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Species: Unicorn Gender: Stallion Age: Appears 7 Height: 17.2
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When he is sober, Ralik is cynical and expects the worst out of everyone he meets. He's lived long enough to know that everyone is innately cruel and selfish. No matter what good he and his brother have done in their time it has done nothing to fix what is wrong with the world, nor has the evils they've committed changed anything. He is observant, sarcastic, witty, and generally doesn't give a fuck about what anyone says or thinks anymore. His only concerns are drinking and his traveling companions.

When drunk, Ralik seems to be a bit more cheerful. He accepts physical touch more easily, flirts shamelessly, and enjoys corny jokes. He will drink until he can barely stand and is careless about where he finally passes out.

Cannot remember if he and Tarik are twins or simply brothers.
Provokes Huldra regardless of his level of inebriation.
Hates the idea of being immortal and fought with Tarik when he bargained for him to gain immortality after suffering a fatal injury.
Often feels like he needs to prove himself to Tarik.
Was injured gravely in his homeland and Tarik bargained with the sea god to save him by granting him immortality. (will lose this when he enters Helovia, but will regain at a later date)
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:: [ Item: Enchanted Flask | Simple silver flask containing an endless supply of mead. ]
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