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Absent Abyss

Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 18 hh


Astrid is a blue roan with dark legs and face except where she has white. Her heritage is a cross between Andalusian, thoroughbred, and appaloosa. The thoroughbred has given her height, the Andalusian has given her a sculpted appearance with a very long mane and tail. She has long white socks that run to about her knees. Her mane and tail are dark black and are slightly wavy. Her wings are large and on the outside are blue roan like her body but are a gray on the underside. The tips fade to black. She has white hooves. Her eyes are dark, almost black except for a vague reflection of gray in the center. She was born nearly blind and what you see if the dead part of her cornea. She can only see outlines and some distilled colors.


She is very quiet, very timid, very shy to those she does not know or trust. Trust is something that she will not give easily and honesty is everything to her even if it is a brutally honest truth. She is very content with solitude and does not require company but does push others away if it is not needed. She is a mostly submissive girl but will have her moments if need be but fighting is not her strength. She loves the night more than the day and she loves the cold more than the heat. She is a gentle soul and tries to be kind at all times. If the situation arises that she can be and if she feels up to it she will always give whatever she can to a stranger in need. She will not speak very often if she doesn't need to. She also has poor eyesight so she mainly relies on her hearing and her other senses to guide her and has gotten quite adept as moving around since she was born this way. She is a dreamer in her mind. She thinks of how things could be and how things may have been in the past for when she enters Helovia she has forgotten her past. She wishes to be a raking healer in a herd and of use to those around her.


She doesn't remember anything before she came to Helovia. Sometimes bits and pieces will return to her about her abusive childhood. All she remembers really is coming from a large family that for the most part did not accept her. She knows she wants to help others and serve a herd. She wants to be of use.

Played by
Bonita and other characters are Kiri

:: [ Magic: Light | Can heal by creating a flash of light on the wound ]
:: [ Restrictions | Larger wounds require more focus and energy. ]
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