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Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 7 Height: 17
The monsters in my head aren't afraid of you...

Agateophobia has one of those looks that only a mother could love. And in his case, even that isn't true. In a way, his appearance reflects his absent mind set. He has never cared for how he looks, and therefore does very little to maintain his coat. He feels far more comfortable covered in a layer of caked-on mud than clean and well groomed.

Age is thick boned and large, due to his draft/cross breed. His exact mix is unknown, but he is thought to be a Percheron/Warmblood cross. His smaller, defined head is the only telltale sign that he isn`t full draft- the rest of his body is decently large and bulky. He has light feathering on all hooves, and his base coat is a dark dappled grey frame. His coat is thick and usually somewhat scruffy looking. He has a bald face, and only one of his legs is devoid of a stocking. His front hooves are pink, his rear left black aside from a small strip of pink, and his rear right completely black.

His eyes are a light blue colour not unlike the colour of old ice on a lake. His right one is slightly misted over, and his vision isn't the best in it. Because of this he almost always seemed to keep his ears moving, or his head tilted to an angle that makes it easier to properly view his surroundings. His mane and tail are white, and he has a small strip of black halfway down the length of his mane. His mane and tail are as unkempt as the rest of his body, and tend to be long and unruly. It is not uncommon to find masses of twigs or burs in his mane and tail.

Age is what can only be described as "Odd". Simply put, he never seems fully there. He always has his head up in the clouds, and his attention never stays in one place for very long. One moment he will be fully present, the next, staring at some stray blade of grass in an attempt to figure out what gave it it's shape. He isn't the best at interaction of any sort -to put it lightly-, and prefers to spend his time alone. Recent events have pressed him to become more socially adept, but he is still noticeably awkward around others. Despite his absent minded disposition, he likes to think that he is actually a very deep thinker. He enjoys pondering some of life's greater mysteries, though to his annoyance it hasn't really gotten him much of anywhere as of yet.

It is quite hard to anger him, and once angered, the emotion usually translates more into confusion than anything. He is the type of soul who wouldn't hurt a fly. He may look all rough, but he would much rather flee than try to face his problems head on.

His past plays a great part in how his personality is shaped. Years of being told he is worth nothing has struck him hard. Most days does his best to help others when the opportunity arises instead of bettering his own life, on the assumption that it's a lost cause.

Sire - Unknown
Dam - Different World
No known siblings/etc.

From the beginning, it was obvious that Age's life wasn't going to be anything overly special. He was born to an old, somewhat sickly wanderer of a mare that had hadn't wanted him in the first place and only succeeded in carrying him to term because the sire insisted it would be good for both of them. It very quickly became obvious that she had made the wrong choice when the stallion disappeared the moment she started to began the long, grueling hours of labor that came before Age was finally born. Her maternal instincts already lacking and her dislike of him only strengthened now that he had arrived, World tried on many occasions to abandon him during those first few days. Despite this, she ended up sticking with him for the next few months when she discovered that her old body was too weary to carry her far from him.
After four months she found a small harem of fellow equines, and this time her attempts to leave him behind were successful. Age spent two years there, allowed to stay a bit longer than most because of his less than threatening personality, and then a new stallion took over the harem and he was driven from the herd. He spent the next little while wandering with a group of bachelors, and when he realized that he didn't quite fit in, he turned to the life of a loner.

Agateophobia is more commonly known by "Age".
He wears a rough leather cord around his neck at all times. It is fastened to an old shell from the beaches he was born on, and a osprey feather that has unknown origins.
He prefers a cold climate over anything else.

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