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Species: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 3 Height: 16.0hh

Breed: Unicorn
Age: 3
Race: Mustang mixed breed
Horn: Horns of the red deer
Eyes: Greenish and hazel
Mane: Long waving and almost black
Body: Sooty buckskin
Hooves: Dark
Markings: Maori war tattos on her face and stripes over her shoulders
Tail: Long dark waving lions tail She is an average height of 16.0hh. Her base coat is a golden sooty buckskin with darker markings over her shoulders and withers. On her face she has traditional Maori tattoos around her eyes, lower lip, and her cheeks. Her mane is dark brown and wavy. Behind her ear is a tight, long braid. She has a necklace woven of traditional flax and on the end of it is a traditional club made of jade. She has the form of a mustang. Her tail is a long lions tail with lots of long wavy brown hair. She has five dark brown stripes over her shoulders that start from small and get bigger and then smaller. She also has a dark brown dun stripe that runs along her entire back and down her tail.


She is a very honorable type. She is kind to those in need but if you cross her path she will fight to her last breath if need be. She has practiced the traditional Haka to bring fear into her enemies and it is also practiced prior to battle. If performed well then it shows good luck in battle but if something is wrong, then it shows bad luck. She is very family and tribe oriented. She has great loyalty to her leaders and those closest to her but will show respect and honor to her opponents and enemies. She has a fascination, well more like an obsession for reptiles and amphibians. She hopes to have scales of a reptile one day for armor and seems out amphibians in tress, streams, and lakes. She is very outgoing as well and can bring joy and laughter to any encounter with her strange ways.


She came from a small tribe of wild horses on one of the islands of New Zealand. Horses are not common there on the islands so she really only had her family, and herd to socialize with and the local Maori people to care for her. They would weave blankets for the horses and adorn them with feathers from local birds. This is also where she got the tattoos on her face for she was used for some battles with neighboring tribes and proved herself strong, loyal, and of use so she was honored with the tattoos of the Maori people. One day a large storm hit the island and in the panic of the lightening and the thunder some of her family broke the fence and ran for the trees. In the panic of running through the forests she somehow passes the boundary into Helovia.

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