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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 2 Height: 15
Scheherazade is a creature sensibly built. Of no great height, she is strong where it counts and more practical than elegant, although that's not to say she's unattractive. Her coat is a dark blue roan, with white brindleing scattered from her neck to her middle on both sides. Her undercarriage is white from the bottom of her chest to the juncture of her thighs, spreading halfway down the insides of her legs. A white blaze spills between her eyes down the length of her face. From her crown sprout two white antlers the size of a young stag's, which grow back and around her ears to end their spines near her temple. Her right eye gleams a simple gray, while her left closes on an empty socket, its circumference marked by several tiny scars.

Sher is a body underwater, slowly rising to the surface. There are angles and dimensions to her existence that are suggested, not fully in focus. She is, in a sense, waking from a dream. Clearest perceived by both herself and others is her independence, a trait that pumps so thoroughly through her blood that it’s matched only by the fear of what would happen if she were not. This fear, as well, is visible. It shows itself in a reflexive distrust of others, navigating herself far from the rocky coasts of anything personal. She is sensible then, because how else do you steer yourself in troubled waters? She’s hauled herself, gasping and half drowned from the dream she had lived in and she is never, never falling under again.

Privately, her young heart indulges itself in curiosity and in wonder. Her history is faded beyond recognition, her recent past a dulled unreality. Her present dawns bright and clear and new before her, and she finds its siren call hard to resist. If her reservations appear unshakable, it is only because she holds tight to these aspects of herself like treasures recovered from ruin. They are her beginning- her shield, yes, but also her roots- seeking to hold her fast and she loves them for it, fear and all. But she isn’t finished yet. There is an unsettling tumult of untempered emotion just beginning to stir in her, uncomfortably alive like the burn of blood returning to numb extremities. All want and need and teeth and touch and-

This, she doesn’t love. This, she wished had drowned with the rest of her.

We come from nothing, and to nothing we will return.

She hears these words clearer than the rest of them, clearer every time, as if they resounded from the broad, starry sky itself.

She looks at the stars, and she looks at the stars beneath the stars, reflected with absolute perfection in the pool they gathered around. She wonders on nights like these if she could step into it and into the sky. Would she be falling, or would she be flying?


If you asked her, she would say she knew she had a family. She would say she knew she lost them. That’s all she would say about that.

Scheherazade was orphaned young by a conflict between her herd and the devotees of a violent god. Magic users headed the attack with flame and lurching earth, flocks of birds stirred into a mindless fury. It was nothing less than a slaughter. The child escaped death by chance, but not unscathed. Frozen in shock among the fallen, her left eye mangled by a raven, she was forgotten and overlooked. She survived.

It was like this she was found by others, those who nursed her wounds with herbs and magic, promising safety and belonging. She wasn’t alone. It was a commune of found souls- orphaned foals and forsaken wanderers, brought together under the soft guidance of one they called Mother. Like her wounds, the pain of her loss faded until the memory itself was like a dream after waking, slipping further away.

It was like this for more than a year before Scheherazade knew the truth.

Her memories, all of their memories, were being wiped away. Everything painful had been quietly removed from existence under the guise of mercy, and for the benefit of control. Mother’s pleasant illusion fell away and Scheherazade fled, but far too late to reverse the damage completely.

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