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Species: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 8 Height: 16

Breed: American Paint Horse x Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 8
Race: Pegasus
Horn: Nope
Genetics: EE,aa,Zz,Sbsb
Eyes: Blue
Mane: White
Body: Black
Hooves: Tan
Markings: White Sabino
Tail: White


Carlisle is a walking contradiction when it comes to him and his kin. Where they are cruel and abusive, he is gentle and kind. Always concerned with the well being of others before himself. He does not mind being alone, though will welcome company if it is presented to him. Peaceful, he enjoys the simple things in life. A cool breeze, a fluttering butterfly, the rays of sun. Growing up he was considered weak by his kin, and often the target of their rage. Because of this he is distrustful towards strangers, greeting them with a degree of caution.

His youth also caused him to be strong, and protective of those who can not defend themselves. He believes in putting family first, despite their cruel nature. Friends often fall into this category of devotion as well. Carlisle though has a deep dark secret, one he struggles daily with. Anger. Bitter towards the ridicule he grew up with, he is likely to lash out if he finds another behaving cruelly.

Sarcasm is almost a first language for him, a biting sarcastic retort is the usual response to inane or stupid questions. It is one way he distances himself from getting too close to someone, as not all appreciate his sense of humor. Despite all of the cruelty and disloyalty in his past, he has some how come out fiercely loyal to those that can get past his walls, and earn it. It is simply a matter of getting past his outward defenses, that may prove to be a problem.


Duke x Blackhex (Both off site)

Paternal Grandparents
Diablo x ? (Off site)

Maternal Grandparents
Sire x Dam

Iseult (Duke x Blackhex)(Offsite)
sibling (sire x dam)

Half Siblings
half sib (sire x dam)



Carlisle was born in the land Unehrlich to the then dark mythic king Duke, and out of his queen Darkhex. He was born a twin, along with his sister Iseult. Unlike Carlisle, Iseult was born without wings, and thus banished to the dark kingdom. Carlisle was left alone in their fathers kingdom, raised up with the other foals of Dukes. His childhood was not kind, often the brunt of others aggression he was attacked daily, unprovoked and undefended. Learning quickly that life will not protect you, he learned to defend himself against his half siblings and quickly rose in station once he was two years old. Earning the rank of General in his fathers army, despite his arguments that he had no wish to cause others pain or suffering. Enraged at his son, Duke attacked him after many refusals by Carlisle. His aunt Tequila interfered, diverting Dukes rage onto her and giving Carlisle a chance to retreat. It was to be the last time he saw his aunt, as days later he learned that Duke murdered her. Sick of his fathers behavior he fled the lands of Unehrlich, leaving his past behind him as a dark unspoken secret. After years of wandering from land to land, he soon stumbled across Helovia.

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