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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 4 Height: 16.2
height 16.2hh
breed Anglo-Arab x akhal-teke cross (Percheron)
species Unicorn
mane mix of mainly light brown to dark brown
tail grays, whites and creams
right eye pupilless, emerald
left eye pupilless, cerulean, pale highlights
body Speckled/dappled brown/mahogany
markings H.R. Stocking, Face markings, speckled
physicalappearance The young mare is an intriguing mix of breeds. Her sire a high born merchant of Anglo Arab decent hailing from a distant desert land. Her dam a gentle natured akhal-teke Percheron cross that descended from a line of builders and servants. Each adorned with the horns marking them of unicorn heritage. Qeren is a pleasant mix of these breeds. A dainty dished face of an arabian displaying the mix of white and brown line markings. With large expressive orbs that lack the usual solid blackish expression of a pupil. The right a proud emerald and the left a piercing regal blue.

The build of Qeren leans more towards the hot blooded influences. Taking much from the arabian with not just her dished face... But also in the proud dramatic arch of her neck, the careful dainty craft of her ears, and the high carry of her voluptuous tail, displayed on the extra vertebra of her Arabian decent. Her legs are long and well formed. Haunches and shoulders wound tightly in athletic muscle. Larger and longer then one might find on a pure bred Arabian and taking more from the thoroughbred influence. Her height a gift from the Percheron influence. In fact. The thing that most hails from the Percheron in her appearance is the feathering of longer hairs that grace the back of her hind legs from the crest of her Hawks to the dark steely grey-black hooves that hold the slightest hint of crimson.

Her color is a healthy earthy liver chestnut/brownish dapple pelt salted with flecks of white and mahogany. The right sprinkled more aggressively with the salty white hairs compared to the left. Her hind right leg a startling splash of white flecked with mahogany and shades of brown to the solid dark state of her other three legs.

The glare of her right hind leg is only added to with the thick, wavy assault of hair that is her tail. So long it drags slightly over the ground. The ends clasped together with a beautiful ring of colored metals. The stark array of shades of white, gray and cream are a contrast to the deep brown mane highlighted by lighter hazelnut strands and darkened further with strands of steely gray.

Perhaps the 'crowning glory' of this young mare is the ornate twist of horns that proudly thrust from her forehead. Just a little further down then her shapely ears. Four thin steel gray horns tipped a dark cream gray wrap around themselves, center a beautiful glass like emerald. Aside from the smaller top twist exposing a beautiful pale blue
she was an earthy beauty blown in from a desert land
introvert < vs > extrovert
Unimaginative < vs > creative
greedy < vs > generous
selfless < vs > selfish
forthright < vs > secretive
capricious < vs > unvarying
corroborate < vs > controvert
domineering < vs > submissive
amiable < vs > sarcastic
treacherous < vs > loyal
virtuous < vs > debased
characterpersonality One cannot appraise all that makes up Qeren in one day. At first glance she seems to be the quiet sort, standing off to the side and not looking to draw attention. Some might venture to think her shy. Maybe even drab and boring in the personality department. But that would be a false assumption. She is rich in intelligence and emotion. While she is not one to usually first approach a stranger, it isn't because she is afraid or worried. Rather because she is simply more introverted. A healthy mind, intelligent and enjoying knowledge and the joys of learning - of which over the years has also developed her apparent appreciation of observing. When will watch, listen, and consider. So if you do spot her in the background, don't assume she isn't paying attention

Growing up she always was fewer on friends. While it partially had to do with the fact she was scorned by the highborn, more so because her father was highborn and her mother was about as common and seemingly unexceptional... Qeren has been choicey and careful as to whom she allows to get close to her. Those whom she forges a bond of friendship with might not always be numerous... But she is loyal, devoted, and without question connected on a deeper level. Showing more clearly her virtue's and selfless nature.

That does not mean she cannot be social for her own personal gain. Her intelligence has assisted her in manipulations to get what she needs. Having had to use her intellect to survive and attain certain comforts of the years before the big event that lead to her fleeing her homeland.

Some equine are fighters in a physical sense. For Qeren she prefers to do so on an intellectual level. Her sarcasm and dry humor that rear their heads up when she is irritated or bothered have surely caused a few feelings to be hurt over the years.

It isn't that she likes to be combative. Rather she just doesn't suffer bad company well. Or someone who she simply has an aversion to and dislike for. Hell. Simply pester her on a day she wishes to be left alone... She can get snippy and even vile. Sometimes it isn't even that the mare is trying to be vicious. It's simply her kind of 'humor' that not everyone seems to understand or appreciate.

Creative by nature, an attribute apparently passed on to her from her mother, Qeren might like her space at times... It doesn't mean she doesn't want a challenge. Or an adventure. She rather enjoys both. And has found herself in the past feeling restless when things get to ritualistic and predictable.

When the mare is around someone she is close to, there is a playful, even flirty side that can show itself.
a creative intelligence lurks behind the lively orbs
characterlineage Qeren is of Anglo Arab and Percheron/akhal-teke decent. Her father being a high born merchant whom disgraced his family and 'tainting' the line by falling in love and breeding with a common bred akhal-teke/Percheron mare. She has taken heavily after her father with her flashy markings and speckled pelt. Getting her dappling and feathering on her hawks from her mother. She is a color between the two parents.

nothing but a beautiful mutt
characterhistory prehelovia It was a filthy union in the eyes of her people. She wasn't anything special aside from the apparent beauty she possessed even as a young foal. Just another high born son's bastard child. Ravaq came from a line of societies gold laden titans. He was betrothed from birth to another Anglo Arab to yet again prolong the lineage of the elite scorning influence of the common and the lowly members of society. The other from a far off clan of fellow desert folk.

But Ravaq would come to meet the one whom completed his heart before the two ever spoke their binding vows. And it was not her. It was a homely looking mare. Common and cross bred. One would not look upon the mare and nod in understanding why such a young titan would have fallen for Tikva. Not unless he'd been heavily drunk with wine. Of which he had not been.

The two had fallen in love. Love being an expendable and trivial thing in the eyes of the rich and the powerful. At first Ravaq had truly attempted to free himself from the promise his mother and father had made when he was still a foal with wobbly legs. But the pressure of them and society won out in the end. He and his betrothed would be bound together as a unit expected to produce more beloved offspring of the wealthy. But his heart never settled on the other. Always wandering to Tikva.

Upon finding out he had impregnated Tikva he would find a way to keep his love, and his child- Qeren - in his life. It was scoffed at. Snubbed. But it wasn't challenged. It was the worst kept secret of the desert. Ravaq's side whore as others would jest in private conversation about the young steed. Though never to his face. He had his public mate. And his soulmate as he would say. Even when his intended gave birth, Ravaq would always show favor to his bastard child. An insult that had caused the other mare great pain and bitterness.

Tikva was not overjoyed at the position she had found herself in. But even if she knew it made her look the fool as well, her heart was turned only to Ravaq. She was proud of her daughter. Whom had the striking good looks of her sire and his family. But the sturdy head and steadfast heart of her mother. It pained Tikva as her daughter grew to see the pain her choices caused Qeren. She was bullied ruthlessly and endured the punishing hooves of bullies. A hard ship that had not broken Qeren. Rather strengthening her character and making her more resilient in the face of hardship.

But of all the trials, the harshest one came in the last year, when her mother was killed. Of which had been orchestrated by Ravaq's true mate. Tired of being pushed aside for a commoner. And pushed over the edge when she heard the gossip of how it was a shame that the bastard child was just that. For her beauty had clearly surpassed those of her own daughter.

Tikva had not been the only intended target of the attack. Qeren had been the main target and object of the mares rage. But Tikva managed to escape the initial attack, running to warn her daughter, managing to do so. Then sacrificing herself so that her daughter could flee.

For months now the young mare has wandered after escaping the vengeful wrath of the crazed mate of her father. Knowing that if she goes back she will surely meet her end. So she faces the unknown with a resolve. There is no going back. Only forwards.
look to the future

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