea that not all act with courtesy and honor.

Born to noble-blooded Hadrian and Arabelle, Bran was raised in a land simply known as Brunhild Fields, as the third child, destined to be a knight as was the custom of his homeland. His brother before him was fated a priest, the eldest the heir to their lands. At weaning age, he was taken away to begin his training; he was taught the knight's code, taught chivalry and the fighting arts. All too soon, the kingdom went to war with another, and at only a year of age Bran was sent to aid the armies as a squire to a knight. It was a long and brutal campaign, lasting almost two years. Bran did not return home the same. Harder, more solemn, he grew an iron determination that ascended him to the ranks of a knight in record time, yet he became renowned not for his determination or fighting skills, but rather his gentle and polite demeanor and almost pacifistic outlook.

The family fortunes began to go downhill late into his third year; the eldest, Cedric, forsook his duty and eloped with a gypsy mare. Shame fell onto the family, and in desperation the priestly brother, Tristan, took the mantle of heir. However, his decisions were poor, and before the year was out the herd was disbanded, the lands sold and it's members scattered to the wind, the Fairfax name sullied and mocked by those who had once sucked up and all but worshiped the honorable family. Made a pariah by his fellow knights, and with no more family in the lands nor any prospects as no Lord would hire one who's family was destitute and shamed, Bran left his fair home behind, offering out his services as a mercenary, yet still clinging to the lofty ideals and creed of Knighthood.

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